The War event on November 16, 2018 was goin to be the rarest event in 2018, beyond Baratheon's 2018th Hallowtide Party, writing on leaderboards in diepio, the 3 Trapper domination events and even the two Baller feeding events at The Group, because JP and Lils will be playing the event, making an impact on the community. By far it is one of the first steps to reviving the 2015


[23:41] Karan: @everyone if you want to join the war on Friday the 16 at 7pm gmt time pls react with :heavy_check_mark:️ to join

It will be a team mode war First to get the ta wins First 20 mins don’t count after will And if it finishes quickly there will be another server in Eu

Thank you hope you join >3


JP did not attend, and the EU servers were being crashed resulting in unplayable high ping, which caused this event to fail mostly.


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