This event was hosted by Bxner Alert on September 15, 2019 at 22:00:00


[20:36]D⚠B ⚠LERT:@everyone Hello fellow discordians :slight_smile: I would like to share with you that we have been around for almost 2 years :open_mouth: We have started from very humble beginnings as a group of 5 ragtag randoms across the world communicating on facebook messenger! Look at us now! We have grown to over 1000 members and the connections and friendships that have been grown over these past couple of years have been an amazing experience. I :heart: all of you amazing people for keeping the community and fun alive. :GG~1: We will be celebrating OUR 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 15TH AT 7PM EASTERN STANDARD! Were gonna have a special event. In this event there will be 2 teams. 1 team captained by me. The other team is captained by Slotho. Both Slotho and I will be autotrappers in 2 different caves. Each team's goal is to get their captain to 1 million points before the other team does. You are allowed to fight the other team but you can not attack any captain! You can defend your captain from randoms. The first team to get their captain to 1 million wins 1 month of free nitro. YES THE WHOLE TEAM CAN WIN NITRO :open_mouth: To choose what team you want there are NEW SELFROLES. The new roles are TEAM SLOTHO and TEAM BONER. to add these roles simply type the command +selfrole TEAM (SLOTHO or BONER). Before we do this event if one team has too many players then we will randomly balance the teams. DURING THE GAME YOU MUST NAME YOURSELF EITHER "SLOTHO" OR "BONER" TO REPRESENT YOUR TEAM! Once again thanks so much for everyone's support over the past 2 years and lets keep going for many to come! :beercheers: :yayshark~1: :heart:

[17:40]D⚠B ⚠LERT:@everyone todays event will be moved back by 1 hour due to preventing an early arena closing. we have been watching the times and the event will start at 6pm eastern which is just over 4 hours from now. remember to join our event chat during that time!

[21:56]D⚠B ⚠LERT:@everyone join event chat now for the event and we can sort out whos on whos team and level everyone out for the event were about to go to LA and blast off!


The event was initially a race to see whatever team gets to 1 million. Team Bxner won that. They continue with getting Slotho to 1 million, and this created an extremely rare "Double Million in Maze", but they still continued to feed Bxner to 2 million. By the time they reached it however, Slotho disconnected at 1.4 million as a result of staying at another tab.

Also, unlike the other feeding event that happened 15 months ago, a-lpha managed to feed 23,536 points to Bxner

Haze and Lundstrom clonesEdit

Lia appeared in the event, as Discord her name changed to "Golden", which would have indicated a new Haze clone.

On the Flip side, a-lpha at the Discord Tetramount port was attacked with a temporary blackout that likely came from Hyper Spicy brainwashing Mallie or Lundstrom's Electrotraitor (since the Warpler's Force is strong at the time). It is none of them, but a new Lundstrom clone named Invaltro appeared, commissioned on September 7, making it the first Lundstrom clone to attack entities in the Red color constant through the Discord Tetramount


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  3. so I have found the ene,my base
  4. o
    1. [22:07]Snowie:@Alpha
    2. [22:07]Snowie:him
    3. [22:07]Rodan:Eh man
    4. [22:07]Snowie:not alphazelf
    5. [22:07]Snowie:it was
    6. [22:07]Rodan:Eh man
    7. [22:07]Snowie:alpha
    8. [22:07]Dan aka Bony :V:BONY WHAT
    9. [22:07]Snowie:@Alpha
    10. [22:07]Snowie:him
    11. [22:07]D⚠B ⚠LERT:+mute @I HAVE NITRO INSURANCE "1d"
    12. [22:07]BOTSALT B🚫T:@D⚠B ⚠LERT, User muted successfully for 1d!
  5. [3]
  6. [4]
  7. getting betrayed by my own team
  8. [5]
  9. @🎶Dance With Me!🎶 WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?
  10. Quad/octo is the best tank for the feeding event
  11. carnivora
  12. ggggg
  13. [6]
  14. [7]
  15. had no points in bullet damage when i killed that flankguard
  16. "worst lag ever"
  17. double million
  18. [8]
    1. [23:26]Rodan:Invaltro is irrelevant
    2. [23:26]Invaltro:You went to kill me. @I HAVE NITRO INSURANCE
    3. [23:26]silence:2m for 2 years
    4. [23:26]Invaltro:Keep talking shit mate. @Rodan
    5. ...
    6. [23:27]Invaltro:Don't shoot me. @I HAVE NITRO INSURANCE
    7. [23:27]Rodan:and im not bipolar irl
    9. ...
    10. [ 23:40]I HAVE NITRO INSURANCE:@Invaltro Be more of a welcoming, non-strict member. Don't be that "Phazon Entity" that did even worse to me
    11. [23:40]jon:I was good for a while up until now
    12. [23:40]jon:Trying to get into a server for an hour
    13. [23:40]dabbing loli:guys should i make the cake today or should i make it tomorrow since tomorrow is the actual anniversary
    14. [23:40]Invaltro:Welcoming when you were shooting me
    15. [23:40]Invaltro:Which is why I killed y ou
    16. [23:40]Invaltro:Ok.
    17. [23:41]Invaltro:Don't shoot and I wont kill?
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  21. [10]
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  27. thats a gif with a long name
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