This is a draft Discord server for everything about the alphaverse.

Status: Suggestions Open. This discord server is currently draft. It requires user conduct to allow this discord server to be created. If we get enough positive feedback, this server may be created at the arrival of Dimension 1809, which may be October 16, 2018.

This discord server cannot be possible if multi-game Discord chats are against their Terms of Service.


  1. Server name: The Alphaverse
  2. Region: Western Europe
  3. Default Notification Settings: Only mentions
  4. Verification Level: None
  5. Explicit Content Filter: On for members without "Autoconfirmed"
  6. Widget: On for this wikia


Channels are set in this order to make sure the connect header is in the correct spot.

  1. Group: General
    1. Text: README
      1. Permanent Text: see Section "readme"
    2. Text: permanent invite
      1. A permanent invite linking to #Readme
    3. Text: grand chat
    4. Text: role check
      1. Defined as the New Member Messages Channel
    5. Text: about this server
      1. Permanent Text: see Section "about this server"
    6. Text: Joining and leaving
      1. MEE6 will automatically be assigned to greet new members
  2. Group: Zeldaforme
    1. Text: Announcements
    2. Text: Alerts
    3. Text: Emoji Panorama Museum
    4. Text:
  3. Group: Pole of Leadership
    1. Text: Videos feed
    2. Text: Videos feed: others
  4. Group: Wikimedia Tetramount
    1. Text: wiki chat
  5. Group: Reddit Tetramount
    1. Text: reddit chat
    2. Text: comment activity
  6. Group: Red color constant - Agario
    1. Text: Agar events
    2. Text: Agar chat
    3. Text: Agar Screenshots and Videos
    4. Text: SaturdayNightFights
    5. Voice: Agar General
    6. Voice: Revival quest
    7. Voice: SNF
  7. Group: Red color constant -
    1. Text: Diep events
    2. Text: Diep chat
    3. Text: Diep Screenshots and Videos
    4. Voice: Diep chat
  8. Group: Red color constant -
    1. Text: Zombs chat
    2. Text: Duo and Squad links
    3. Text: Zombs Screenshots and Videos
    4. Voice: Zombs General
    5. Voice: Zombs Duo
      1. Limited to 2 people
    6. Voice: Zombs Squad
      1. Limited to 4 people
  9. Group: Green color constant
    1. Text: discussion
    2. Text: gt video feed
    3. Text: gt discussion feed Youtube has not yet created an API for discussion tabs
  10. Group: The Lumi-Lab
    1. Text: recent_lumicons
    2. Text: tutorial
    3. Text: ll-chat
    4. Text: sim-showcase
  11. Group: The Dump
    1. Text: spam
    2. Text: bots
    3. Text: NSFW There won't be an NSFW channel open to public until 2022 since the owner of this chat is not 18 until then


Made in this order

  • [M]: Major role, displayed separately from other roles and online members
  • [m]: Minor role, not displayed separately from others
  1. Owner [White]
    1. Marked as Administrator
  2. Moderator [Light Blue]
  3. Lumojite
    1. Given to members who really choose to roleplay as their favorite lumojites.
  4. Important people [Purple]
    1. Given to the youtubers who helped my channel grow (Blue Alpha, Lils, Liss, Pyrox, TLA, JP, Wun Wun, etc). Players with that role must not leave this chat
  5. Family [Gray]
  6. POL Lumicon [Cyan]
    1. Assigned via Integration, appears when you are subscribed to the Pole of Leadership
  7. Revival Quest [Cyan]: Given to members subscribing for the revival quest. Only applies to players who killed one slow teamer, and possibly some exceptions per their skill (Suebi, Flim)
  8. LumiLab operator [Cyan]: Given to members completely capable of making lumicons
  9. Sims 3/4 Player [Green]: Given to members who play Sims 3 or Sims 4
  10. Player [Green]: Given to members who play
  11. Player [Green]: Given to members part of any DCCI chat, including Diepcors
  12. Player [Green]: Given to members part of the official Discord
  13. Green Color constant [Green]: Given to members subscribed to Grant Thompson
  14. The level roles (5, 10, 20, 30 and so on)
  15. Roleplay Open [Yellow]: Given to members who don't satisfy any of the above, but can roleplay as any of the said lumojites
  16. Roles Checked [Transparent]: Assigned when the survey at #Readme is completed
  17. Roles Not Checked [Grey]: Can only view Readme and Role Verifications, given on join
  18. Quit [Orange]: Given to members who quit, removed when they return
  19. Vandal [Red]: Assigned to members who vandalized this wiki, Wikia or Wikipedia
  20. POL Burdenate [Red]: Assigned to members who persistently disliked videos
  21. Disruptive in [Red]: Assigned to members who deliberately team in FFA on innocent solo players, cross-team, block, cling to or virus their teammate
  22. Abusive in VC [Black]: Assigned to members who disrupt voice channels, specifically with ear-rape
  23. NSFW-Muted [Black]: Assigned to members who posted NSFW content outside NSFW chats
  24. Muted [Black]: Assigned to members who have persistently spammed outside spam chats or harassed other users



  1. This discord server, as with every other, is subject to the Discord Terms of Service and we have no control over them. You may be kicked if you break those rules. In brief, no NSFW outside of NSFW-marked channels, gore, Malware, selfbots, hacking or anything against the laws of your country's jurisdiction
  2. Spam and Drama belongs only to Spam
  3. No disruption or ear-rape in Voice channels.
  4. When joining other communities to get those roles, make sure you also read those rules and policies.
  5. Avoid voice channels with a limit unless you're using them for events or ZombsRoyale gamemodes.
  6. In a Voice or Text chat, please speak English so that everyone can understand. Other languages go to Voice calls or DMs.
  7. No "<"s in nicknames and use "❤" instead of "<3". The Text-to-Speech notifications omit anything between these angle brackets
  8. There are additional Staff procedures in the chat
    1. If any user is being disruptive, warn them.
    2. If any user is being heavily disruptive after warnings, mute them using the normal mute
    3. If any user posted NSFW outside the NSFW chat, mute them with the NSFW_Muted role
    4. If any user is ear-rapping or disruptive in the chat, use the server deafen. If it becomes an extreme problem, use the role to mute them.
    5. If any user persistently breaks the rules after many warnings or mutes, report them to a-lpha to kick them
    6. If any user only comes here to break the terms of service by spamming malware or DDOSing, report them to a-lpha to ban them. Bans should only be used very rarely and should not be assigned to those who only come here to spam NSFW, as those should only be NSFW muted indefinitely.
    7. Don't abuse the assignment of member roles or abuse the modification of roles
    8. Don't change the nickname of members abusively
    9. Delete only any NSFW image, and pin anything that the server thinks is critically important

To be able to chat in this server, read the rules and do this verification procedure:

  1. Do you play,, & The Sims 4? Provide your highest scores where necessary.
  2. There are 50,000 emoji images according to Empjipedia. What are your favorites? (send this to r/Askreddit where possible)
  3. Are you subscribed to Grant Thompson's YouTube channel?
  4. Screenshot, making sure all 13 lines are in
  5. Read Tadras scale

about this server

About us

Welcome to the Alphaverse's discord server of Zeldafrome. We are a place where any member from Agar, Diep and Zombsroyale communities can participate in events. This is designated to be one of the largest agar communities and if anyone is willing to help eradicate the FFA teamers from, we can do this all together in the Revival Quest



@Owner: The one who created this server and leads the Alphaverse

User roles

@Moderators: @Important people: They are people who helped my youtube channel grow @Link Mamager: @Family: Assigned to the discord users of my mother and brother and they have access to a secret room.

Event roles

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.