There will be a Zombie Apocalypse minigame in a Sandbox even on August 21, 2018.


4:23 PM] [πŸ‹] Vuk13: @everyone Tommorow at 3pm GMT(20th of August) we will have another diep event.It will be held in Amsterdam sandbox.Only hybrids and ram annihilators are allowed.At the begging 3 players will be ram annihilators and rest will be bullet hybrids.Bullet hybrids dont kill eachother and ram annihilators dont kill each other.Ram annihilators can respwan after they die.When bullet hybrid dies to ram annihilator he can respawn too but as ram anni.Every time ram anni kill hybrids ram anni stays ram anni and bullet hybrids become ram annis.Round is over when everyone becomes ram anni.Also u can respawn as hybrid if u died to other hybrid accidently.Also we will do multiple rounds so it will last probably about 1h-2h, react with :eggplant: if u will join(edited) [πŸ†23]

August 20, 2018Edit

[2:09 PM] [πŸ‹] Vuk13: My event will be actually held on august 21st too because right now its the time for the event but server is dead and i need at least 10 people for this event so prepare for tommorow

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