ZFFs are lumicons that have names considered "nice to 301 players" and is part of the LPN code 00001000 (index 5).

Effects on behavior Edit

OOMB: They build structures based on the meaning of the name. This only apllies if the ZFF is the leader of the community. Holding infloresce wands of their names' flower type makes them more powerful.


  • Beta Hutor, the largest burdenate hunter ZFF and largest of all hunters
  • rosemow bush, The largest ZFF and largest of all lumicons
  • 'Tell Me Why', tier 5 ZFF
  • CjoySs, golden style SurZFF

SurZFFs Edit

These lumicons cannot coexist with burdenation and are about 5 times more powerful and rarer than normal ZFFs. Kpg Forameteor is the largest SurZFF, but it's also a ZFF, giving the term Hybrid ZFF; these lumicons are completely resistant to bad names and burdenation


  • The older version of Orders of magnitude Battle had ZFFs, normally mounted on Sky gates, but OOMB 2.0 has merged it into the core ally Lumicon
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