A vistaling is a burdenate type summoned by Karthus and ararely from Demonishife lurings, and occasionally hybrid with Flying Imps and Blazered Burdenates. This type of burdenate intends to attack the Enviroball and its empire, the LumiLab and the Discord Tetramount and Reddit Tetramounts.

Vistalings are known as the disciples of Vista's Cat and pure vistalings are dark cyan dots and vistaling flying imps have a dark cyan tail tip.


In the early alphaverse, vistalings contributed to the destruction of the Enviroball in 2012 and the luring of Vista's Cat in 2007, also making contributions to building the Warpler and some were even present at the times.

Vistalings also contributed to the death of One Celebrity on October 17, 2017 but when he's revived on April 15, 2018, he takes revenge in the Warpler.

Vistalings also made contributions in the Karthus didaster, notably the jailing and knockoffs of ports, and they frequently crossteamed with Lumicons.

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