The Versesystem is a transcendent world raised by the God of the Versesystem, who created it in 5 days. It has a large number of pits, lairs, monuments, faers and other sites and buildings.

Site typesEdit

  1. Pits are areas that are maintained by spirits. Lumicons build there to fend off Burdenates, and they rarely build Monuments in their place
  2. Lairs are areas where the Blood Moon has struck an area, building evil and can occasionally host a smoke phantom such as Karthus.
  3. Monuments are built over millenia by Lumicons and can be very complicated inside.
  4. Faers are where the Spirits are born. Stars grow plants around that area. Wizard/Mage/Friar-lumicons such as Aurora Vista can convert lumicons in that area to spirits using a 2114-mana potion from Laboratories. This is an example of a faer. This is the one where Spirits Venus, Mercury, Vienna (II) and others resided in 2008.
  5. There are also minor buildings and arrays outside the alphaverse where mysical lumicons and other communities reside. For Example, Nightshade was in a tower outside a Pit fighting against a Lair from 1973 to 2000 where she was defending another Monument with Crystal Bride and the rest of Nightshade Empire. The Warpler is an example of a building array.
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