Vista's Cat is a cat constantly luring a-lpha to the Warpler on Monday to Friday per Demonishifes commands.


It is a black cat found in this Karthiumscope image of Demonishife's Temple and many Flying Imps

Before getting luredEdit

It entered the alphaverse on January 30, 2007 with Aurora Vista to clear up the remaining burdenates that moved Nightshade Empire of the Enviroball.


Vista's Cat is the highest-scoring lumicon-team player in 2007, killing mostly Warrior burdenates, Vistalings and flying imps. This came Karthus to shock on August 31, 2007 and commanded Demonishife to summon a large army of vistalings and flying imps to knock down vista's cat. Demonishife moved to the Enviroball to necromance Vista's Cat, as the remaining Vistalings, flying imps and extra architect burdenates build the Warpler.

After luringEdit

Most of Vista's Cat's actions after August 31, 2007 were moving a-lpha to the Warpler alongside the Warpler burdenates.

He was also involved in the Electrotraitor disaster, knocking down many members of Pole of Leadership Empire 2015 such as Zebedee.

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