An uncommon trapper war event will be hosted on July 15, 2018 at 01:00:00 AM UTC


B🚫NER⚠LERT: Saturday July 14th we are having a trapper class event in 4tdm at 9pm eastern time


An overload of approximately 8 trappers and 6 bullet defenders dominated the pentagon nest, and the 3 bosses that crossed the pentagon nest (A summoner and 2 defenders) didn't cross the trapper boundary.

At the end, the leader of the chat anticipated to send the army to either a base or the unnamed manager who's actually a member of that chat, but a baby tank pushed the entire army out as the other enemy tanks killed about 60% of the team


  1. Astral seeing quad, at the time where the domination was building up
  2. Blu becomes an auto trapper
  3. TrapperEd so far
  4. The first image of the said base that is forming
  5. The base
  6. Blu betrayed by overseer at level 44
  7. Lert's image of the base
  8. TrapperEd at the base
  9. Lert's second image
  10. Lag killed TrapperEd
  11. TrapperEd as an annihilator
  12. Lert's third image
  13. Lert's fourth image, where the leaderbod is 90% red
  14. TrapperEd at the base
  15. Phantom at the base
  16. Lert's fifth image
  17. Lert's sixth image
  18. Trapman's view of the base
  19. Reckster's view
  20. JJ's view
  21. Discord: 14 people in the VC
  22. Lert's 7th image
  23. Jason is revealed to be the manager
  24. Jason sees the perching booster
  25. Mal dead to a rocketeer
  26. Spirit Vienna knocked off
  27. The members remaining
  28. Dead to traitor Phantom
  29. Base continues to get destroyed
  30. Some Guy dead to another necromacer
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