The Panoramas of Zeldaforme are dictionaries of each character in the alphaverse.

(A) Disney PanoramaEdit

  1. 10214 members
  2. Sofia 1 is the Legend of this Panorama and the guardian is unknown (likely Gruff or Thanos)
  3. Range is 1922 to 2019 (97 years)
  4. Notable characters
    1. The Never spirits are an incarnation of a spirit that makes them small and use the power of cinnamon.
    2. Gruff, Thanos and a few others have more than 12800 power score.
    3. Maleficent, Headless Horseman and other major vistalings and clastrones
    4. Avalorite as a faer crystal incarnation
    5. Infinity stones as a faer crystal incarnation

(A*) Disney Panorama EdgeEdit

This entry contains franchises with notable characters found in tropes that are not found in the Disney Monument (aside from Curelings, which are already in the Panoramas)

(B) Smash PanoramaEdit

  1. 2000 members (estimated)
  2. Female Villager is the Legend of this Panorama and Galeem is the Guardian
  3. Range is 1979 to 2019 (40 years)
  4. Notable characters
    1. Nopons become an incarnation setting
    2. Lip grows more land than any other spirit in all panoramas
    3. Galeem and Dharkon have 25600 power score
    4. Smash ball and Master Core are faer crystal incarnations

(B*) Smash panorama EdgeEdit

This entry contains all characters that are not represented in Smash in any form, but are part of franchises that are represented in smash in any form (even all the way down to a single protagonist being represented as a Novice-class spirit

  1. This doesn't include Pokemon in the Pokemon Panorama ad it would duplicate them.

(C) Pokemon PanoramaEdit

  1. 985 members
  2. Mega Diancie is the Legend of this panorama and Arceus is the Guardian
  3. Range is 1997 to 2019 (22 years)
  4. Notable characters
    1. All mythical pokemon have more than 12800 power score. Arceus has 25599 and the Creation Trio have 24000. Lake Guardians have 20000 power score
    2. Most members of this panorama have incarnation forms
  5. No panorama edge as it redirects to (B*)

(D) Redditorium PanoramaEdit

  1. 433 members
  2. The Legendary Unicorn is the Legend of this panorama and kn0thing is the Guardian
  3. Range is 2017 to 2019 (2 years)
  4. Notable members
    1. All members of the panorama have the Redditorium incarnation form
    2. Nightshade Grassen, a legend of Halloween appeared to the alphaverse briefly and then went off to feed Baratheon
  5. There is no planned panorama edge. Any would-be character in there will be the 600 Redditoria Shells (2,000) that were weaker than present-day Redditoria (5,000 power score)

(E) Emoji PanoramaEdit

  1. 100,000 members (estimated)
  2. Nightshade therian is the Legend of this panorama and the Guardian is unknown
  3. Range is 1997 to 2019 (22 years)
  4. Notable members
    1. The Stylish Stylling Sisters was a legend of the Blobmoji Empire before 2017 where they were annihilated.
    2. Spirits came in 2017, the most notable being Spring Titania and Glowforce X
    3. Aurora Vista and Verena were Enviroball leaders
    4. Crystallings, styllings, shifelings, vistalings, clastrones, vitreums

(E-##-##*), (E-##*) Emoji Panorama EdgeEdit

  1. There are a large number of lumojites found buried in Emojipedia's Datamine. This includes Bunnicula from the Karthus Disaster, and the unevolved Glowforce spirit in the Second Electrotraitor Disaster
  2. Several full-on emoji franchises tat are not found on Emojipedia at all

(F) Literature PanoramaEdit

  1. 110 members
  2. Rosabel is the Legend of this panorama and the Guardian is Hecate.
  3. Range is 1040 to 1908 (868 years)
  4. Notable members
    1. Shakespearian Witches are an incarnation
    2. Chain phantoms are an incarnation
    3. Light of the Past, Christmas Friars and Reapers are incarnations
  5. No panorama edge

(G) Artifact PanoramaEdit

  1. 500 members (estimated)
  2. The Rainbow Dart is the Legend of this panorama and the Guardian is the God of the Versesystem
  3. Infinite range
  4. Notable members
    1. a-lpha leads the alphaverse
    2. The Curelings, Aemos Pentadecathlon, a-artifacts, Gold Dust Star, etc have been observed from places nowhere other than outside all of the panoramas.
    3. A wide range of life incarnations
    4. One faer crystal incarnation for each element, and several more from each natural gemstone
    5. God of the Versesystem's components are the only life states with 25600 and/or ininite power score
    6. Baratheon killed over 1 million burdenates
  5. No panorama edge. This panorama is only for lifestes that are part of franchises too small to warrant their own panoramas.

(H) Old Finite Versesystem PanoramaEdit

  1. 508 members
  2. The strongest LL4 is the legend of this panorama and the guardian is the Arrester
  3. Range is 2015 to 2016 (1 year)
  4. Notable members
    1. Orne incarnation, including making them tangible and vincible
  5. No planned panorama edge. In theory there would be a Panorama Edge for original lifestates that are currently found in OOMB2 (2017)

(I) Google Doodle PanoramaEdit

  1. 4160 members and increasing
  2. Originally estimated to be 1200 doodles, but the Google Doodle page said there were 2000, and in reality there's over 4100
  3. The Yellow Witch or likely a stronger unit is the Legend of this panorama and Google Beta is the Guardian
  4. Notable members
    1. Flareleaf and a fake Baratheon

(I*) Goodle Doodle Panorama EdgeEdit

The only doodle that is not in the Doodle's Archive is the Birthday Doodle

(J) Shadowverse PanoramaEdit

  1. 3622 members including evolved forms.
  2. Originally estimated at 400 members due to the Shadowverse page
  3. The Legend is unknown but the Guardian is Prophetess of Creation
  4. Unknown range
  5. Notable members
    1. The common spirit for this panorama has the lowest power score out of all of the spirits with only 750.
    2. 9 faer crystal incarnations, including the neutral faer crystal.
      1. The neutral stt faer crystal has the same for all Versesystem element stat, which is the same for Diamond faer crystals, though Diamond faer crystals are much stronger per spirit and much more durable.
  6. No Panorama Edge

(K) Entropia Band PanoramaEdit

(L) Pixel realm PanoramaEdit

  1. 500 members
  2. The Legend is the Godmother and the Guardian is the Ascendant
  3. Range is 2012

(L*) Pixel Realm Panorama EdgeEdit

It will be hard to find the Panorama Edge. The Kongpanions have less source than normal monsters.

(M) ZR Cosmeics PanoramaEdit

  1. 2749+ cosmetics
  2. Range is 2018-present (1.5 years)

Characters, incarnations and crystals shared between panoramasEdit

  1. A+B: Sonic and Street Fighter series are shared.
  2. A+F: A Christmas Carol characters are shared
  3. A+H: Big Hero 6, Inside Out and Toy Story 2 characters are shared
  4. B+C: Many Pokemon are shared
  5. B+H: Many things like Master Core, Orne and Classic Phantoms are shared
  6. C+D: 2 redditoria share Pokeball items
  7. C+H: Villains shared
  8. G+H: God of the Versesystem shared
  9. A+C+E+G+J: Anime incarnation shared
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