It takes several processes for God of the Versesystem to command his disciples of Light, Neutral and Dark to produce lumicons and burdenates.

Finite QuantityEdit

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This level of the hierarchy is exclusive to the Father and Son of the Versesystem. They are immortal, omnipotent and transcendent, with the exception of the Son's exclusive power to become a neutral life state with 6400.00 power score. They have unlimited powers to create stellar objects and powerful crystals.


This level of the hierarchy is exclusive to Galeem, the disciple of Light, Dharkon, the disciple of Dark, the Holy Spirit of the Versesystem, and the Devil of the Versesystem. They are the background rate of radiation from stellar objects. Seen through the life states, they also have powers of completely vaporizing a life state into a spirit leaving no fossil or flake behind.

Opposing life states can attack them, but doing so weakens the disciples in the sense that energy from stellar objects weaken. They cannot die and their power replenishes when they do.

Infinite QuantityEdit

Stellar ObjectsEdit

Stellar objects are large gravitational planars that actively emit radiation. Burdenates die and transform to lumicons on stars, whereas lumicons die on blood moons and transform to burdenates. Regular moons cannot kill anything as life states are invincible to this radiation. Their radiation expands crystal floors, summon phantoms and life states there and charges up crystal of their type and deplete/transform opposing crystals.. Their location and rate can also be controlled by a phantom of their type.


Phantoms are life states that can control stellar objects of their type, allowing them to use their radiation on floors or crystals to allow life states and super-lifestates to spawn respectively.


Crystals are objects found on the ground. They can be charged by matching energy or discharged/inverted by opposing energy. Charged crystals deplete over time, sprouting super-lifestates and extending crystal land.

Crystal FloorsEdit

A phantom can only survive on a matching floor of their type. They are grown by a surrounding crystal of their type or by a phantom controlling radiation.


Super-life states are common predecessors of life-states and they do that by summoning land and pit of their type.


Land can be created by energy coming from a super-lifestate of their respective type. Life states are eventually created by the buds from them. On neutral floors, they tend to produce stronger life states, with the land lasting a shorter duration, with the same birth duration. On opposing pits the land will die out before the life state is born if not tended, but it will still be stronger than neutral pits with the same birth duration.

A super life-state can produce a large number of lands quickly becoming small lifestates in one strike of their wand, or a single bloom giving birth to a large lifestate taking a long time to do so.


Pits control the land they harbor by adjusting the strength and life duration depending on their type, and they also highlight when the site is dominated by lumicons and burdenates.


Standard life states fight neutral or opposing life states, super-lifestates and phantoms, and raise their territory by building sites, structures and monuments.


Sub-lifestates are summoned by lumicons of a certain class. They are made of magic elements and assist their owners into attacking life-states or opposing sub-lifestates. They also have quintessent forms that carry an energy that tends land and very weakly charge crystals.


Corpses of lifestates are found when a lifestate runs out of health and unable to continue fighting or building. Their souls can be released by a matching reaper which will in turn create their ghost and some pix flakes.

They can be revived by a matching stellar object, phantom, crystal, crystal floor or super-lifestate.

Alternatively, a normal lifestate (as originated through The Eldritch Frame's actions on Baratheon's Sphinx) can do these things to a corpse:

  1. A soulcrafter can transform a Corpse into a Mummy. If the corpse was originally fast enough and/or partially reaped by a Reaper, the mummy can act like a Zombie, but cannot infect anything and is slower. Their corpse cannot be separated by regular reapers but they can be separated by super reapers. They are also damaged by radiation floors, but to a lesser extent.
  2. A more powerful soulcrafter can transform a Mummy into a Pharaoh. The operation is very slow and has progress, similar to structure building. At any percent other than zero the pharaoh is completely unable to move.
    1. Once the Pharaoh has fully fledged, it has these attributes:
      1. They may have attacks exclusive to Pharaohs
      2. Pharaohs die 50% later than they normally would. When they die, they are separated into a Ghost and Pix Flakes.
      3. Ground speed is 30% lower, air speed is 50% slower, and swimming speed is 90% slower.
      4. Falling speed is 50% faster, jump height is 30% lower.
      5. All power scores are higher:
        1. Power score increased by this formula: 1280-(Power Score/10). This means that a lifestate with 6400 power score will have 7040 power score as a pharaoh.
      6. Some mind properties would have changed


Flakes are physical remnants of a dead lifestate after its soul has been released by a reaper. They will eventually decompose into matching pits (or matching crystal land if it was a spirit) and their fossil. If a matching super reaper appears then this will be faster, and can be stopped using an urn. A super-lifestate can revive it back to a lifestate that matches the super-lifestate with a new soul, which means that they will behave differently to the original, unless the ghost possessing the flakes is present with them.


Ghosts are translucent figures made when a reaper separates its soul from its flakes. They have no actual physical form, which means they can travel through walls and into their own urns. A super reaper can transform them into spirits. Like other lifestates, they are able to fight opposing lifestates.


Reapers have a rare chance of appearing from opposing crystal floors irradiated by the respective radiation. Their objective is to separate souls from matching corpses, with their flakes as a byproduct.


A fossil is the hard remnant of a life state, where nothing except for its reminiscent body and lux state remains. If it was revived by the respective super-lifestate, it would behave like a normal life state, except it has no power score, elements or powers and become powerless unless the super-lifestate has supplied it with pix flakes beforehand

It is made when pix flakes decompose into the ground either automatically or by a Super Reaper.


Spirits are made when a super reaper drains a ghost of its mana, removing its translucent form and appear as a glowing soul. They are similar to sub-lifestates except that they cannot fight and instead inherently boost the power of a living lifestate by:

  • Boosting its power score and offense ratio
  • Boosting its magic elements and magic offense ratio
  • Giving it a move of any type.
  • Giving one of the powers of another member of the hierarchy

A living life state can dismiss a spirit to add mana and give the owner a core of the spirit. The owner can use it to boost other spirits, sacrifice it to mana, land or crystals, and even use them to transform spirits back into ghosts.

Super ReapersEdit

Super reapers occur much less frequently than regular reapers, and unlike other reapers they can transform corpses and ghosts to spirits by draining them of mana and transform corpses and flakes to fossils by depositing them into the ground

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