On July 6, 2018, there will be a rare "feeding event" in Maze where Baller gets fed to 10 million score. It is a rare event due to featured screenshots in the previous feeding event, and due to the use of Spade Squad's Server Selector, a-lpha, who will be roleplaying as Spirit Mercury, will be present this time.

This rare event will be part of a Hexon Montage

Transcript; Warning: not in real lifeEdit

June 23, 2018

Baller: Hello @everyone
It's that time of day again, sigh On July 6th (Friday) we will be having YET another feeding event! And go figure, It's baller's feeding event yet again, last time we got 7.6m. The goal was 10m, however I was completely fine with 5m+ That feeding event was so fun and interesting, we didn't make the official goal, but we got 7.6m, which is pretty good in my book xD... Anyways, we are going to "retry" this event, yeah... of course... We are going to try 10m YET AGAIN! However this time, there will be a few different stuff. Last feeding event loads of people just sat around watching the feeding, we DO NOT want that to happen again, we want everyone participating in this event, if you come to the feeding, please DO NOT just sit around all day, you MUST feed, yes it is 100% ok to take a few minute breaks, however we need as much feeders as possible. We don't just want people sitting around all day watching the feed take place, so were changing things up a bit. IF you are just sitting around watching, the protector WILL kill you if you are just sitting around. This is because we WANT people feeding, NOT just sitting around. If you come to this event, YOU NEED to be feeding, again DO NOT sit around, the protector WILL kill you if you sit around.
And this is a message from me myself...
The last feeding event was very fun and very amazing, I loved every single second of it... After this feeding event, I likely won't do anymore feeding events, for example like high score feedings, I have a few other feeding ideas in mind for the future... ahehehehhehe... So basically, the 7m auto trapper video is AT 🤬' 95K VIEWS like, honestly just no... 😂 Anyways, I want to do a 10m feeding, I NEED THIS 10M And I can't do it without you guys... Let's get this 10m... if we fail this feeding event, well... I guess there will need to be another attempt 😏 but, I can't thank everyone enough... Let's get this 10m...

There is another announcement on the feeding day that indicates the event will start at 9:00 PM UTC

Hello @everyone so as probably a few of you know, the 10m feeding event is TODAY! I’m hype for it, and I hope you all are too. Anyways, I noticed some people confused on the info, and well... I realized I didn’t give enough info lmao anyways. The feeding will be taking place in Miami maze, we will be waiting for a fresh new arena, then we begin. However, at the moment... I’m on a very 🤬y sleep schedule, so because of this, the event will be taking place around 5-8PM (EST) Be on the look out for another announcement when it will start, it will begin at anytime within that time. Again, sorry for not much info before. and I’m sorry about my sleep schedule lmao If any of you are still a bit confused, please dm me, and I will try to respond.

In GameEdit

Everyone was feeing baller to 10 million for over 3 hours, where it could've lasted 5 hours on end, but the arena closed too early and Baller only got 4.4 million


Like the previous feeding event, there was an overload of media, like 100 images.

  1. a-lpha's transition
  2. Shermi's transition
  3. Shermi checking for the correct server
  4. Snowflake at an edge
  5. Reich playing
  6. 291900: Death at Stinkrpinkr
  7. 412200: Lamp
  8. 476463: Baller waiting for tanks
  9. 670000: Death to Moshrav
  10. 1.1m: Arrival's feed
  11. 1.2m: Explaining how full the VC has become
  12. 1.2m: Vikr about to spawn
  13. 1.4m: Arrival at the stand
  14. 1.5m: Death to Protector
  15. 1.6m: Says that JB should feed
  16. 1.6m: Boner betrayed
  17. 1.6m: Dead to faraway protector
  18. 1.8m: HG about to spawn
  19. 1783283
  20. 1.8m: Dead to Adasba
  21. 1.8m: Someone threatening to tell proc to feed
  22. 1.9m: HG teaming
  23. 2.2m: Baller finds a green square
  24. 2.2m: Dead to JB
  25. 2.5m: Hunt
  26. 2.6m: Anni rammed in
  27. 3.8m: Dead to Uvek
  28. 3.9m: Hunt 319ms
  29. 3.8m: Push into traps
  30. 4.2m: Wall of traps
  31. 4.3m: Arena closure
  32. Final Score
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