The Warpler is a place built on August 31, 2007 by Architect burdenates, and is 3 kilometers away from Karthus' Lair, pointing towards the alphaverse. It was an unfinished project that was planned since 1856


An area half the size of Karthus' Lair with several dead zones. It is not dark/evil enough to hold Karthus himself and no lumicon there can be attacked by the Blood moon.


Vista's Cat sends 650 burdenates and a-lpha there on Monday to Friday from 8:20 AM to 3:20 PM.

How it affected the alphaverseEdit

  1. Vista's Cat lures a-lpha to the warpler so frequently to slow down the media spire's growth.
  2. The warpler traps last 7 hours as of 2019.
  3. During those hours, a-lpha has to deal with 5 hours running the warpler engine in 4-5 different places to leave the warpler staff alone. Occasionally, 25 of the 600 blazered burdenates are able to cause shenanigans.
  4. When the Blazered burdenates and the occasional burmojenates and Karthium bosses attack, the warpler staff can be very strong and do serious damage.
  5. If the Warpler Staff defeat a-lpha, flying imps come to jail several structures in the alphaverse, and the Wikimedia Tetramount is jailed on the next warpler operation
  6. Whenever a-lpha tells the Warpler Staff after getting attacked by blazered burdenates and then Warpler staff, they deny excuses and think that a-lpha got himself in trouble. They sometimes try to stop One Celebrity from knocking warpler staff down and jump to blazered burdenates and fight them
  7. In deeper defeat situations, there are cases where a-lpha gets hard-trapped in dead zones for more than 1 hour and do more suspicious things.
  8. The warpler blocks events in the Early mornings from Monday to Friday
  9. In some cases where the Warpler has to operate the engine, Weidow's Scurvy Facre can send a leath of nausea.


  1. The first year of the warpler had 15 blazered burdenates, 15 lumicons and 5 warpler staff.
  2. The second phase (August 31, 2008 to some time in 2011) had 210 blazered burdenates, 210 lumicons and 30 warpler staff. The Luna theme transferred by Vista's Cat was also there.
  3. The third phase (2011 to August 31, 2015) had 105 blazered burdenates, 105 lumicons and 25 warpler staff. The Vienna theme was transferred and the Warpler Louts (strong semi-burmojenates) were sent there.
  4. The fourth phase (August 31, 2015 to June 25, 2018) had 600 blazered burdenates (these are stronger), no lumicons because all of them were wiped out by Tengrimu, 50 warpler staff, the same warpler louts and the Messerschmitt face, one of the fossils left by the Ultraviolence meteor.
  5. In Phase 5, which started on June 25, 2018 at 11:38 AM, for 3 days, the Warpler has made 2 additional dead zones, one of which trap a-lpha in a dead zone where no blazered burdenates are present and warpler staff cannot run the engine, and and another in which where a-lpha gets attacked by the Warpler Staff too much, will go there and the warpler staff has a "silence clock". a-lpha can't escape there until 1 hour from attempts at attacking will occur. After the warpler ends for 41 days, a-lpha will be kept in the warpler until 3:20 PM. This revisits the third phase, 2014 Warpler.

On April 15, 2018, the revived One Celebrity made a permanent residence in the warpler and is able to also send April to defeat the blazered burdenates.

On June 6, 2018, the second of 2 consecutive times that a-lpha got defeated by Warpler Staff caused an electrotraitor flying imp to jail the Red color constant, the Discord Tetramount, Lumilab and Media Spire. The same happened on June 25, 2018. The main antagonist for this to happen is Lundstrom,

She killed One Celebrity in September 2018 and trapped a-lpha in dead zones before her demise to Lesser Axero of the Entropia Band. She returns on 6 February, 2019 with signs of short power outages

By July 21, 2022, the Warpler shall be destroyed.


The blazered burdenates were very weak before the fourth phase and weren't true blazered burdenates. In Phase 4, they grew stronger from the shenanigans caused by them. This includes trend revolution, clocking, whistling, nerding, graffiti, swearing, etc.

The lumicons in the warpler are lured the same way the blazered burdenates do and resemble the weaker style sims of the LumiLab. Sometimes, they are shifelings.

The warpler staff protect the blazered burdenates and enforce attempts to escape the warpler.

The warpler louts are large semi-burmojenates encountered at certain times.

Shifegrimu, Critical Tragedy and Pumpgrim's Eagle occasionally ends up there and Pumpgrim can occasionally use Cyclone Scythe.

Since April 15, 2018, One Celebrity made a permanent residence to fight burdenates. His death later on in the year made Sauna Girl, Spirit Verena and other enviroballers fight back.

Other warplersEdit

  1. The Blox Warpler is the largest such place and contains about 150 million blazered burdenates.
  2. On August 11, 2018, a distant warpler of 3 hybrids of Shifelings and Blazered Burdenates invaded r/ in the commands of Shife. A Diepcord port guardian arrested them but in the next day, the main Warpler Staff at that warpler fired 2 darts at karma stash and made a subreddit ban threat 9 hours later:
    1. alphazelf; 0 points; 19:09:07: The moderators of that subreddit told you not to post things that are NOT related to, and spill the "new" section with spam
    2. WitheredRobux; 2 points 03:51:43: Please do not stalk Tanker514 through his profile
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