Across the color triangulum of the alphaverse, over 550 videos have been made.


V (C|T) or V (T)

  • (πŸ‘€): Weak audience (under 60k views)
  • (πŸ™Œ): Strong audience (over 20m views)
  • (πŸ˜„): Loved video (Over 200k likes)
  • (πŸ˜–): Hated video (Over 15k dislikes)
  • (πŸ˜‡): Happy Audience video (Approval rating at least 99% or Division Fame (likes/dislikes) at least 100
  • (😩): Moderately disliked video (Approval rating below 75% or Division fame less than 3
  • (😑): Badly disliked video (Approval rating below 50% or Division fame less than 1)
  • (πŸ‘Ώ): Severely disliked video (Approval rating below 25% or division fame below 1/3)
  • (πŸ—£): Quiet commentary (less than 300 comments)
  • (πŸ’): Crowded commentary (more than 10 thousand comments)
  • (πŸ™‹): Highly supported commentary (Comment has at least 2000 likes from people other than the owner of the video)
  • (πŸ’πŸ™Œ): Commentary Domiantion (Video comntains a comment made by me and got over 100 likes
  • (πŸ’βš°): 500 closures (Comments with their reply button dissapearing after the 500th post. Doesn't apply if a reply flashback is caused below 400 replies)
  • (πŸ’πŸ˜©): Hostile commentary (Video with a comment section hindered severely by the spam filters
  • (πŸ’βš : Username): Reply flashback closed before 500 (Video contains a comment that prevents you from posting the comment of you click reply that has a text box. Clicking reply won't post the comment, and instead going bac to the text box. Doesn't apply to problems clicking Show more, View all etc.
  • (πŸ’β›”): Video has comments disabled
  • (πŸ™…: Timeline; type) Dangerous to 301 players at some point, non-dependent on commentary or descriptions
  • (πŸ’Ÿ): Loved commentary (A comment that I posted has been loved regardless of the number of likes
  • (πŸ™†, reason): Favorite videos (Videos that are watched are occasionally higher in retention by me
  • (γ€°): Video has existed at some time but later on stopped the audience from watching the video
  • (πŸŽπŸ™…): Ad is unskippable, when seen will say "Video will play after ad"

The grand list! Edit

  1. Exploding dart bomber (γ€°)
  2. T-shirt Merch (γ€°)
  3. Ninja Gym 2010
  4. Shake Flashlight (πŸ™…: Unknown; Visual)
  5. Bugs in Minecraft 1.0.0 (πŸ™†, Test bugs)
  6. Bugs in Minecraft 1.1.0 (πŸ™†, Test bugs)

Advertizements Edit

  1. Grammarly speed of life (πŸ™†, Featured person is a ZFF; πŸ’β›”; 😑; πŸ™Œ)
  2. Grammarly ad starting with Let's suppose you're... (πŸ™†, Useful for turning random walls of text to sentences; πŸ’β›”; 😑; πŸ™Œ)
  3. Google Home ads (πŸ™†, Useful, similar to Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, πŸŽπŸ™…)
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