Boner Alert will host a tier 3 tank takeover on the start of August 26, 2018 (UTC). Even Locktrap will be streaming during this event but there's doubt that the event will be hosted in the same server.


[12:36 AM]

B🚫NER⚠LERT: Hi guys! this Saturday night at 8pm eastern standard time we will have a 4tdm event! In this event you must be a level 30 tank only and never upgrade beyond a level 30 tank class! Lets takeover and have a challenge at the same time! See you there friends! :blob_aww: @everyone

[12:09 AM] 1-800-🤬-My-🤬: @everyone The level 30 tank takeover has begun!

Only level 30 tank tier tanks.

Join the link: or


Near the start, overlords, assassins, destroyers and rammers prevented a-lpha from getting level 45, and after that, it feared the high rammer population, including the salty rammer named ".", who eventually died to a square to steal a-lpha's kill, and then salty-rammed it later on at 97.8k


  1. A clashkill
  2. Rage over rammers
  3. Another clashkill
  4. Seeing a salty rammer
  5. Killing an adasba fan
  6. Square kill steal
  7. Clyde's view
  9. [1]
  10. [2]
  11. [3]
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