The Haze Tragedy and the Disaster of Mystery is a disaster that started on Christmas Eve of 2018 and ended in early December the next year. It has continued with the awakening of the Ghost of Lundstrom, the destruction of several sites in the Hallowtide Pit, a reaper empire raiding emoji empires, and even a war between Haze Clones and Lundstrom Clones, and most of this was due to a very powerful burdenate who as of May 2019 was not known.


The First Haze TragedyEdit

The disaster starts with Lord Vista who casts demonic magic into THE GROUP port of the Discord Tetramount on December 24, 2018, after the Shifeling Army raided the Styllings Tomb a month prior, and the first warning of the Ghost of Lundstrom five days prior:

As of 19/5/19:

  1. Sad Pepe is Gone
  2. That One Cat is Haze
  3. Just-A-Nub is Torment
  5. Quin and JJ are themselves
  6. Copner Alert is Bxner Alert
  7. Communism is Ichio
  8. A deleted user is Moshrav
  • [20:13] That One Cat: It's been nice hanging with you all, but I think it's time I left for good...
  • ...
  • [20:14] :sadpepe:: @That One Cat hAZE NO
  • [20:14] :sadpepe:: WH
  • [20:14] :sadpepe:: WHY
  • ...
  • [20:16] Just-A-Nub: NO JOKE
  • [20:16] Just-A-Nub: IMMA SPAM
  • [20:16] Just-A-Nub: REEEEEEEEEEE
  • [20:17] OUR SOULS ARE BURNING DOWN: :sob: :anger: @That One Cat you are my cute pet
  • ...
  • [20:20] That One Cat: I truly did enjoy getting to know you all, but I just can't subject myself to any more blame. And I know that this is the worst time to say this, but there really is nothing left for me here when it comes to gaming.
  • ...
  • [20:21] That One Cat: Merry Christmas guys, and maybe we'll meet in another place or at another time.
  • ...
  • ...
  • [20:26] Quin: Boner has treated her pretty 🤬ty and blamed her for stuff in diep. She can't handle it
  • [20:26] Just-A-Nub: :sadpepe:
  • ...
  • [20:29] OUR SOULS ARE BURNING DOWN: me_irl
  • ...
  • [20:31] Deleted User: If she really was mistreated here, than its a good thing she left. I'm not trying to be rude but if she wanted to leave, the this was for the better
  • ...
  • [20:31] OUR SOULS ARE BURNING DOWN: Yeeted was Haze and her dissapearing is what was happening now
  • [20:31] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: Hi im on break
  • [20:31] :sadpepe:: Boner
  • [20:31] :sadpepe:: :sadpepe:
  • [20:31] 🚫𝕵𝕵🚫: bonerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • [20:31] Deleted User: hazel left
  • [20:31] :sadpepe:: Haze left
  • [20:31] 🚫𝕵𝕵🚫: bonerrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • [20:31] 🚫𝕵𝕵🚫: hey
  • [20:31] Just-A-Nub: Moshrav u gnna die everytime i see u in maze
  • ...
  • [20:32] Just-A-Nub: :sadpepe:
  • [20:32] Just-A-Nub: :sadpepe:
  • [20:32] Just-A-Nub: :sadpepe:
  • [20:32] COMMUNISM: i don’t remember hazel ever being mistreated here
  • [20:32] COMMUNISM: HEY
  • [20:32] COMMUNISM: SHUT UO
  • [20:32] COMMUNISM: UP
  • ...
  • [20:32] Just-A-Nub: :sadpepe: :sadpepe:
  • [20:32] Just-A-Nub: :sadpepe: :sadpepe:
  • [20:32] COMMUNISM: +mute @Just-A-Nub
  • [20:32] [BOT]SALT B🚫T: @COMMUNISM, User muted successfully! Since no time was specified, they were muted for 10 minutes (default time)!
  • ...
  • [20:33] OUR SOULS ARE BURNING DOWN: it cant be
  • [20:33] COMMUNISM: if that’s the reason why she left, then i personally think that she needs to accept people she doesn’t like to be around more
  • [20:33] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: Nah just blame me i own the server ita my fault. Of u wanna be angry at anyone go ahead and be angry at me its ok
  • [20:33] COMMUNISM: that’s how i have to be every day in my classes >. >
  • ...
  • [20:34] Deleted User: @C🚫PNER⚠LERT Just because your leader doesn't mean everything is your fault m8
  • [20:34] OUR SOULS ARE BURNING DOWN: You havent pinned her lasy words yet boner
  • [20:34] COMMUNISM: also @C🚫PNER⚠LERT who blamed you for what exactly
  • [20:34] 🚫𝕵𝕵🚫: :what~1:
  • [20:34] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: Quin told me that i treated her like ahit yet i habent talked to her in 2 months so go figure
  • ...
  • [20:35] OUR SOULS ARE BURNING DOWN: soI'm gonan be a😭lpii instead of a🧚‍♀️lpii until she comes back
  • [20:35] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: Yea scroll up thats what he said
  • [20:35] :sadpepe:: :(
  • [20:35] 🚫𝕵𝕵🚫: its tru what boner says
  • [20:35] 🚫𝕵𝕵🚫: boner too op
  • [20:35] Quin: @C🚫PNER⚠LERT she legit talked to me about how she hated how you treated you but ok.
  • [20:35] 🚫𝕵𝕵🚫: we have to blame him
  • [20:35] Deleted User: Dude
  • [20:35] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: Oh ok ahe hated me thats nice
  • [20:35] Deleted User: Lets stop playing the blame game for now
  • [20:35] COMMUNISM: wait what
  • [20:36] 🚫𝕵𝕵🚫: aRE U ASSUMING THEIR GENDER @Deleted User
  • [20:36] COMMUNISM: i don’t remember boner ever being disrespectful to her
  • ...
  • [20:37] :sadpepe:: @Quin you made the situatin worst
  • [20:37] Deleted User: Dont continue it then
  • [20:37] Quin: I spoke the truth from haze so leave me alone
  • [20:37] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: Thisnisnsuch a nice work break lemme tell ya!
  • ...
  • [20:38] Deleted User: sorry you came back to this boner
  • [20:38] COMMUNISM: aka just not in main chat
  • [20:38] Deleted User: She was mistreated a lot in vc and dms
  • [20:38] Unity: what happened to Godfather?
  • ...
  • [20:39] COMMUNISM: i don’t remember hazel ever saying anything to me about that
  • [20:39] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: Oh yea i remember when for the 50th time she exploded into main chat i removed her staff role then retired as owner. I bet ahe hates me for that.
  • ...
  • [20:40] COMMUNISM: she just needs some support
  • [20:40] OUR SOULS ARE BURNING DOWN: haze made me a famous cheerful sound because she was the leader
  • [20:40] 🚫𝕵𝕵🚫: anaways who wants toplay stave @C🚫PNER⚠LERT
  • [20:40] 🚫𝕵𝕵🚫: @:sadpepe:
  • [20:40] COMMUNISM: :thinkmate: hazel was never leader
  • [20:40] :sadpepe:: What
  • [20:40] :sadpepe:: no
  • [20:41] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: I cant im at work then goin to my brothers house for christmas were doin that thing today
  • ...
  • [20:56] Quin: @:sadpepe: thanks for not replying to me.
  • [20:56] :sadpepe:: k
  • [20:56] Quin: I appreciate it man.
  • [20:56] :sadpepe:: mhm
  • [20:56] Quin: It's not my fault
  • [20:56] :sadpepe:: ok
  • [20:56] Quin: Sorry, I don't like fake. :wiggle:
  • ...
  • [20:59] 🚫𝕵𝕵🚫: why did u say that to quin
  • [20:59] OUR SOULS ARE BURNING DOWN: and quin
  • [20:59] Quin: Because it's all my fault and he needs someone to take his anger out on.
  • [21:00] Quin: Which is fine
  • [21:00] potatotomato: o
  • [21:00] OUR SOULS ARE BURNING DOWN: tale it out on me
  • [21:00] 🚫𝕵𝕵🚫: lol
  • [21:00] 🚫𝕵𝕵🚫: ok
  • [21:00] 🚫𝕵𝕵🚫: everyone take it out on @OUR SOULS ARE BURNING DOWN
  • [21:00] potatotomato: or me
  • [21:01] Quin: Kids need someone to blame things on. And though I "blamed" stuff on boner, it's not all his fault and I never said it was. I said he treated her like 🤬 and it got her thinking on why she's even in the server.
  • [21:01] Quin: I told her to take a break, or at least think of it so it's probably more my fault than anyone else's
  • [21:01] Quin: She doesn't need this servers negativity in her life. She's stressed out enough already.
  • [21:02] :sadpepe:: ;-;
  • [21:02] Quin: Get mad at me or what not, but I was there for her when no one else was, and Ive been there for her since. So meh
  • [21:02] Quin: I'm still going to be there for her
  • ...
  • [21:04] OUR SOULS ARE BURNING DOWN: ykw ity is worth putting it in with the 70,000 story prototypes I have

Lord Vista attacks ZeldaformeEdit

During this, Lord Vista raided Zeldaforme's shrine room and started brainwashing various members there in attempt to destroy the room by coining "We Stand against Alpha" aka "WSAA".

Glowforce Empire reclaims the Styllings TombEdit

On December 28, Glowforce Empire fend the Shifeling Army away from the Styllings Tomb. The Discord Tetramount can now be accessed, if all of them, are jailed by Lundstrom's Electrotraitor when a severe incident occurs in The Warpler.

2018-20 Media Spire CrisisEdit

The Media Spire has started to produce a new file on December 30. It is still going as of today, for a large number of reasons and seriously untending the Media Spire and the LumiLab network. Symptoms caused by this can be found in the 2019 Media Spire crisis.

Discovery of the Once upon a Princess methuselahEdit

On the same day, and almost a year after Glowforce RadiantX was discovered, a-lpha finds a very large monument near the edge of the Karthiumscope's vision. The first thing it saw was a mysterious and extremely powerful faer crystal amulet, followed by Sofia I, who wields the amulet, and her supernatural incarnations, one of them is the first Continent of Theon character to reach 12,799 power score barring prophecies, and then the Never Spirits and Gruff

Red color constant chaosEdit

The simulation engine in Zeldaforme was upgraded on January 2, 2019.

On January 10, 2019, there was chaos in the Red Color Constant caused by the Stylling Ghosts blaming the shifelings infesting the Agar section for their demise. The chaotic moments stopped on January 12 at roughly 23:30

The Warpler Goes WrongEdit

Later on there was more disruption in the Warpler. Even though the Ghost of Lundstrom was not there by that time, there were chances are that blazered burdenates would provoke warpler staff to attack a-lpha instead of the blazered burdenate.

Lundstrom turned Ghost returns on February 6, and was foreshadowed by her Quintessent Flying Imp attacks to the site two days prior.

Haze Returns, but not for longEdit

Early on the day of February 24, 2019, Haze returns indirectly of the action caused by Sofia I creating an illusion 750km away.

  • [03:18] Emoji ~ Bambee✓✓✓: @C🚫PNER⚠LERT
  • ...
  • [03:20] That One Cat: THank you emoji
  • [03:21] Lucario: Hello there
  • [03:21] Chapter 2 of Scarlett: oh welcome back haze
  • [03:22] Lucario: Who is haze?

It was first noticed 20 hours later.

  • [23:26] adasba fan: haze?

The same wave of demonic magic came back 1.55 hours later:

  • [01:09] That One Cat: Yup, here we go again
  • [01:09] That One Cat: I'm done for now again
  • [01:10] That One Cat: May leave the group again
  • [01:10] 🚫TRIST⚠N: Yo wait what
  • [01:10] 🚫TRIST⚠N: You just got here though!
  • [01:10] That One Cat: Every time.
  • [01:10] That One Cat: If I'm not near boner it's considered not helping the group at all.
  • ...
  • [01:10] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: @venom for staff. U 🤬
  • [01:10] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: Betrayer
  • [01:11] That One Cat: I'm just like, -sigh- I don't know.
  • [01:11] 🚫TRIST⚠N: :/
  • [01:11] Λ𝔫𝔡𝔣𝔢𝔯S𝔥𝔞𝔡o𝔴: what?
  • [01:11] That One Cat: It's just hard being relaxed here when everyone else seems to be against the group.
  • [01:11] 🚫TRIST⚠N: Hazel wants to leave :C
  • [01:11] Λ𝔫𝔡𝔣𝔢𝔯S𝔥𝔞𝔡o𝔴: nuuu
  • [01:11] BOTVEXERA B🚫T (*): Nothing...
  • [01:11] That One Cat: And if we don't help boner survive, it's as if we're doing nothing.
  • [01:11] 🚫TRIST⚠N: Why are people getting mad at you for that though?
  • [01:12] That One Cat: It's just how it always has been. The main reason I left in the first place.
  • [01:12] Chapter 2 of Scarlett: why did yall leave
  • [01:12] That One Cat: If I'm not around for boner or the others to see me trying to help, I'm told I'm not doing anything, not helping anyone at all,.
  • [01:12] 🚫TRIST⚠N: I never usually team with here anyways when I play
  • [01:12] 🚫TRIST⚠N: I truce but I never chill in caves. Just let people know that
  • [01:13] no worries just an inactive staf: i dont play maze either
  • [01:13] That One Cat: I was afraid of this happening tbh. Why I refused to come back on my main account.
  • [01:13] Λ𝔫𝔡𝔣𝔢𝔯S𝔥𝔞𝔡o𝔴: I don't play almost ever
  • [01:14] That One Cat: Wait, did Wufy leave the server again?
  • [01:14] Chapter 2 of Scarlett: why did everyone leave
  • [01:14] Chapter 2 of Scarlett: no
  • [01:14] Chapter 2 of Scarlett: @Wufy🐺💖
  • [01:14] That One Cat: I tried to message him but it says we don't share a server or aren't friends

The Second Haze TragedyEdit

The wave, even worse than before, came back on February 28, 2019, partly due to The Warpler’s force preventing any intervention and partly due to burdenates as witch hunters against the color constant.

  • [02:20] That One Cat: Yup
  • [02:20] That One Cat: You guys can thanks whoever the 🤬 the unnamed tanks and police 🤬heads are
  • [02:20] That One Cat: I'm quitting diep again.
  • [02:22] That One Cat: Someone let me know when those 🤬s are done witchhunting everyone.
  • [02:22] That One Cat: Or when the group starts playing other games than .io games.
  • [02:22] That One Cat: Until then, I'm 🤬' leaving again. I'm tired of this 🤬' 🤬 that never changes. "Haze come back, we miss you" only for everything to be the same 🤬' way it was when I left.
  • [02:22] bones: ok
  • [02:23] ღƒเℓσღ: i don't miss haze
  • [02:23] ღƒเℓσღ: just a friend
  • [02:28] Slotho: @That One Cat why do you think i left that game, they're not all like this
  • ...
  • [02:51] That One Cat: 🤬 it all
  • [02:52] Event Horizon: everyone whos being attacked deserves to knwoo
  • [02:52] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: first the staff shall discuss this
  • [02:52] Event Horizon: why
  • [02:52] That One Cat: "Go as unnamed and stay away from the group and train like that" Lamp said
  • [02:52] That One Cat: "Don't give up"
  • [02:52] Event Horizon: its not just the stafff
  • [02:52] Demolisher: @That One Cat thats me
  • [02:52] Demolisher: why is everyone sallty
  • [02:52] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: so we get a majority decision on how or whether we punish some people or not
  • [02:52] That One Cat: No, I'm not blaming Arrow for killing me.
  • [02:52] Demolisher: @That One Cat choose op tanks
  • [02:52] Demolisher: like ssp fighter
  • [02:52] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: i will say one thing
  • [02:53] That One Cat: I'm blaming him for basically going after points less than 2000
  • ...
  • [02:54] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: they 4v1d me but i 1v1d all of them
  • [02:54] That One Cat: I go unnamed and get killed by the group over and over.
  • [02:54] That One Cat: I go with the group and get killed by everyone hunting the group
  • [02:54] J⚠K🚫B2202: ^^
  • [02:54] Demolisher: We need communucation
  • [02:54] That One Cat: I haven't been to level 30 in the past HOUR I've tried doing everything
  • [02:55] That One Cat: I tried what lamp suggested in soloing to get better
  • [02:55] That One Cat: I tried hiding behind the group as a shield
  • [02:55] Demolisher: reeeee
  • [02:55] That One Cat: I can't get better no matter how hard I try
  • [02:55] That One Cat: "JB plays with 120 ms and look what he's accomplished"
  • [02:55] Event Horizon: lol
  • [02:55] Demolisher: this is why mobile diep is better
  • [02:55] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: thats what i did when i got fed up i went unnamed and rekt 7 of em until i got 4v1d
  • [02:55] That One Cat: I play with 110 and I can't even get a single 400k on my own
  • [02:55] Demolisher: reeeeeeee
  • [02:55] Demolisher: @That One Cat beacsue diep was really easy back then
  • [02:55] Demolisher: :unamused:
  • ...
  • [02:56] That One Cat: and you know
  • [02:56] 🚫𝕵𝕵🚫: why didnt u ram #4
  • [02:56] That One Cat: unnecessary killing
  • ...
  • [03:00] That One Cat: Just, I'm done
  • [03:00] That One Cat: I give up
  • [03:00] Chapter 2 of Scarlett: +warn @🚫𝕵𝕵🚫
  • [03:00] That One Cat: You can thank those hunting as police.
  • [03:00] Chapter 2 of Scarlett: Stop
  • [03:00] []verL❂rd: @That One Cat u ok
  • [03:00] BOTVEXERA B🚫T (*): Ok I understand.
  • [03:00] Professional 🤬: dont say that word u mean
  • [03:00] Chapter 2 of Scarlett: Wait what
  • [03:00] That One Cat: You can thank those that screw with me because they know they can get to me.
  • ...
  • [03:00] That One Cat: And you can thank those who kill for stupid amounts of points they don't need.
  • [03:00] Event Horizon: i said @🚫𝕵𝕵🚫 @Professional 🤬 i cant kill anyone and im useless at the game
  • [03:00] 🚫𝕵𝕵🚫: wow u come back from hosptial and start warnning people, U shouldve died @Chapter 2 of Scarlett
  • [03:00] 🚫𝕵𝕵🚫: jk
  • [03:00] That One Cat: I'm done in general. Coming back was a mistake and playing again was a mistake.
  • ...
  • [03:02] That One Cat: It was somewhat nice being back for a week.
  • [03:02] 🚫𝕵𝕵🚫: ik i was messin boner
  • [03:02] []verL❂rd: oof
  • [03:02] That One Cat: I'll see you in another lifetime maybe.
  • [03:02] 🚫𝕵𝕵🚫: what
  • [03:02] []verL❂rd: ok hazel!
  • [03:02] 🚫𝕵𝕵🚫: why
  • [03:02] []verL❂rd: bye
  • [03:02] 🚫𝕵𝕵🚫: dont
  • [03:02] []verL❂rd: luv you
  • [03:02] []verL❂rd: no homo
  • [03:02] 🚫𝕵𝕵🚫: ok well then bye

Haze Returns, but not for longEdit

She returned on March 2, 2019 in response to a Group Event.

During warpler operations on March 4, 2019, Haze talks to Bxner about recent burdenate attacks on the Red Color Constant. a-lpha saw that this can be mitigated by penetration testing against them:

  • [13:52] That One Cat: Oh, Boner I meant that as 2 separate things. JJ got hunted and separate Overlord left for his own reasons.
  • [13:52] W⚠RL🚫RD: :1:2:3
  • [13:53] Akame: Lol
  • [13:53] Akame: @That One Cat are you leaving discord?
  • [13:53] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: Haze i wish yesterday u didnt get mad at the whole group and declare war on all of us because of 1 player. That seemed excessive.
  • [13:53] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: Thats just my opinion but i forgive
  • [13:54] Akame: Boner if I had been playing shed have quit
  • [13:54] Akame: I'd hunt the 🤬 outta her for that
  • [13:55] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: I went out on my own away from the group and sat in my own cave so i would not be a part pf the fighting even tho i asked over vc for people to get along
  • [13:55] Akame: Hmmm
  • [13:55] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: All i can dp is try
  • [13:55] That One Cat: No, still debating on leaving the group in general. And you also need to realize this Boner. I'm not trying to be an 🤬, but wouldn't you do the same if after 30 minutes of a player constantly killing you who is from the group. Claims he knows you're in the group, then continues to kill you, wouldn't you be 🤬ed as well? Along with the fact if you're not a good player and afterwards you kept getting spawn killed and killed by other members and couldn't get level 30 for 10 minutes?
  • [13:56] Akame: No
  • [13:56] Akame: Just kill him
  • [13:56] That One Cat: How are you supposed to do that, when he's level 45, you still cant level up, and when you finally do, if you attack him everyone else attacks you?
  • [13:56] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: I would take those names and approach them in dm or contact staff for assistance
  • [13:56] That One Cat: I did ping him
  • [13:56] That One Cat: I did ask for help
  • [13:57] That One Cat: And only after 5 minutes of me screaming about him, then did someone kill him.
  • [13:57] 😎: Oh hey
  • [13:57] 😎: Haze is back
  • [13:57] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: Name everyone who bettayed u last noght
  • [13:57] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: All names
  • [13:57] That One Cat: But everyone was too focused on recruiting e444 who kept killing me anyways
  • ...
  • [13:59] That One Cat: Zoom, e444, people telling me not to kill Spark13 and then getting killed by him, attacked by probably a fake guard, killed by Jean once, and just all the other random tanks that kept spawn killing me because I killed them fair and square. Which wouldn't have happened so soon if Zoom hasn't killed me for killing a random.
  • [13:59] Akame: Spark is in TG?
  • [13:59] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: No we killed spark and guard
  • [13:59] Akame: Good
  • [13:59] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: Well i did
  • [14:00] That One Cat: I just want something done about Zoom.
  • [14:00] Akame: Zoom is like lamp
  • [14:00] Akame: They don't give a 🤬
  • [14:00] That One Cat: He killed me 4 times total last night, all of which were level 45, asked if I was in the group, to which people said yes, then continued to kill me when I let my guard down.
  • [14:01] Akame: Yea zoom does that to me also
  • [14:01] That One Cat: I was killed by him for 200 🤬' points when he was level 45, and I also spied on chat for a bit and saw him wanting to kill metal and fruity.
  • [14:01] Akame: Warn him?
  • [14:01] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: I will have a talk with him when i get home
  • [14:01] Akame: Zoom can be an 🤬hole
  • [14:01] Akame: Chillll
  • [14:02] That One Cat: So what I want to know is why after asking if one person is in the group and being told "Yes" why they keep attacking as soon as said person lets their guard down.
  • ...
  • [14:03] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: Well give me chance to have a conversation with him ok?
  • [14:03] That One Cat: When lamp attacked the group, he left me out of it because he knew how bad I was.
  • [14:04] Akame: @That One Cat next time you need 45 or someone in TG dead juat ask me
  • [14:04] Akame: Just*
  • [14:04] That One Cat: I'm just saying now Boner, if I ever do play with you guys in maze again, I'm instantly leaving if I see Zoom in game. And I am not forgiving him.
  • [14:04] Akame: Yo that's harsh af
  • [14:04] Akame: Chill juat a bit
  • [14:04] Akame: Just*
  • [14:05] That One Cat: I'm just at limits tbh
  • [14:05] That One Cat: This group has hurt me more times than I can count
  • [14:05] Akame: If he kills you again I'll hunt him
  • [14:05] That One Cat: I come back each time for those people who claim they miss me and want me to come back. But it's just a cycle that keeps repeating itself.
  • [14:05] Akame: @Cajaha129 btw you have a lifetime hunt on you from me good luck 🤬
  • [14:06] Akame: We do miss you though ;-;
  • [14:06] That One Cat: Something bad happens after I try and stay strong, I leave. People claim they miss me and say to come back. After fighting with myself I come back and things are good for a while. Then something else happens and I leave again. And then the cycle repeats.
  • [14:06] W⚠RL🚫RD: lol blue
  • [14:07] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: Haze all i can do is try to maintain order here and i try everyday and do my best
  • [14:07] Akame: nah fr killing jj was a 🤬 move
  • [14:07] Akame: Caja will never team again
  • [14:07] That One Cat: No, I'm not mad at you Boner.
  • [14:07] Akame: He's 🤬' dead
  • [14:07] That One Cat: You're one of the people I come back for when I come back.
  • [14:07] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: Ok i gtg to work. Ill work on this later. Have a good day guys :3
  • [14:07] Akame: Haze don't like me ;-;
  • [14:08] That One Cat: I'm just tired of repeating a cycle that only hurts me. Yeah, I have fun with it and all, but sometimes I wonder if the fun for an hour or 2 is worth the pain it brings later on when someone decides it's time to pick on Hazel again.
  • [14:08] That One Cat: And Blue, I have an on and off friendship with you xD

9.1 hours later, Zoom joined the Group, and this conversation began. The deleted user is Zoom:

  • [23:15] Deleted User: Sorry guard
  • [23:18] InactiveUser: @Deleted User smh.
  • [23:18] OUR SOULS ARE BURNING DOWN: you gotta witch hunt zoom before haze notices
  • [23:19] OUR SOULS ARE BURNING DOWN: zoom is on the lb right now
  • [23:19] Deleted User: What is lb?@OUR SOULS ARE BURNING DOWN
  • [23:20] Snormy | 𝔖𝔫𝔬𝔯𝔪𝔶: a
  • [23:21] Akame: oh zoom is
  • [23:22] Akame: on
  • [23:22] Akame: time to hunt
  • ...
  • [23:30] Deleted User: Who's using my name?
  • [23:30] Akame: you
  • [23:31] Akame: and ur gunna get hunted
  • ...
  • [23:34] Deleted User: Wtfffffff
  • [23:34] BOTMEE6 B🚫T (!): GG @Deleted User, you just advanced to level 7 !
  • [23:34] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: Hello
  • [23:35] Deleted User: Killed me
  • [23:35] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: @Akame Why is your name the way it is
  • [23:35] InactiveUser: ok...and you name said
  • [23:35] InactiveUser: your*
  • [23:35] Akame: [1]
  • [23:35] Deleted User: Guard kills this REAL for me, please.
  • [23:35] OUR SOULS ARE BURNING DOWN: well at least you died, i tried to witch hunt yo
  • ...
  • [23:37] OUR SOULS ARE BURNING DOWN: @Deleted User Haze said: "I'm just saying now Boner, if I ever do play with you guys in maze again, I'm instantly leaving if I see Zoom in game. And I am not forgiving him."
  • ...
  • [23:38] Deleted User: @OUR SOULS ARE BURNING DOWN Okay, you want a fight, you'll have a fight, find me then, I want you to find me
  • [23:38] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: Rippp
  • [23:38] Chapter 2 of Scarlett: he hunted me all the time so i don treally care if im being honest
  • [23:39] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: I remember his birthday event that was fun at least
  • [23:39] Deleted User: Come then@OUR SOULS ARE BURNING DOWN
  • ...
  • [23:46] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: Boner that essay due today
  • [23:46] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: @Deleted User last night you killed a beloved member of the group 3 times and even though she asked you to stop you did not. I ask you to think about what you did and any possible consequences. Maybe you can apologize to her instead of being ruthless and rude to her. Thanks for reading this. Its important we all attempt to get along becauae a group is not a group if there is infighting.
  • [23:46] not a traitor : D: hey boner

The Third haze TragedyEdit

The same burdenate attacked Haze on March 8, accompanied by Lord Vista's demonic magic. Bxner Alert killed Zoom:

  • [03:24] That One Cat: @Deleted User What a 🤬' lovely person you are -.-
  • [03:25] That One Cat: You really need those 45 points I had?
  • [03:26] not a traitor : D: --tts kysie will be afk fro 10 mins
  • [03:26] BOTYGGDRASIL B🚫T (--): :cactus: That command is on cooldown for 12 more seconds in this server!
  • [03:26] not a traitor : D: --tts kysie will be afk for 10 mins pls protect
  • [03:26] That One Cat: Oh you know
  • [03:26] That One Cat: Kill me for 45 damn points
  • [03:27] CaveStoryKing: --tts rip deleted user 0885
  • [03:27] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: @Deleted User u are attacking multiple group members
  • [03:27] That One Cat: Wtf yourself
  • [03:27] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: We are angry
  • [03:27] ღƒเℓσღ: u killed me so many times
  • [03:27] That One Cat: I'm like, so done with your bull🤬.
  • [03:27] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: Because u are attacking us
  • [03:27] That One Cat: And you killed A 🤬' BABY TANK MINDING ITS OWN BUSINESS WITH 45 🤬' POINTS
  • [03:27] That One Cat: Or betraying teammates for 🤬' RANDOMS
  • ...
  • [03:28] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: @Deleted User if you dont immediately stop ur behavior ur in deep 🤬
  • [03:28] CaveStoryKing: W I I W O U L D L I K E T O P L A Y
  • [03:28] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: So be a good boi
  • [03:28] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: And stop attacking the group
  • ...
  • [03:31] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: @Deleted User ypu attacked the group on many occasions we had lots pf complaints about you.
  • [03:31] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: :wut_zoomed:
  • [03:31] W⚠RL🚫RD: ^-^
  • [03:31] Slotho: i dmed you a week ago about this same behavior
  • ...
  • [03:32] #SPIN2TEAMFIDGETSPINNER: Just get him outta group
  • [03:32] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: +ban @Deleted User
  • [03:32] [BOT]SALT B🚫T: @C🚫PNER⚠LERT, User banned successfully!
  • ...
  • [03:33] #SPIN2TEAMFIDGETSPINNER: I approve this action 100%
  • [03:33] W⚠RL🚫RD: ^
  • [03:33] W⚠RL🚫RD: he’s a nub anyway
  • [03:33] BOTVEXERA B🚫T (*): Who are you?
  • [03:33] #SPIN2TEAMFIDGETSPINNER: :GWcorbinTopKek:
  • [03:33] #SPIN2TEAMFIDGETSPINNER: Pin that ban
  • [03:34] #SPIN2TEAMFIDGETSPINNER: :GWcorbinTopKek:
  • [03:34] #SPIN2TEAMFIDGETSPINNER: He's gonna try to hunt the Group with his nub skills
  • [03:34] #SPIN2TEAMFIDGETSPINNER: :GWcorbinTopKek:
  • ...
  • [03:38] That One Cat: Ash
  • [03:38] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: @Chapter 2 of Scarlett he was an 🤬hole
  • [03:38] Slotho: ash, take it to staff lounge
  • [03:38] Slotho: not here lol
  • [03:38] That One Cat: He had been witchhunting me and 🤬
  • [03:38] David🚫: --tts Slotho could you show me again please
  • [03:38] That One Cat: Basically that and the fact he decided to kill me within the first 5 minutes I was in game for 45 points
  • [03:38] Thunderbird: lmao y'all be having a problem with zoom:joy:
  • [03:39] That One Cat: So yeah, plus people have been complaining about him a lot and he only plays the victim, gets to be mad when someone kills him, but takes no blame when he kills other
  • [03:39] #SPIN2TEAMFIDGETSPINNER: @Chapter 2 of Scarlett he's just a salty piece of 🤬
  • [03:39] That One Cat: ^
  • ...
  • [03:55] That One Cat: I'm done
  • [03:55] That One Cat: 2 group members killing me in one day
  • [03:55] That One Cat: not even been an hour since i've been on
  • [03:55] slY: Big e
  • [03:55] That One Cat: Have fun, I 🤬' quit
  • [03:56] slY: Hehe
  • [03:56] Down: wait no
  • [03:56] Down: dont
  • [03:56] slY: Boner poptarts
  • [03:56] Down: im about to join
  • [03:56] Down: dont leave
  • [03:58] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: @ange why u shoot me
  • [03:58] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: @That One Cat
  • [03:58] That One Cat: I'm trying not to get spawn killed
  • [03:58] That One Cat: Because everyone's a piece of 🤬' 🤬
  • [03:58] Cypher (3rd eye): @C🚫PNER⚠LERT it was a fake....
  • [03:58] not a traitor : D: --tts why ya'll talking about meh?
  • [03:59] David🚫: -tts 🤬' broken
  • [03:59] BOTMEE6 B🚫T (!): GG @David🚫, you just advanced to level 10 !
  • [03:59] That One Cat: espeically the 🤬🤬ers in the group that keep killing me
  • [03:59] That One Cat: So pardon me for shooting first, looking at names second
  • ...
  • [04:00] That One Cat: And you wonder why I left in the first place
  • [04:01] not a traitor : D: boner where did you? @C🚫PNER⚠LERT
  • [04:02] That One Cat: It's my fault
  • [04:02] That One Cat: he left because I got mad
  • [04:02] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: i dont need this unecesarry dram no thanks
  • [04:02] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: im out
  • [04:02] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: gn
  • [04:02] That One Cat: So I'm just gonna leave the gorup for good
  • [04:02] not a traitor : D:
  • [04:02] That One Cat: You guys have fun, I'm done
  • [04:02] not a traitor : D: no haze
  • [04:02] That One Cat: NO
  • [04:02] That One Cat: YOU LISTEN HERE
  • [04:02] not a traitor : D: don't go
  • [04:02] That One Cat: EVERY TIME I COME BACK
  • [04:02] That One Cat: PEOPLE BLAME 🤬 ON ME
  • [04:02] Friday / Snow Witch: @C🚫PNER⚠LERT night luv u
  • [04:02] That One Cat: OR GET MAD WHEN I GET MAD AT THEM
  • [04:02] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: haze u r the one that creates the drama
  • [04:02] That One Cat: OH REALLY
  • [04:02] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: u over react
  • [04:02] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: yes
  • [04:02] That One Cat: SEe
  • [04:02] That One Cat: "It's all Haze's fault"
  • [04:02] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: not all
  • [04:02] That One Cat: Wonder why I left in the first damn place
  • [04:02] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: but when u scream constantly
  • [04:02] not a traitor : D: guys come down
  • [04:02] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: its not nice
  • [04:03] That One Cat: No
  • [04:03] That One Cat: It's not nice
  • [04:03] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: and when u threaten us
  • [04:03] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: its not nice
  • [04:03] That One Cat: But neither is being killed by group members over and over again
  • [04:03] not a traitor : D: .....
  • [04:03] That One Cat: When the 🤬 did I threaten you?
  • [04:03] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: and we try to solve it with talking not yelling
  • [04:03] That One Cat: Huh? I shot at you before I saw your name and then I stopped
  • [04:03] Guard: LOL
  • [04:03] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: u just did
  • [04:03] not a traitor : D: really who is that mega trapper
  • [04:03] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: u came into vc
  • [04:03] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: and yelled
  • [04:03] That One Cat: But when I get attacked by group members constantly, how am I supposed to act?
  • [04:03] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: ill shoot anyone
  • [04:03] That One Cat: Yeah, because I'm 🤬ed
  • [04:03] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: yep
  • [04:03] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: u r
  • [04:03] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: 🤬ed
  • [04:03] Guard: here come kill me kysie
  • [04:03] That One Cat: If you would have heard me
  • [04:03] not a traitor : D: oki
  • [04:03] C🚫PNER⚠LERT: go cool down
  • [04:03] That One Cat: I said "I shoot anyone before I see the name"
  • [04:03] That One Cat: If I see it's a group member, I'll stop.
  • [04:04] That One Cat: But I rather not take my chances with people shooting at me, it not being a group member, and I just let myself die for no reason.
  • [04:04] ÅdvėntɃɃꊼ . • ° Հ: ig its not a really good time for me to stop in to say goodnight?
  • [04:04] 🚫𝕵𝕵🚫: boner wyd
  • [04:04] That One Cat: Not really
  • [04:04] That One Cat: 🤬's my fault again
  • ...
  • [04:17] That One Cat: I'm just not able to go through this at least once a week.
  • [04:17] That One Cat: I know for a fact this is the reason Mallie left discord entirely.
  • [04:17] 🚫𝕵𝕵🚫: no
  • [04:17] 🚫𝕵𝕵🚫: she didnt
  • [04:17] That One Cat: And after letting my guard down, I can't put my walls back up, and it just. Everything just happens and becomes my fault whether I try to make it my fault or not.
  • [04:17] That One Cat: I'm always causing drama and it seems that when people say they want me back, they only want me back to take the blame again.
  • [04:17] Friday / Snow Witch: @🚫𝕵𝕵🚫 :shakeeyes:
  • [04:18] Friday / Snow Witch: Hi there
  • [04:18] 𝙍ɨmℓess!: :suicidethinking:
  • [04:18] Friday / Snow Witch: Sorry to interrupt
  • [04:18] 🚫𝕵𝕵🚫: helllooo
  • [04:18] That One Cat: So while it was halfway nice being here again, I'd have to say half of it wasn't okay. And it just, I can't fight this all the time, so this is goodbye again. And if I can be smart enough, it'll be goodbye for good. You won't have to deal with my drama or my 🤬 and you all can have a relaxing night of diep and everyone killing each other without me.
  • [04:19] That One Cat: Those who have been here the longest with me, dealt with me and the others, you'll understand, and hopefully you can stop people from supposedly wanting me to come back.
  • [04:20] 𝙍ɨmℓess!: cmon haze...
  • [04:20] ღƒเℓσღ: she leave from the group
  • [04:20] bones: @That One Cat
  • [04:20] ღƒเℓσღ: :((((
  • [04:20] bones: hazeeeeeeeeeeee
  • [04:20] bones: :/
  • [04:20] 𝙍ɨmℓess!: D:
  • [04:20] 𝙍ɨmℓess!: :sadpepe:
  • [04:20] ღƒเℓσღ: this remembered me my past
  • [04:20] ღƒเℓσღ: of my old friends
  • [04:21] ღƒเℓσღ: i was doing the same
  • [04:21] ღƒเℓσღ: she do now

The Shifeling Army Grows DeadlyEdit

This gave Shife and Lord Sinister enough time to summon even more Shifelings, including a dangerous case of half-Partners of Shife on March 13, 2019.

In counter, Lucky Lep, the new leader of the Blobmoji Pit as the first member of an ark that was unknown at the time was soulcrafted on March 17, 2019, and a-lphà captured her in the Owobot engine.

Weidow's Scurvy Face returned to the Warpler on March 22 to snipe 120 blazereds while the Entropia Band is present, and the Messerschmitt Face returned to a different block four days later.

Unicorn PowerEdit

On 15 April 2019, the Legendary Unicorn, Lord of the Thrones and the 32nd Purple Flare appeared in the Reddit Tetramount. Legendary Unicorn is the first Redditorium to reach 9,000 power score, beating Redditheon by 218, but killed only 903 burdenates before leaving.

The Warpler is a UniversityEdit

Phase 9 of the Warpler was foreshadowed 14 days later. That Warpler is 8 km behind the real Warpler, and is behind Karthus' Lair.

A new Karthium Boss appears...Edit

Later that day, without Legendary Unicorn in the company, an absolutely new Karthium Boss appears, yet unnamed - it's not Lord Sinister, it's not Lord Vista, it's a new villain.

and damages the Hallowtide PitEdit

This is an island in the Hallowtide Pit before the attack.

The said burdenate started burning down all of the buildings of Haunted Hollow. The Stylling Ghosts were in there, and they all ran away in fear to the Styllings Tomb in the Blobmoji Pit. One of the secondary spook areas of the Hallowtide Pit has been burned down to what was Fortune Forest. This area has no fortune left.

Next, he melted all of the snow and ice, and melted down all of the buildings around the frozen pond of Lucky Lake. It leaves a lake with boring buildings behind, and Lucky Lake's luck is gone. The Aemos Pentadecathlon, and several additional unknown members were there, and they ran off to the friendship house in the Cureling Pit and other locations including outside the Continent of Theon.

Next, he demolished the temple and surrounding buildings of Celestial Clouds. Baratheon's Sphinx, which is the same panther as the one that was on the then-newly built Pole of Leadership was killed, unlike the Styllings (as Ghosts who have already died in the Karthus disaster, turned Ghost in 2018) and Aemos groups. There is no way that any visitors there will be cured of Vitreum poison, and there are no more places where lumicons can evolve to spirits. The Celestial Clouds were vanished save just one large and tedious building, and it was noticed that the Four French Stars left the Warpler.

The few areas that the burdenate did not attack were Radical Reef (mermaids and fish are in there) and the Space Base (Redditoria are in there).

Cyber City took the place of Infantry Island, and Cyber City has no reliable entry traffic other than engine conduits.

This is the island in the Hallowtide Pit after the disaster.

This incident is similar to the attacks on the Styllings in the Karthus Disaster as they faced outcast almost two years prior. The burdenate dealt a lot of damage to Baratheon on that day. A news report in the Discord Tetramount said without any despair:

  • [19:10]: The future is here! Infantry Island has been invaded and hacked into Cyber City! Summer is almost here, the snow and cold looming over Lucky Lake is gone, the ominous horror that was Haunted Hollows have faded and Fortune Forest is back. Mysterious forces have begun to weaken and Celestial Clouds has disappeared.

A few days after that incident, Fortune Forest became Wild West. It is slightly more interesting, but only cowboys, horses and trains are the entry traffic.

Engines Shut DownEdit

The day after the Hallowtide Pit got raided, a blazered burdenate broke into the main Warpler Engine and then abused it to send the following blazered burdenate shenanigan to the Warpler Staff:

  • “ive done another pooooooo”

This resulted in the Main Engine at The Warpler to be shut down, preventing many Warpler Engine operations from taking place there before the first Operation Break.

The Fourth and Final Haze TragedyEdit

4 days later, the Haze Tragedy strikes again, but with only a wave of Lord Vista's demonic magic.

  • [22:31] That One Cat: Well, this probably will be one of the last times I chat on here for a while again if not for a year or more.
  • [22:31] []verL❂rd: woah
  • [22:31] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: oh no haze
  • [22:31] That One Cat: I haven't even really been playing or talking here for the past week.
  • [22:31] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: ;-;
  • [22:31] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: No
  • [22:31] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: You have
  • [22:31] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: A lot
  • [22:31] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: ;0;
  • [22:31] That One Cat: The last time I was online was last monday
  • [22:32] Slotho: Haze nO ;-;
  • [22:32] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: ok so
  • [22:32] That One Cat: and I'm mainly just lurking half the time.
  • [22:32] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: And
  • [22:32] []verL❂rd: right now we are talking to a historic person in the future.. HAZE
  • [22:32] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: That's fine
  • [22:32] []verL❂rd: lol
  • [22:32] That One Cat: Eh
  • [22:32] Slotho: We want you to stay :c
  • [22:32] That One Cat: I'm just, is dying for me.
  • [22:32] That One Cat: and other .io games just don't interest me really.
  • ...
  • [22:33] That One Cat: But yeah, dm me if you want I guess, but if I get asked to join back in any dms I'm blocking the person. Fair warning.
  • [22:33] []verL❂rd: ok so if i did it as a joke
  • [22:33] []verL❂rd: would you block me
  • [22:33] []verL❂rd: rn
  • [22:33] That One Cat: I probably would.
  • [22:34] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: Aw no haze
  • [22:34] []verL❂rd: probably
  • [22:34] That One Cat: I'm just not in a mood for jokes and stuff, some 🤬 irl is going on too, so it's just a lot my mind is processing.
  • [22:34] []verL❂rd: most likely
  • [22:34] []verL❂rd: so
  • [22:34] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: ;-;
  • [22:34] []verL❂rd: there is that 1%
  • [22:34] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: ;-;
  • [22:34] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: Hazeeee
  • [22:35] []verL❂rd: @That One Cat ok, just dont go emo and try to kys, pls.
  • [22:35] That One Cat: I'll join back when I feel the time is right, or I won't join back. But I also just need to focus on school and work as well.
  • [22:35] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: ok haze
  • [22:35] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: ;-;
  • [22:35] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: That's fair ig
  • [22:36] That One Cat: If you guys just wanna chat, my dms will be open, but I will not hesitate to block someone if they try and guilt trip me to join back or so. I need to put myself first, and I plan on doing just that.
  • [22:36] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: ;-;
  • ...
  • [22:36] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: Hazel ;0;
  • [22:37] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: She left
  • [22:37] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: :sadpepe:
  • [22:37] []verL❂rd: alpha
  • [22:37] []verL❂rd: ayyy
  • [22:37] []verL❂rd: burning down~ burning down~
  • [22:37] []verL❂rd: all of our souls are burning down, down to hell we go~~
  • [22:39] []verL❂rd: where is wufy
  • [22:39] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: Left
  • [22:39] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: The server
  • [22:39] []verL❂rd: ...
  • [22:39] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: Um why did oreo leave
  • [22:40] []verL❂rd: idk
  • [22:40] Snormy | 𝔖𝔫𝔬𝔯𝔪𝔶: got banned
  • [22:40] []verL❂rd: oof
  • [22:40] ⨂Legion⨂: why
  • [22:40] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: Why
  • [22:40] ⨂Legion⨂: why
  • [22:40] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: Was he banned
  • [22:41] moshrav: Oreo was a 🤬
  • [22:41] []verL❂rd: ......
  • [22:41] ⨂Legion⨂: only problem for me was that is was hard to ping him
  • >[22:41] 𝓖αiju❥: Oreo was an immature 🤬hole. Can we move on from this please, thanks.
  • [22:41] OUR SOULS ARE BURNING DOWN: I am only a level 1 tank in maze when haze is not here. My life depended on the soulful cat.

After that point, she did not return until December 2019, causing incidents of hostility and despair.

Discovery of a Hidden gangEdit

On May 7, a long-undefeated blazered named “Just Cool”, who has entered the Reddit Monument on June 19, 2012 22:19:19 UTC oversees a longtime gang of 100,000 blazered burdenates, which started at 2009-11-21T05:18:27+00:00, and finally completed it on May 3, 2019 at 19:03:27 UTC. Then they jailed everyone from that gang save all of the blazereds, and it took until May 7 at 09:17:48 to affect everyone else in the alphaverse, though it was not noticed until the day after. The Bellwethering Redditorium noticed this, resonates its raid bell, and told the alphaverse about it.

Consequences of the Haze TragedyEdit

On May 18, a-lpha wants to help the Group restore what happened before the Haze Tragedy:

  • [20:58] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: Dont pang
  • [20:58] 🚫TRIST⚠N: :sunglasses: :open_mouth: :disappointed:
  • [20:58] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: Boneer
  • >[20:58] Krafto: I’ve talked to him a bunch in dms and don’t ping
  • [20:58] Krafto: He’s working
  • [20:58] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: Yes
  • [20:58] 🚫TRIST⚠N: You talked to him today?
  • [20:58] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: He working
  • [20:58] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: o
  • [20:58] Krafto: Yes I’ve been talking to him his entire break
  • [20:59] 🚫TRIST⚠N: Yeah he seems pretty upset with you
  • [20:59] Space🌌: uh
  • [20:59] 🚫TRIST⚠N: :neutral_face:
  • [20:59] OUR SOULS ARE BURNING DOWN: he is upset with his members becuase of what happened yesterday
  • [21:00] ⇝𝓥𝓪𝓹: wasent on
  • [21:00] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: Yesa
  • [21:00] adasba fan: vap!
  • [21:01] OUR SOULS ARE BURNING DOWN: He and Haze should not say "🤬 THE GROUP"
  • [21:01] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: :madnamn:
  • >[21:01] Krafto: Can we not talk about this
  • [21:01] Krafto: I’m sorting things out
  • ...
  • [21:01] Krafto: Just don’t want to set anyone off again
  • [21:01] OUR SOULS ARE BURNING DOWN: I love Haze but she depends too much on boner
  • [21:01] Slotho: Why does this always happen at like 2am
  • [21:01] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: Idk
  • [21:01] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: Everyone is tired then
  • [21:01] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: Ig
  • [21:02] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: So likeeeeeeee
  • [21:02] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: Beat drama time:3
  • [21:02] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: :deathpanda:
  • [21:03] OUR SOULS ARE BURNING DOWN: And lastly, we are soul-less without her. This is what happens when Haze is not here. Boner gets salty from brainwashed betrayers and says "🤬 THE GROUP"
  • [21:03] adasba fan: hazey?
  • [21:03] 👑ҜƗŇǤ: Orrrrrrrrrrr
  • [21:03] OUR SOULS ARE BURNING DOWN: We don't know the burdenate who caused this

Anthropomorphic Armored Piston CannonballsEdit

On May 23, in attempt to stop any more Warpler Staff attacks, Kooth-hood and Kooth-spike were given, and they run the Warpler Engine with a-lpha. There were no more serious incidents after that point.

Awakened Elf and Awakened SpiritEdit

These two lifestates were found on May 30 when karthiumscoping Smash Soulcraftery

Dimension 18363Edit

With prior Karthiumscope investications and suspense to the survival of major lumojites, on May 21, the Enviroball Monument has completed a new dimension with new enviroballers, the most notable being 🧏‍♀️ and 🧍‍♀️.

The Twitter monument was late to recieve a signal (May 28, 2019), and then the alphaverse warped to the dimension on June 1, 2019. The warping was so slow that it continued into the next day, but Lundstrom's electrotraitor did not attack at all, even if the PoL Base has not been repaired.

New Antagonist revealedEdit

In this warping, the karthiumscope and unialphavisium were upgraded to the point where a-lpha revealed that the main antagonist, which is the one that burned down Haunted hollow and killed Baratheon's Sphinx was... Hyper Spicy Gerald, an infernal face, and it came from Hyper Frosty's Lair. It came from very far back behind the Hallowtide Pit, 550km away from the alphaverse. The lair appeared as the blood radiation from far behind the same spooky mansion that was demolished.

Red color Constant AttackEdit

At the time that the Twitter Monument recieved a signal, Hyper Spicy Gerald attacked the place of the Red Color Constant where JP evolved in by stealing one of the ports of the Discord Tetramount (Squad), killing Blue Alpha, but Lillys and Haze managed to escape, and then operators made a weak repair to it. a-lpha will have to rely solely on the revival quests to revive This also caused Haze to leave the alphaverse entirely:

  • [02:48] That One Cat: I'm leaving all diep related servers, I'm tired of being drawn back into the game and having the same experience/outcome over and over again. Just bull🤬 being thrown left and right at each other. I wasn't too active, but it was fun while I was here.

It was believed that Haze evolved to a Spirit and left the alphaverse, casually spraying land across the Lumine Pit, the Hallowtide Pit and Hallowtide Luminities

The original port of the Red Color Constant was not reinstated until September 10.


On June 8 at 03:30:00, Hyper Spicy took control of 3 disgusting worms representing the Thanos trend revolution

Mystic ForestEdit

On June 14, Legendary Unicorn raised Mystic Forest off of Radical Reef in place of the boring central building left behind by Hyper Spicy. It is not quite as strong as Haunted Hollow and festive Lucky Lake because she only killed 903 burdenates before leaving the alphaverse, and is still trying to learn Galeem's Delta-move Laser Net. It nonetheless has faer crystals. (For reference, Haunted Hollow was raised by Redditheon, who killed 3539 burdenates before leaving, and her Delta move was Dharkon's Thorn Spray)

British Demon AttacksEdit

The day after, Hyper Spicy Gerald starts raiding the alphaverse first seen by a-lpha when operating engines in Zeldaforme to expand the Google Doodle Panorama. Hyper Spicy has jailed access to the Wun Wun port in the Discord Tetramount, and then a-lpha realizes a destroyed Discord Tetramount port and 8 dead lumicons at the Media Spire, likely due to his contributions of the Thanoworms. 3 more have died since then.

After the port was re-attached, it was revealed that the Ghost of British demon (flying imp) became one of Hyper Spicy's minions, and this is what he used to jail the tetramount. The lumicons soon jailed Britsh demon and attacked her in retaliation. During the damage the imp destroyed some data in there:

  • [19:03] YungWSA12N: Yo any1 still active ?
  • [19:03] Stormy: man pruned all the messages back to last thursday
  • [19:04] YungWSA12N: @everyone
  • [19:04] YungWSA12N: Oh 🤬
  • [19:04] YungWSA12N: i forgot i can do dat now
  • [19:04] YungWSA12N: LOL
  • [19:04] YungWSA12N: LOLOSOSL
  • [19:04] Hermes: bruh...
  • [19:04] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: OMGG WHO PINGED FFS ;-;
  • [19:04] Stormy: LOOL
  • [19:04] Stormy: ;--;
  • [19:04] YungWSA12N: IWEJDOWOSOEO
  • [19:04] Stormy: ;_;
  • [19:04] Equitrox: It’s 3 am what the 🤬
  • [19:04] Hermes: who gave this 🤬 shark
  • [19:04] Stormy: STOP PING
  • [19:04] !shark: -.-
  • [19:04] YungWSA12N: STOP TAGGING MEWWW ;C
  • [19:04] Stormy: ILL CALL TRUMP TO DEPORT U
  • [19:04] Stormy: STOP TAGGING
  • [19:04] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: ?help
  • [19:06] YungWSA12N: 🤬 DIS SERVER GOT 400 MEMBERS ?
  • [19:06] Hermes: .
  • [19:06] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: dont say 🤬 again
  • [19:07] YungWSA12N: @❰ωω❱ωeponised ME ?
  • [19:07] !shark: ?help
  • [19:07] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: not u
  • [19:07] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: mugge
  • [19:07] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: nah bro
  • [19:07] Stormy: LOL
  • [19:07] Stormy: NOW EVERY GERMAN
  • [19:07] Stormy: ON CF
  • [19:07] YungWSA12N: KOOISKSOWOEO
  • [19:07] Stormy: what jp wun wun chat
  • [19:09] Stormy: send me link
  • [19:09] !shark:
  • [19:09] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: was pops plan to merge
  • [19:10] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: who banend mugge LOL
  • [19:10] Stormy: inn
  • [19:10] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: LOOL
  • [19:10] !shark:
  • [19:10] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: doge is gone 🤬a
  • [19:11] Stormy: dont ban blueempire
  • [19:11] Stormy: hes safe
  • [19:11] Stormy: blueperson*
  • [19:11] !shark:
  • [19:11] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: whos tryna revive this
  • [19:11] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: @YungWSA12N
  • [19:11] YungWSA12N: Me
  • [19:11] Stormy: are we not
  • [19:11] Stormy: already
  • [19:12] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: all the 🤬s are gone
  • [19:12] YungWSA12N: who
  • [19:12] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: MOVE
  • [19:12] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: FFS
  • [19:12] BOTDyno: :dynoError: That user is a mod/admin, I can't do that.
  • [19:12] YungWSA12N: LOOOOOOL
  • [19:12] !shark:
  • [19:12] Twitch XvGxdz: bye
  • [19:12] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: 🤬 off
  • [19:12] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: 🤬
  • [19:12] YungWSA12N: 🤬 U
  • [19:12] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: hoe 🤬 🤬
  • ...
  • [19:16] Stormy: cry give wep owner
  • [19:18] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: Yeah slide man owner
  • [19:19] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: With?
  • [19:19] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: Do it
  • [19:20] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: Find a wizzbot
  • [19:20] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: Yo ima jump on cf @Stormy
  • [19:21] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: U do it
  • [19:22] !shark: ?ban @lvl 60+
  • [19:22] BOTDyno: :dynoError: I can't find user @lvl 60+.
  • [19:22] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: Yh fam
  • [19:22] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: Yo ima dip
  • [19:23] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: Brb soon
  • [19:23] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: Gota destroy midos
  • [19:23] !shark: define mido
  • [19:23] !shark: @YungWSA12N what is a mido
  • [19:23] YungWSA12N: dunkno 🤬
  • [19:23] YungWSA12N: I don’t speak chinese
  • ...
  • [19:56] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: why did u leaver
  • [19:59] a-lphazelf: I am one of the victims
  • [20:08] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: what happened sir?
  • [20:08] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: please describe in detail
  • [20:08] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: @a-lphazelf
  • [20:08] a-lphazelf: Was pinged by a random admin and then banned from this server before I could even read
  • [20:08] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: interesting...
  • [20:09] !shark: i agree weponised, this is quite suspicious, i recently discovered numerous member were banned
  • [20:09] !shark: i shall look into this.
  • [20:09] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: yes do that please
  • [20:09] !shark: alphazelf, do you remember the time you were pinged
  • [20:10] !shark: nevermind, i have found the culprit
  • [20:10] a-lphazelf: at 18:50
  • [20:10] !shark: it is the adult female named pop, her online alias.
  • [20:11] !shark: wep has done the honours to ban her for her criminal acts.
  • [20:11] nebula: Oh my goodness.
  • [20:11] nebula: This is an absolute outrage.
  • [20:11] !shark: we sincerely apologise to you and many of the JPs she has banned, please forgive us admins for such a disgusting members horrific actions that has been donet today.
  • [20:12] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: yes it was pop
  • [20:12] !shark: alphazelf, i can give you the names of the JPs she has banned if you would like to invite them back and explain what happened.
  • [20:12] Cookie: What...
  • [20:13] !shark: i however, do not have time for such things as i have my A level exams in 2 weaks to study for
  • [20:13] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: we've successfully banned pop from the server
  • [20:13] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: she will not bee returning ever in her miserable lifetime
  • [20:13] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: stupid 🤬
  • [20:13] !shark: i am 19 years of age aiming to reach my academic goal of a scientific anatomy universal director when i am older.
  • [20:14] !shark: once again, please forgive our community for such a display, myself and weponised have solved this mystery, we are sincerely sorry.
  • [20:14] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: yea
  • [20:15] !shark: thank you for your help, kind weponised. i thank you for your spiritual guidance throughout this event.
  • [20:18] Cookie: @!shark @❰ωω❱ωeponised what is this
  • [20:18] Hermes: Hi
  • [20:18] Cookie: Hi
  • [20:18] Hermes: hey cookie
  • [20:18] Hermes: hey shark
  • [20:18] Hermes:
  • [20:18] !shark: it is none of your concern, young female cookie, we have dealt with the mishap
  • [20:18] Hermes: LOL
  • [20:18] !shark: hello sir hermes
  • [20:18] Hermes: hey man
  • [20:18] Cookie: Ok then
  • [20:19] !shark: hello madman cookie
  • [20:19] adelina: Who kicked pop
  • [20:19] !shark: are you two enjoying this wonderful evening
  • [20:19] adelina: Which one of you 🤬s
  • [20:19] !shark: weponised banned pop, madman adelina
  • [20:19] adelina: Kicked pop
  • [20:19] adelina: Nice
  • [20:19] !shark: madam*
  • [20:19] adelina: Why does he have admin
  • [20:19] !shark: how should i know
  • [20:19] Cookie: Why’d he kick her
  • [20:19] !shark: i was not here during the incident
  • [20:20] a-lphazelf: Because she pinged me and banned right after, and destroyed some of the data
  • [20:20] !shark: all i know is that either you or sir nick had given extreme power unto sir weponised
  • [20:20] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: WHO KICKED POP
  • [20:20] BOT❰ωω❱ Miki (>>): Achievement Unlocked: ❰ωω❱ωeponised#5636 has unlocked the achievement Experienced!
  • [20:20] !shark: please do not blame him for this mishap
  • [20:20] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: OWN UP
  • [20:20] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: NOW
  • [20:20] adelina: 🤬 it was you
  • [20:20] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: IM FRUSTRATED
  • [20:20] Cookie: Yeah wep
  • [20:20] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: wait what
  • [20:20] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: how u blaming me
  • [20:20] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: proof?
  • [20:20] !shark: weponised it is okay good sir, please calm down we know how much u respect pop
  • [20:21] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: FAM SHE ABUSE HER POWERS 100 TIMES
  • [20:21] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: RELAX
  • [20:21] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: SHE DESERVED IT
  • [20:21] Cookie: She barely even talks in here
  • [20:21] !shark: [2]
  • [20:21] !shark: it is okay good sir weponised
  • [20:21] !shark: you had done your part on achieving activity and greatness within this community
  • [20:22] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: yh wot
  • [20:22] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: i banned her
  • [20:22] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: cos she abused
  • [20:22] !shark: yes
  • [20:22] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: and shes a 🤬
  • [20:22] !shark: that is a good deed
  • [20:22] !shark: do not be rude
  • [20:22] ❰ωω❱ωeponised: thank u cookie
  • [20:22] !shark: calm down good sir
  • [20:22] adelina: @POP
  • [20:23] adelina: your role is higher than admin now
  • [20:23] Cookie: I wasn’t justifying ur action wow :skull:
  • [20:23] adelina: dont ban wep tho
  • [20:23] a-lphazelf: Welp, she is back again!
  • [20:24] !shark: hi cookie
  • [20:26] Cookie: Hi shark
  • [20:26] a-lphazelf: I remember about 15 months ago where this malevolent imp has messed with me

Here the imp broke through jail shortly after a-lpha did, and may be ready to attack Zeldaforme.

Three hours after the incident, and during the Diepkart event of June 16, 2019, the flying imp attacked a-lpha in the same Discord Tetramount port that was used to restore the knocked-off port:

  • [21:40] ryan: @UNBAN ME FR WUN WUN DISCORD funny how the guy who always makes lengthy explanations with proper grammar goes full on ballistic trying to ask for an unban
  • [21:40] ryan: [cant help you on wun wun discord though, i'm only mod here]
  • [22:51] Cry: I didn’t ban
  • >[00:32] British demon: ?warn @UNBAN ME FR WUN WUN DISCORD calm yourself and keep any drama of other servers out of this server
  • [00:32] BOTDyno (?): :dynoSuccess: a-lphazelf#8380 has been warned.
  • [03:39] ryan: dude why you shouting all the time
  • [03:40] ryan: mellow down my guy
  • [03:40] ryan: see im using absolutely zero caps and it's a habit of sorts on my laptop

10 hours later, the flying imp attacks again, this time knocking off the JP/WunWun port of the Discord Tetramount:

  • [09:49] ě: but guys hes a youtuber so surely he must be given special privileges
  • >[10:07] British demon: ?kick @a-lphazelf
  • [10:07] BOTDyno (?): :dynoSuccess: a-lphazelf#8380 was kicked
  • >[10:07] British demon: @ryan I’m glad you’ve come so far since the days you were more like this guy
  • [14:00] BOTDyno (?): @a-lphazelf joined.
  • >[14:01] a-lphazelf: Kicking me wss not valid
  • [14:02] a-lphazelf: ?rank youtube
  • [14:02] BOTDyno (?): @a-lphazelf, you joined Youtube.
  • [14:02] nebula: oof

This incident caused an incident of drama and hostility.

  • [14:33] a-lphazelf: gonna take this drama to my ragecorner so that the flying imp does not attack me a third time
  • [14:34] #XeonAlpha: you have your ragecorner btw, but no need to spread your anger everywhere
  • [15:29] ryan: @POP :joy: thanks and wow
  • [15:37] a-lphazelf: Dont make my matters worse
  • >[16:06] British demon: Alpha you’ve been warned by 3 members of staff to chill out and not spread your anger. You should listen to that advice
  • [16:24] a-lphazelf: Exactly how you should be moderating the chat
  • [19:57] BOTDyno (?): @Doggo joined.
  • >[21:48] British demon: @a-lphazelf most people dont get 3 chances to listen to staff. next time you just get the 1 chance
  • [21:48] shark: lol
  • [21:49] a-lphazelf: get me out of this curse
  • [21:53] British demon: you may leave at any time

Engines JailedEdit

The main engine has also revealed on June 17 that the Wikia tetramount, Zeldaforme and Disney Monument have been jailed by brainwashed Warpler Staff (most likely Lundstrom’s Quintessent Flying Imp), preventing any expansion of the Disney Panorama in the Warpler. These ports were revealed to be un-jailed on September 23.

Shifeling Army Attacks on WWEdit

The port that was attacked by Hyper Spicy then gets attacked by the Shifeling Army on June 18:

  • [19:08] ٴٴ: HI GUYS
  • [19:08] ٴٴ: HI GUYS
  • [19:08] Akela: lol
  • [19:08] Akela: get rekt
  • [19:09] !shark: 🤬 off wep
  • [19:18] ٴٴ: WOZ GUD 🤬
  • [19:18] ٴٴ: WOT
  • [19:18] ٴٴ: NO
  • [19:19] YungWSA12N: THE 🤬 🤬
  • [19:20] ٴٴ: WOT DE FOK
  • [19:20] YungWSA12N: HELP SOMEONE HELP
  • [19:20] YungWSA12N: HEOLPASPDPASD
  • [19:21] adelina: Lol
  • [19:21] Cookie: Wtf
  • [19:21] adelina: Ok
  • [19:21] adelina: So
  • [19:21] YungWSA12N: WTF
  • [19:21] adelina: Slowmode six hours
  • [19:21] YungWSA12N: SMH
  • [19:21] YungWSA12N: NO LIFE 🤬
  • [19:21] adelina: You 🤬
  • [19:21] YungWSA12N: @!shark
  • [19:21] YungWSA12N: @!shark
  • [19:21] YungWSA12N: @!shark @!shark
  • [19:21] YungWSA12N: @!shark
  • [19:21] YungWSA12N: @!shark
  • [19:21] YungWSA12N: @!shark
  • [19:21] !shark: what
  • [19:21] !shark: 🤬 off
  • [19:22] adelina: Lol
  • [19:28] adelina: @everyone
  • [19:28] adelina: I have a ducking question
  • [19:28] adelina: This is pissing me off now
  • [19:28] ٴٴ: WOT
  • [19:28] ٴٴ: WHY U @MING ME
  • [19:28] ٴٴ: FFS
  • [19:28] adelina: Whoever deletes roles
  • [19:28] STATE OF EMERGENCY: ping
  • [19:28] ٴٴ: HUH
  • [19:28] adelina: And whoever is giving admin
  • [19:28] adelina: And who ever is kicking people
  • [19:28] adelina: Won’t have their perms
  • [19:28] adelina: Idc
  • [19:28] adelina: Wep
  • [19:28] ٴٴ: WHATY
  • [19:28] adelina: I’m starting with you I
  • [19:28] ٴٴ: WHYS MY NAME
  • [19:28] ٴٴ: WHAT
  • [19:28] adelina: Stormy
  • [19:28] ٴٴ: WHY
  • [19:28] ٴٴ: FFS
  • [19:28] ٴٴ: WOT DID I DO
  • [19:28] adelina: I’m starting with you too(edited)
  • [19:29] ٴٴ: FOR HWAT
  • [19:29] ٴٴ: FFS
  • [19:29] adelina: Ew auto correct
  • [19:29] adelina: No one
  • [19:29] adelina: Is having
  • [19:29] POP: Looks like the server is getting nuked
  • [19:29] ٴٴ: I JUST CAME ONLINE
  • [19:29] YungWSA12N: WHAT GHPPPEN
  • [19:29] adelina: Any perms
  • [19:29] YungWSA12N: OMG
  • [19:29] YungWSA12N: OMG
  • [19:29] YungWSA12N: HELP
  • [19:29] POP: ?serverinfo
  • [19:29] adelina: Smh
  • [19:29] ٴٴ: wot
  • [19:29] ٴٴ: POP
  • [19:29] ٴٴ: how was ur day
  • [19:29] POP: Text and voice channels changed a bit lol
  • [19:29] POP: 🤬 off wep
  • [19:30] !shark: 🤬 off with the pings
  • [19:30] adelina: Pop
  • [19:30] POP: Yes?
  • [19:30] ٴٴ: POP i'm being nice
  • [19:30] STATE OF EMERGENCY: take a look at the audit log
  • [19:30] adelina: Remove his role
  • [19:30] adelina: 🤬s
  • [19:30] ٴٴ: yo i think im pregnant
  • [19:30] ٴٴ: brb
  • [19:31] POP: I can’t cry ffs I literally just told you I don’t have admin
  • [19:31] adelina: admin role has been deleted
  • [19:31] YungWSA12N: U DONT NEED ADMIN
  • [19:31] ٴٴ: u dont need admin
  • [19:31] ٴٴ: LOL
  • [19:31] YungWSA12N: DICTATOR
  • [19:31] adelina: Duck this 🤬
  • [19:31] POP: This is your server and your perms
  • [19:31] adelina: Y’all suck lmao
  • [19:31] adelina: Holy 🤬
  • [19:31] POP: and I don’t have perms to remove his role
  • [19:31] adelina: It’s dead here
  • [19:31] adelina: Why care
  • [19:31] YungWSA12N: CRY
  • [19:31] adelina: About this 🤬
  • [19:31] YungWSA12N: U RITE
  • [19:31] YungWSA12N: BUSS ME OWNER
  • [19:31] YungWSA12N: CUTIE
  • [19:31] adelina: Shut up wep
  • [19:31] adelina: Suck ly toes
  • [19:31] YungWSA12N: WOT
  • [19:31] YungWSA12N: IM INN
  • [19:31] adelina: My
  • [19:32] ٴٴ: I AINT SAY ANYTINH
  • [19:32] YungWSA12N: HOW U MIX US UP
  • [19:32] adelina: Got 🤬
  • [19:32] adelina: For duck
  • [19:32] adelina: Holy shot
  • [19:32] YungWSA12N: ???????
  • [19:32] POP: I’d like to see who did this though. It will be in audit lot
  • [19:32] POP: Log
  • [19:33] POP: Lmao guest role has admin I think
  • [19:33] POP: @adelina you might wanna look into that
  • [19:33] adelina: I’m gonna delete the server
  • [19:33] POP: Ok
  • [19:33] YungWSA12N: NOOOOOOOO
  • [19:33] !shark: LOL
  • [19:33] !shark: i mean u can give me owner if u like
  • [19:34] YungWSA12N: 🤬
  • [19:34] YungWSA12N: UR LIKE 14
  • [19:34] YungWSA12N: GIVE ME OWNER
  • [19:34] !shark: nah give owner to some random guy
  • [19:34] !shark: we have no idea about
  • [19:34] YungWSA12N: NAW
  • [19:34] YungWSA12N: I KNOW SHASHI GOT 50 ALTS
  • [19:34] !shark: give alligator owner
  • [19:34] ٴٴ: D
  • [19:34] Akela: give shark owner he's a random guy
  • [19:34] adelina: Next thing that happens
  • [19:34] STATE OF EMERGENCY: gonna save all of this to a notepad
  • [19:34] adelina: I’m deleting the server
  • [19:34] YungWSA12N: STATE OF EMERGENCY
  • [19:34] YungWSA12N: U OPP ?
  • [19:34] ٴٴ: WHO IS THIS 🤬
  • [19:34] ٴٴ: S
  • [19:34] ٴٴ: S
  • [19:34] ٴٴ: S
  • [19:34] ٴٴ: SS
  • [19:34] ٴٴ: S
  • [19:34] ٴٴ: S
  • [19:34] ٴٴ: S
  • [19:34] ٴٴ: S
  • [19:35] nebula: tf
  • [19:35] POP: Shark started the nuke
  • [19:35] POP: He gave wep and inn admin and they deleted the channels and people
  • [19:35] ٴٴ: yo dis funny
  • [19:35] YungWSA12N: IM SO CONFUSE
  • [19:35] nebula: smh
  • [19:35] ٴٴ: pop only comes when bad 🤬 happens
  • [19:36] YungWSA12N: POP U SNAKE
  • [19:36] !shark: bruh it was cookies fault
  • [19:36] YungWSA12N: U NIOT MY MOM 🤬
  • [19:36] !shark: she gave me admin for no reason
  • [19:36] POP: [3]
  • [19:36] ٴٴ: YO I THINK POP IS FAT
  • [19:36] adelina: ?ban @!shark
  • [19:36] POP: [4]
  • [19:36] adelina: Aight
  • [19:36] !shark: nah cry
  • [19:36] POP: You can’t use the bot cry. He’s still an admin
  • [19:36] adelina: Shark you piss me off
  • [19:36] ٴٴ: IT WAS COOKIE
  • [19:36] ٴٴ: I SWEAR
  • [19:36] POP: Akela did some nuking too
  • [19:36] ٴٴ: IT WAS COOKIE
  • [19:36] YungWSA12N: COOKIE
  • [19:37] YungWSA12N: WOT U UP TO
  • [19:37] ٴٴ: IT WAS COOKIE
  • [19:37] YungWSA12N: ???????? @Cookie
  • [19:37] YungWSA12N: WHY U TRYHA NUKE
  • [19:37] ٴٴ: BAN COOKIE
  • [19:37] Akela: wdym
  • [19:37] Akela: i was paid for this
  • [19:37] !Nick: Lmao, this is exactly why i removed wep's admin like 10 time
  • [19:38] ٴٴ: YO THIS RACIST
  • [19:38] ٴٴ: IT WAS LIKE 5 MAN INVOLVED
  • [19:38] ٴٴ: U 🤬HEAD
  • [19:38] ٴٴ: 🤬 🤬
  • [19:38] !Nick: I just knew 🤬 like this would end up happening
  • [19:38] ٴٴ: ST🤬U 🤬
  • [19:38] ٴٴ: UR 🤬 UGLY ASF
  • [19:38] POP: @adelina remove admin perm from the genius role
  • [19:39] YungWSA12N: LAME ASS 🤬
  • [19:39] adelina: Can rn
  • [19:39] adelina: Can’t
  • [19:39] adelina: You do it
  • [19:39] adelina: @POP
  • [19:40] nebula: Done
  • [19:41] POP: @adelina I can’t either. Wouldn’t let me change it
  • [19:41] YungWSA12N: ST🤬U
  • [19:41] YungWSA12N: U LIAR
  • [19:41] YungWSA12N: U CAN DO IT
  • [19:41] YungWSA12N: U AINT GETTING OWNER
  • [19:41] adelina: You have admin
  • [19:41] POP: @!Nick same. But this time it was shark who snakes
  • [19:41] adelina: Pop
  • [19:42] POP: @adelina I know but it wouldn’t let me edit an admin role I currently have. Discord rule thing
  • [19:42] POP: I would have just done it myself if I could. Same for the yur a wizard role which they also gave admin to.
  • [19:43] STATE OF EMERGENCY: this feels like the server was under a malware attack
  • [19:43] POP: Well banned inn and wep anyway since they did most of the nuking. Although shark and Akela did some too
  • [19:44] POP: Nah just the wrong people were given perms. Basically cry shouldn’t have made cookie admin since that’s where it started
  • [19:44] adelina: Smh
  • [19:45] adelina: @everyone I’m deleting the server when I’m home
  • [19:45] adelina: Say your goodbyes lol
  • [19:46] POP: Cookie gave admin to shark. Shark gave it to wep and inn. Wep or inn snaked cookie and removed her admin. Wep and inn gave admin to random roles. Wep inn shark and akela nuked the place
  • [19:46] STATE OF EMERGENCY: no need to delete this server thank you !
  • [19:47] POP: Wonder how many members are left. Not many
  • [19:47] nebula: Deary me
  • [19:47] STATE OF EMERGENCY: at least I was a survivor and probably the only one
  • [19:48] nebula: lol what
  • [19:48] POP: Offline 345. Not that many got kicked
  • [19:48] POP: They were manually kicking rather than using a bot or script
  • [19:53] STATE OF EMERGENCY: how about you juat rebuild the entire chat
  • [19:59] gege*: I was only in this server for a few hours so, goodbye
  • [19:59] Akela: WHOA
  • [19:59] gege*: Woah?
  • [20:01] adelina: B3xpggR
  • [20:01] adelina: @everyone *
  • [20:07] STATE OF EMERGENCY: 350 to 140 in only a few minutes
  • [20:11] Akela: remember all the channels memories n stuff lel
  • [20:11] Akela: what a loss
  • [20:12] Stormy: Not a loss if it's all remembered without our hearts
  • [20:13] Stormy: Thank you Wun Wun for making me aware of the game and for allowing me to meet with such amazing individuals.
  • [20:13] Stormy: FJKb7Q
  • [20:14] Stormy: New Wun Wun Community discord invite link above ^ perm
  • [20:23] POP: Weird how people nuke a server and then become owners of a new one which everyone moves to
  • [20:24] adelina: Had no involvement
  • [20:25] POP: But you follow it
  • [20:25] POP: Should have nuked more servers myself back when I was admin in more if it meant I’d get owner of the replacement lol
  • [20:27] Akela: i just wanted a peaceful life...
  • [20:28] POP: And yet you joined in kicking people lol

8 minutes after this point, the port was then finished off from the Partners of Shife's Delta Move, Crushing Shade, with a new near-identical port taking its place:

  • [19:52] adelina: I seen the messages
  • [19:52] adelina: You ain’t slick
  • [19:52] WEPO: LOL
  • [19:52] what?
  • [19:52] adelina: And idc anymore
  • [19:52] adelina: lol
  • [19:52] adelina: Stormy wanted general deleted
  • [19:52] cry invite all ur friends
  • [19:52] Akela: LOL
  • [19:53] adelina: Lol
  • [19:53] adelina: Can I invite pop
  • [19:53] WEPO: yes
  • [19:54] YungWSA12N: HI pop
  • [19:54] POP: Why have the people here who destroyed the previous server?
  • [19:54] YungWSA12N: LOOOOL
  • [19:54] adelina: Lol
  • [19:54] YungWSA12N: if we really wanted to destroy it
  • [19:54] YungWSA12N: we wouldve used bots
  • [19:54] adelina: I just joined it
  • [19:54] WEPO: fam
  • [19:54] WEPO: its not that deep
  • [19:54] YungWSA12N: it was a dead servert
  • [19:54] YungWSA12N: we had fun
  • [19:55] POP: Who owns this server
  • [19:55] YungWSA12N: ghehehehehe
  • [19:55] YungWSA12N: NOt u
  • [19:55] WEPO: me🤬
  • [19:55] WEPO: haahahahaha
  • [19:55] POP: Ok
  • [19:55] WEPO: :heart:
  • [19:56] WEPO: hahaahahah
  • [19:58] Futuristic Violence: @YungWSA12N why did u ban me
  • ...
  • [20:09] adelina: General chat was deleted
  • ...
  • [20:09] adelina: The server is about to be
  • [20:09] YungWSA12N: Invite everyone
  • [20:09] WEPO: u a real 🤬 for contributing for the nuke
  • [20:09] adelina: Soooo
  • [20:09] Stormy: fam
  • [20:09] YungWSA12N: dis already more lit den old wwc
  • [20:09] Stormy: mans here
  • [20:09] Stormy: from the start
  • [20:10] adelina: I just want people to see the invite link
  • [20:10] Stormy: to the end
  • [20:10] adelina: Owo
  • [20:10] Stormy: i need to see through the entire thing
  • [20:10] a-lphazelf: we should not have nuked the other server
  • [20:10] WEPO: wot one
  • [20:10] YungWSA12N: alpha
  • [20:10] YungWSA12N: No one like Pop
  • [20:10] Stormy: whso this guy
  • [20:10] Stormy: whos alpha
  • [20:10] YungWSA12N: So we were forced to nuke
  • [20:10] WEPO: yo whos tryna nuke jp
  • ...
  • [20:10] Nes: send jp link
  • [20:10] Akela: lol
  • [20:11] WEPO: i mean pop
  • [20:11] WEPO: sos babez
  • [20:11] WEPO: send me jp link
  • [20:11] WEPO: quick
  • [20:11] adelina: It’s ok bb
  • [20:11] YungWSA12N: Whats going on here
  • [20:11] YungWSA12N: Whos king
  • [20:11] WEPO: WTF
  • [20:11] adelina: I don’t have jp link
  • ...
  • [20:13] YungWSA12N: @Nes Invite ur friends
  • [20:13] a-lphazelf: we hit 10 members
  • [20:13] YungWSA12N: 10 members
  • [20:13] YungWSA12N: say wallahi
  • [20:13] YungWSA12N: how we growing at such a rapid pace 🤬
  • [20:13] WEPO: sorry guis ;-; WWC was nuked by POP
  • [20:14] YungWSA12N: Basically
  • [20:14] YungWSA12N: Pop turned on us
  • [20:14] WEPO: she deleted all the channels
  • [20:14] YungWSA12N: she banned evertyone
  • [20:14] WEPO: banned everyone
  • [20:14] WEPO: and deleed the server after
  • [20:14] WEPO: ask cry
  • [20:14] YungWSA12N: @adelina Yo back us up
  • [20:14] Akela: LOL
  • [20:14] YungWSA12N: Akela u was there too right
  • [20:15] YungWSA12N: what happened
  • [20:15] YungWSA12N: @Akela
  • [20:15] Akela: pop
  • [20:15] adelina: Lol 🤬
  • [20:15] WEPO: it was pop
  • [20:15] Akela: did some white magic
  • [20:15] Akela: on us
  • ...
  • [20:24] Stormy:
  • [20:24] adelina: You copped madness
  • [20:24] Stormy: CRY FIX UP UR GIRL
  • [20:24] a-lphazelf: the old server is still there
  • [20:24] WEPO: bruh
  • [20:24] adelina: What
  • [20:24] WEPO: madness
  • [20:24] YungWSA12N: AHHAHAHA
  • [20:24] YungWSA12N: POP MAD 🤬
  • [20:24] nah cry dont fully delete it
  • [20:24] WEPO: nah
  • [20:24] YungWSA12N: 🤬 HER
  • [20:24] Stormy: yo u snake fam
  • [20:24] YungWSA12N: SHARK U SNAKE
  • [20:24] Stormy: why u sending cry our messages
  • [20:24] WEPO: WTF
  • [20:24] WEPO: @adelina u said u deleted it
  • [20:25] adelina: Yea so that you would stop asking to be invited
  • [20:25] WEPO: @YungWSA12N UR RIGHT FAM
  • [20:25] YungWSA12N: 🤬 cry let me eat u out
  • [20:25] adelina: I’m at a reasturany
  • [20:25] adelina: Not tryna deal with this
  • [20:25] adelina: Also I thought you wanted people
  • [20:25] YungWSA12N: WE DO
  • [20:25] WYM
  • [20:25] adelina: I at everyone with the invite
  • ...
  • [20:26] WEPO: LMAO
  • [20:26] adelina: We should invite kaiju
  • [20:27] WEPO: go on
  • [20:27] YungWSA12N: 🤬 KAIJU
  • [20:27] adelina: Lol
  • [20:27] a-lphazelf: transforming a ruins into a building site
  • [20:27] adelina: Ion got him on my list
  • [20:27] adelina: Blocked me
  • [20:27] WEPO: alphazelf
  • [20:27] WEPO: ur the 🤬
  • [20:27] WEPO: that cried to pop
  • [20:27] YungWSA12N: Why what u do
  • [20:27] WEPO: when i banend u
  • [20:27] YungWSA12N: @adelina
  • [20:27] WEPO: its cool
  • [20:27] YungWSA12N: Dont bqan alpha
  • [20:27] YungWSA12N: he cool
  • [20:27] WEPO: ok fine
  • [20:27] adelina: LOL
  • [20:27] WEPO: ?ban @kign
  • [20:27] Akela: well done
  • [20:27] WEPO: ?ban @'King♤
  • [20:28] adelina: Lol
  • [20:28] Akela: no bots u nujb
  • [20:28] WEPO: 🤬
  • [20:28] yo cry
  • [20:28] make a text channel
  • [20:28] WEPO: @YungWSA12N u tryna turn WCZ into WWC?
  • [20:28] in the old wwc
  • [20:28] and give them this invite
  • [20:28] YungWSA12N: NAw
  • [20:28] and delete general
  • [20:28] YungWSA12N: im keeping wcz
  • [20:28] a-lphazelf: 11 to 8 in a few seconds why
  • [20:28] YungWSA12N: coz we banned a couple 🤬z
  • [20:28] so everyone aint completely gone
  • ...
  • [20:36] Akela: OMG
  • [20:36] Akela: WHERE IS IT
  • [20:36] Stormy: RIP WWC
  • [20:36] adelina: Aight
  • [20:36] cry invite me
  • [20:36] Stormy: 2019
  • [20:36] Stormy: 9:36
  • [20:36] adelina: Wun wun is deleted
  • [20:36] Akela: DIED
  • [20:36] YungWSA12N: WHY
  • [20:36] WEPO: DONT
  • [20:36] adelina: [5]
  • [20:36] wow
  • [20:36] WEPO: DELETE IT
  • [20:36] YungWSA12N: WHY U DO DAT
  • [20:36] WEPO: DONT
  • [20:36] WEPO: DONT
  • [20:36] WEPO: =DONR
  • [20:36] WEPO: DONT
  • [20:36] WEPO: DONT
  • [20:36] adelina: Too late
  • [20:36] WEPO: DONT
  • [20:36] YungWSA12N: MNO
  • [20:36] WEPO: DONT
  • [20:36] YungWSA12N: WAIT
  • [20:36] WEPO: WT
  • [20:36] YungWSA12N: NO
  • [20:36] YungWSA12N: NO
  • [20:36] YungWSA12N: NONOP
  • [20:36] YungWSA12N: NIOBNOBIOB
  • ...
  • [20:46] YungWSA12N: WE DIDNT THINK
  • [20:46] YungWSA12N: CRY WOULD DELETE IT
  • [20:46] Stormy: LOL
  • [20:46] Itar: its like 3 years old
  • [20:46] ya boi just changed his 7k member server to wun wun community
  • [20:46] WEPO: pop
  • [20:46] WEPO: ugly as 🤬
  • [20:46] adelina: Lol
  • [20:46] WEPO: who tryna
  • [20:46] WEPO: make a sick server
  • [20:46] WEPO: @everyone
  • [20:46] adelina: If you delete all the memories
  • [20:46] adelina: What’s the point
  • [20:47] YungWSA12N: who dleted memories
  • [20:47] YungWSA12N: ????????
  • [20:47] stfu inn
  • [20:47] a-lphazelf: you finished
  • [20:47] YungWSA12N: LOOOOOOOOOOL
  • ...
  • [20:47] adelina: Deleted text channels
  • [20:47] Itar: most
  • [20:47] YungWSA12N: soz
  • [20:47] Itar: aids
  • [20:47] Itar: server
  • [20:47] Itar: in
  • [20:47] Itar: this
  • [20:47] 🤬ead deleted gfx channels
  • ...
  • [20:51] WEPO: dont post it
  • [20:51] Cookie: What happened to the other chat
  • [20:51] 'King♤: Chill
  • [20:51] WEPO: deleted
  • ...
  • [20:52] Itar: you guys made a server
  • [20:52] YungWSA12N: COOKIE
  • [20:52] YungWSA12N: WHAT U DO
  • [20:52] Itar: cause pop got owner?
  • [20:52] she was the one who gave us perms
  • [20:52] WEPO: dis 🤬 cant read
  • [20:52] Cookie: What’d I do lmao
  • [20:52] she was the foundation of the nuke
  • [20:52] WEPO: pop deleted the server
  • [20:52] not our fault
  • [20:52] Cookie: Bruh no
  • [20:52] hers
  • [20:52] Itar: :joy: :joy: :joy:
  • [20:52] Cookie: Shark shut up :skull:
  • [20:52] Akela: i miss it
  • [20:52] Akela: why did i do this
  • ...
  • [20:53] guys
  • [20:53] i got akela on our side by saying "you will have power"
  • [20:53] and he goes and kicks 100 people
  • [20:53] Akela: in me power
  • ...
  • [20:56] WEPO: I DONT get why
  • [20:56] Cookie: Yeah what was the reason for deleting it
  • [20:56] WEPO: I DONT GET WHY POP wants to manage a inactive server
  • [20:56] Cookie: True
  • [20:56] Cookie: It wasn’t even her chat to manage
  • [20:56] watch pop joib
  • [20:56] cookie turns on us
  • [20:56] adelina:
  • [20:56] YungWSA12N: YO PEACE ILL (see) (you) 🤬Z L8R
  • [20:56] even though she started this mess

Galar WarEdit

A war in the Pokemon World occurred after an unknown spirit (the same that raised 7 other pits on the planet) raised the 8th pit - Galar. Approximately 10 million lumicons and burdenates in the vicinity contributed. The war had victimized several hundred thousand spirits with natural definitions there, which means that there is less land of natural definitions to evolve to lumicons, and burdenates of natural definitions start taking over. The first 5 pits had a weaker lumicon ratio compared to pits 6 and 7, since the 6th pit balanced the Holy Photon Ratio to outpower some of the burdenates.

Evolving LifeEdit

On June 27, 2019 after exiting The Warpler, The Spirit of Nature, one of many spirits from October 2017 evolves to barely past 10,000 power score making it the third strongest Lumojite spirit.

Attack on KisookolingsEdit

The same shifeling army found a very large pit behind the Instagram monument. It was first "karthiumscoped" by a-lpha at around April 26. The shifeling army killed Police Girls, Light, Dark and Fire, Sun Elf and the Green Flare (first noticed on July 9). It was also noticed that Spirit Kisooko was a lumicon summoned by pix flakes from Spring Titania and an Ultra Cureling in the Blobmoji Pit in February 2018. She built the Owobot engine in the Blobmoji pit, summoned a reindeer minion on December 2018 and a heart minion two months later, and was given a Blessing of Fae from a friar (most likely not Servant Friar because these Soulcraftery potions are very hard to brew as they are made using pix flakes of dead Spirits).

French Stars LeprechaunEdit

On July 10, Kooth-hood and Koothspike introduces a-lpha to the French Stars Leprechaun to honor the French Stars that left the warpler when Hyper Spicy demolished Celestial Clouds. The French Stars Leprechaun later introduced a-lpha to Ladybird Girl and her Mouse and Dragon-snake minions

A new Lundstrom Clone appearsEdit

The day after, a-lpha has found that Smash Soulcraftery is linked to the Discord Monument. Due to this, a-lpha saw Forizen the Green Dragon, and shortly after, VimtoSlush, an overskilled, disreputing Lundstrom clone in control of Hyper Spicy Gerald right behind Forizen. It was believed that Vimto was soulcrafted by Demonishife using burdenate flakes from the Ghost of Lundstrom and some burdenate flakes from a Phazon entity when Demonishife raided Smash Soulcraftery. It only took until August 26 to obtain Vimto's smash tag from the monument.

She was the cause of several incidents of hostility:

  1. If you're only joining so you can get someone to carry you, and get that AMAZING and USEFUL tag, then I'm not playing you. As that's pretty much every time you join and I'm here.
    1. [21:22] Muno: context?
  3. and this is Vimto devouring my last stock using the dastardly Charge Shot
    1. [21:41] Muno: i meant for the chat
  4. I kept getting hit by everyone in that match. And stop comapring yourself to me. "Vimto didn't kill me" "I outlived Vimto". It's getting on my nerves
    1. [12:53] zook: why do you have like this weird hateboner for this one dude
    2. [13:19] Feenicks Gang: Imagine getting triggered over this
    3. [13:29] Mattaki | ISAAC GANG!: i would be triggered if i spilt it
    1. [21:44] Feenicks Gang: NICE
    2. [21:45] Feenicks Gang: ONLY TOOK YOU shy of 300 🤬' games
    3. [21:45] Byleth for Smash, please: How neat, I guess. Congratulations.
    4. [21:45] ᴋᴀʟᴇᴅ_ || ᴄʀᴀꜱʜ ʙᴀɴᴅɪᴄᴏᴏᴛ ɢᴀɴɢ: Memes right now
  8. Won against Vimto again.... and got the Smash Tag. Now to get Accracy or Brian's....
  9. Your connection is fine Ice. It's A-lpha that's the problem here, he likes to point out things about people whether anyone likes it or not. Despite not liking it back. Ain't that right?
    1. [18:57] Byleth for Smash, please: They may have a point, you know.
    2. [19:02] Feenicks Gang: I completely agree with Vimto and Raz
    3. ...
    4. [19:16] Sans? NO! ⛔🔨: They are all trying to make me a hated person and get me banned from Forizen's arenas
    5. [20:27] Doki: Wait. Which one are you?
    6. [22:55] Sans? NO! ⛔🔨: ^I am the Pichu. And this LundstromStrictness keeps happening EVEN if don't look at the stream chat :no_entry: :hammer:
  10. Are you going to apologise to Ice Dragon for what you said? Gotta get that attention first... Stop comparing me and you. Why can't you contribute to your team instead of relying on others?
  11. Apologize to Ice Dragon for what you said earlier. You made her feel very awful, you said despite being a veteran in his stream, she still brings in lag.
    1. [17:02] zook: lmao alpha have you considered that you are indeed being a 🤬
    2. [17:02] zook: or are you just 🤬🤬 to the point where you can't even recognize that? i'm not trying to be offensive here but you really do seem like you have some form of 🤬
      1. [17:03] Feenicks Gang: 911 it's an emergency!
      2. [17:03] Feenicks Gang: Zook just committed arson
  12. took four attempts with my girl "lip", but took about 110 with pika

The attacks on Kisookolings aren't attacksEdit

a-lpha realized that 4 more Kisookolings were killed in July 15 by Hyper Spicy. They were Ribbon, Michael Wendel, Witch (legend-class) and Rietta. At 18:50, Spirit Kisooko said that this was not caused by Hyper Spicy but instead a Soulcraftery decision to sacrifice lumicons into her soulcraftery engine in the Instagram Monument for spirit cores:

  • [17:30] a-lphazelf: @best waifu why are you deleting your drawings from your Instagram. where are your other drawings?
  • [17:31] a-lphazelf: these drawings are what made me follow you on Instagram
  • [18:00] a-lphazelf: where are the Police Girls, where is the Witch, where is Rietta, etc.
  • [18:50] best waifu: police girl?
  • [18:52] best waifu: oh I think I know what you're talking about
  • [18:52] best waifu: there are just some photos i don't like at all to look at lol
  • [21:09] a-lphazelf: but some other people do want to look at them, just like me
  • [21:12] a-lphazelf: it's better to not delete these
  • [21:21] a-lphazelf: All of these drawings are a masterpiece, from Michael Wendel to Peach, they are the best drawings on average.

On July 25, Spirit Kisooko has produced Megumin and Chomosuke, a Yellow-Witch-inspired kisookoling, and has not produced anyone for almost a month

Death of the Green Color ConstantEdit

On July 29, Hyper Spicy Gerald knocked the original leader of the Green Color Constant down into the Massive Stone Area to its death. Beta Hutor saw this and started to contribute to fighting Hyper Spicy with the Kisookolings. It did not detonate a trend revolution like what happened with XXXTentacion.

Planet of TropesEdit

On August 3, 2019, a-lpha found that the Planet of Tropes is more than just a telescope which is more powerful than the Karthiumscope pointing towards Smash Soulcraftery. It covers most of the Continent of Theon and even beyond. The Planet of Tropes is at least 600km above the Versesystem Floor, which is higher than most of the moons in the Redditorium Planetary System, and not far from it is one of the first moons to be inhabited by the Entropia Band (who were not seen before 2017, and made many songs prior to this observation.

The telescope at that moon is so powerful that it has seen deep mob observations from 10 of the 22 panoramas, including:

  1. [A] Disney Panorama, including the Enchanted Crystallings that were found 8 months prior
  2. [A*] Disney Panorama Edge, where two extremely rare merma super-life were found, which is a species that cannot be soulcrafted in the LumiLab using LL3 or LL4.
  3. [B] Smash Panorama, including the precautions about tackling the campaign of soulcraftery there
  4. [B*] Smash Panorama Edge
  5. [C] Pokemon Panorama
  6. [F] Literature Panorama
  7. [G] Artifact Panorama, ports 4 and 15
  8. [J] Shadowverse Pankrama
  9. [K] Entropia Band Panorama
  10. [L] The Pixel Realm

By October 21, it was noticed that the only resident at the planet was Trope-Tan (6,000 power score), who did most of what a-lpha did with the Panoramas in Zeldaforme. Several observations on several sites outside the Continent of Theon were found in the panoramas of that moon:

  1. The entirety of [A*]
  2. Some ports of [G], including:
    1. The Mana Faer, where there is a faer crystal in the Mana tree and there are several super-life.
    2. The Autonaut, with 6,700 powerscore, although seen with the Karthiumscope prior
    3. Wikipe-Tan (6,850 powerscore) of the Wikimedia Monument and a tetramount in the alphaverse. She has multiple transformation states
    4. Servant V (Minda) in the alphaverse, who helped a-lpha develop Project V in Zeldaforme, and has 5,750 powerscore
  3. Some deep mob entries for panoramas [A], [B], [B*] and [G]

Haze ClonesEdit

This disaster started turning around. On the 92nd day of Haze's temporal absence, Lia (with a voice similar to Haze and Distraction) becomes Haze's voice replacement, at least for the event hosted on that day of August 4, 2019. She seems much less emotional than Haze (cheerfulness and rage); there is potency for her to not ragequit the server. Two more have appeared in the Four-server_civil_war_of_August_18,_2019. About 85% of the server has gained a new active roster of members over the period of 16 months, much like the entirety of the "Live-action incarnation" roster of lumicons being replaced every eight years.

Nitro Boost Gem awakens JPEdit

And speaking of that same incident, a-lpha was given a "Nitro Boost" gem from this and placed it at the Nitro Shrine of the Zombs Royale Discord tetramount port which currently has only seven active gems. As a result, a-lpha can now use the captured "July Four" kisookoling including many panorama objects from other places. To top it all off, the Nitro wheel gives a small chance of earning gems and this will be for the next 30 days. a-lpha later planned a ZRC Panorama in Zeldaforme.

Shortly after the event, the Nitro Boost Gem that a-lpha was holding awakened JP from his slumber. His last message was on November 10, 2018:

  1. [02:23] Benguin: wht happemed to jp or wun wun
  2. [03:44] ItzTechyRain: hi nub
  3. [06:47] closed.: They died
  4. [11:32] JP: Nope
  5. [12:32] DatHam: What the 🤬
  6. [12:35] FLUFFY: :GWergKermeme:
  7. [22:25] LUNATıC: wtf tf just happened
  8. [22:40] closed.: @JP how ironic, you suddenly respond to my comment after being inactive for a while
  9. [22:40] closed.: not that I don't appreciate the gesture but it's good to see you again.
  10. [05:46] !The Void!: lmao
  11. [13:32] TheRealSrFarfocele✅: Looks like JP responded to messege.
  12. [14:02] DatHam: Jp gets on every year to respond to one lucky message
  13. [14:24] TheRealSrFarfocele✅: Ok
  14. [15:12] CoolSimasGuy (Dart Monkey): I don’t think neither this chat nor Wun Wun’s chat are very active

Space Base and Rocketship StampedeEdit

Two days later, and one year after the end of the British Demon Disaster, Hyper Spicy demolished Space Base, preventing any Redditorium from entering the Hallowtide Pit from the three Reddit Monuments. This sent ~45 Redditoria fleeing from the Isle of Hallowtide into their UFOs and into the Stellar Objects of the Reddit Monument/Tetramount.

In that place, it was not replaced by boring Vibrant Villas, but Camphood, Aquamarinesands from the LumiLab, and Oona from Meŕroway cove in the Disney Monument, 750km away from Hallowtide were here to raise Bo Beach.

The day after, a-lpha saw Ovto Nightshade but this time in her casual costume. 33 of the redditoria that escaped on August 6 were found on August 17 on a single moon, 3 of which had over 7700 power score and did not even have a costume and instead had Amethic-rich hair. This is the second strongest hair behind only Legendary Unicorn's, and it leads to a theory that there is one Redditorium Spirit with at least 10,000 power score hidden deep into the Redditorium Planetary System that will be seen by March or September 2020.

Groundbreaking LumiLab upgradeEdit

Along with Merma that were finally made possible in the LumiLab on June 7, 2019, a-lpha oberved the biggest groundbreaking upgrade to the LumiLab since September 2012, where LL3 spirits were made possible, on August 20, 2019. Lab operators are due to send a Faer Crystal to the LumiLab by September 2019, and Servant Friar will use it to summon super-lifestates to protect the lab once a-lpha defeats the media spire crisis

Death of LiderEdit

At 02:30 on August 26, a lumicon in the Red color constant dies of vitreum poison left behind by a vitreum in an event that happened 24 hours prior. This detonated a localized trend revolution shockwave that spread to three DCCI servers (all of them except Diepcord and DCCI-Sat. All of them in-turn except Sun Knights hosted the Funeral_Event_of_August_31,_2019, shortly after Lider's corpse was transformed into Ghost of Lider. In that event, tanks in the section of the Red Color Constant took the pix flakes of Lider and put them in an urn located there.

Entropia Band MissingEdit

Three things happened on August 28, 2019:

1. The first one is that a-lpha noticed that 28 Redditoria (those that originated in the Chat section of the Reddit Tetramount, and that includes the following), have not been seen. They visited Hallowide through Space Base and left the island when they saw Hyper Spicy.

  1. The Entropia Band
  2. Axero's cat
  3. A redditoria that killed a burdenate inside the Disney Monument in front of Sofia I, 750km away from the Reddit Tetramount

Reaper BrigadeEdit

2. a-lpha has found a horde of reapers inside the Redditorium Planetary System that have been there since July 30, 2019. They have not only attempted to raid lumojite empires, they've also raided burmojenate empires. To see how best that can be represented in the Versesystem Hierarchy:

  1. They are not lumicons or burdenates. If they were, they would fight over each other
  2. They are not part of the Tower of Law because they don't prevent Zeldaforme projects
  3. If they are not lumicons or burdenates but intimidate them, they must be affiliated by the Devil of the Versesystem.
    1. If that is the case, then the way the managed to get up there is puzzling. It is not caused by the meteor that fell on Karthus' Lair in 2007. The Murderer's Eye is left there for emergencies, says Pumpgrim.
    2. It's not caused by the hijacked Giant Meteor that fell on the Blobmoji Pit in 2017. Pukalo is a Burdenate, not a reaper, and did this not to deliberately expose the Devil's reapers to the surface, but to avenge Tengrimu. Pukalo was eliminated later that year.
    3. Hyper Spicy threw Discord Tetramount ports to attack structures. The wrecked structures that fell in the Massive Stone Area don't pack enough of a punchto expose reapers from under the Versesystem.
    4. When Kisooko sacrifices her lumicons, she uses Spirit Cores and pix flakes in soulcraftery. The last kisookoling was soulcrafted on July 25, and did not produce any other, likely due to the super reaper not being present by the time she ran out of spirit cores and pix flakes. As her Super Reaper is her Soulcraftery Servant, it is unlikely that the Super reaper would expose other reapers.
    5. Spirits and cores produced at Smash Soulcraftery were made by Galeem/Dharkon, leaders of the Lumicon/Burdenate empire respectively. There are no super reapers in there, but there are ornes.
      1. An orne DID appear in Lumine's pit 10,000 years ago, but died to burdenates.
      2. Ornes and mega ornes appear in the Finite Versesystem
    6. The Super Reaper "Doomsday" from the Finite Versesystem would have caused this, but is extremely hard to find, and would more likely attack the Enterprise spaceship than leave the giant planet.
    7. The last answer would be the "Thanatos" that attacked and "cursed" super-lifestates that are friends of Lip (the one inside the Smash monument rather than the soulcrafted variant created by a-lpha in May 2019 or in the Finite Versesystem.)
      1. Not knowing the appearance of the evil character has interpeted its appearance of being a Super Reaper with over 12,800 power score. This is the reason of planning the Panorama Edges.
    8. An incident on September 20 revealed the answer

2019 Media Spire CrisisEdit

3. Lastly, an even worse incident. Due to the 2019 Media Spire crisis, a-lpha's media spire storage tripped and is now jammed, and there are still a large number of open lobbies and even larger events to transcribe.

New Shifeling RaidersEdit

The shifelings soulcrafted on March 13 started raiding the alphaverse on September 3. Enviroballers will warn others about outcasted styllings. The partners of Shife are now illusionist and attack exchanging hands between six powerful shifelings.

War in Smash SoulcrafteryEdit

At the start of September 5, a trend revolution noticed in 2018, which is a skeleton named Sans from Undertale, starts spreading an Internet Disease into Smash Soulcraftery. Sans appears in the form of a Mii-incarnate, which can be soulcrafted in the way the other mii fighters were, but a-lpha will refuse to soulcraft Sans due to trend revolutions. a-lpha will instead recruit the soulcrafted Lip (~8910 power score) created on May 17, 2019 to make a not-so-supernatural war in Smash Soulcraftery.

Warpler's Force returnsEdit

The Warpler's Force returned on the same day, with new locations for engines, and Engine Room 24 still has the French Stars Leprechaun and Ladybird Girl, and the Ghost of Lundstrom no longer appeared. However, the Warpler Staff became stronger in general, not only to the highest 120 of the Warpler population, but to every blazered. There will also be a flurry of Warpler Ghosts exiting the engine.

War in Smash SoulrafteryEdit

On September 8, the soulcrafted Lip saw Vimto (Lundstrom-minded Phazon entity) and she was so wildly powerful against Vimto at Smash Soulcraftery that it did not cause any trouble for a-lpha, with the Electric Mice having only 6800-7200 power score, and Lip at over 8,900, shows that power score did work for once.

On September 24, she did not have much determination (possibly because the unseen five-member clan which was unknown at the time was not present) but VimtoSlush said:

  • [21:30] ​That Mii constantly screaming is making my ears hurt.

Karthiumscope ObservationsEdit

On September 13, there were two Karthiumscope observations:

  • The Disney Panorama Edge revealed that there is a Schtroumpfette Sirène (a Smurf/Merma) behind the Disney Monument and 900km away from the Karthiumscope. She has 8,903 power score.
    • The Finite Versesystem has seen the original Schtroumpfette with 7,830 power score, four years before this observation
    • The Karthiumcope also saw Smurfgrove, a site with an average lifestate power score of 7,500
  • The Redditorium Panorama Edge revealed that the Bellwethering Redditorium's exclusive power is being able to see lifestates through structures,

Tragedy becomes WarEdit

During The_Second_Group_Anniversary, an event hosted on September 15/16, 2019:

  • Because it was hosted on a Sunday, the Warpler's Force was under pressure, and therefore...
  • Lundstrom's Electrotraitor Flying Imp raided the event.
    • The flying imp attacked the Discord Tetramount under the influence of an imposter Alpha, resulting in a port blackout for a very short period of time:
      • [22:07]Snowie:@Alpha
      • [22:07]Snowie:him
      • [22:07]Rodan:Eh man
      • [22:07]Snowie:not alphazelf
      • [22:07]Snowie:it was
      • [22:07]Rodan:Eh man
      • [22:07]Snowie:alpha
      • [22:07]Dan aka Bony :V:BONY WHAT
      • [22:07]Snowie:@Alpha
      • [22:07]Snowie:him
      • [22:07]D⚠B ⚠LERT:+mute @I HAVE NITRO INSURANCE "1d"
      • [22:07]BOTSALT B🚫T:@D⚠B ⚠LERT, User muted successfully for 1d!
  • Separate from that incident, a new Lundstrom clone was found in the event:
    • [23:26]Rodan:Invaltro is irrelevant
    • >[23:26]Invaltro:You went to kill me. @I HAVE NITRO INSURANCE
    • [23:26]silence:2m for 2 years
    • [23:26]Invaltro:Keep talking 🤬 mate. @Rodan
    • ...
    • >[23:27]Invaltro:Don't shoot me. @I HAVE NITRO INSURANCE
    • [23:27]Rodan:and im not bipolar irl
    • ...
    • [23:40]I HAVE NITRO INSURANCE:@Invaltro Be more of a welcoming, non-strict member. Don't be that "Phazon Entity" that did even worse to me
    • [23:40]jon:I was good for a while up until now
    • [23:40]jon:Trying to get into a server for an hour
    • [23:40]dabbing loli:guys should i make the cake today or should i make it tomorrow since tomorrow is the actual anniversary
    • >[23:40]Invaltro:Welcoming when you were shooting me
    • >[23:40]Invaltro:Which is why I killed y ou
    • [23:40]Invaltro:Ok.
    • [23:41]Invaltro:Don't shoot and I wont kill?
  • The above incident has spread to one of only 3 ports that link to Smash Soulcraftery:
    • [23:34] Kaled || Third Party Gang: they also have in common that I still have no clue who they are
    • [23:34] Terry Bogard is a Chad: 🤬'
    • [23:34] Terry Bogard is a Chad: You’re playing shooter what happened to the memes suck thing you had going on there?
    • [23:36] Terry Bogard is a Chad: Also the amount of servers you’re in disgusts me
    • [23:38] Kaled || Third Party Gang: gordon thinks he's a chad because only three servers accepted him
  • On top of all that, the Haze Clone Lia was playing this event, but her name was changed to "Golden", likely imitating the existence of a new Haze clone, and in-turn reinforcing the theory that Haze flew away from the alphaverse and introduced Haze clones there.
  • a-lpha was given a second Nitro Booster gem from that event, and it became the first and only gem to be placed at the shrine of the JP on Agario discord server. New Redditoria at the tetramount did not appear until a-lpha picked up the Nitro gem, first noticed on September 17. It will be karthiumscoped on September 18.

Karthiumscope ObservationsEdit

On September 16, the Twitter Monument discovered a new Emoji Empire. An observation showed that the HPR was lower before 2019 despite having a Merma species, and this is due to the absence of a spirit. The Merma Empire in 2017 is in the same boat.

22 days after Kisooko soulcrafted Inosuke-Hashibira, Kisooko soulcrafted Kisooko Jr. on September 18

The observations on September 13 continue on September 19 in the luminities of the Disney Monument:

  1. Sofia I is not the only Panorama member to become both a Sirene and a Spirit. There is Nereus with 7,443 power score, and Tressa, with 10,891 power core. In fact, both recently observed members are both Spirits and Sirenes simultaneously.
  2. The Tantabus is a "Prophet", and has 13,032 power score.
  3. Bubbles becomes the fastest lifestate in the Continent of Theon

Warpler Attack on the Kooth ArmyEdit

Two incidents on September 20:

1. In the Warpler, Lavers gave a semantic field of the eldritch location under the Versesystem that a burdenate fissured open to release a reaper brigade to the Redditorium Planetary System.

  1. The engine used valued quotes from Shifegrimu on July 29, when he was attacking a "virtual Lifestate", similar to the one "Sofia I" used to score 5.9 million in the Red Color Constant. It was aimed at a location directly under the Redditorium Planetary System, and the Reaper Brigade opened up when Shifegrimu accidentally fissured that location open.
  2. Shifegrimu and the Partners of Shife raided Engine 2 of the Warpler. They attacked the French Stars Leprechaun, Ladybird Girl and her mouse, followed by the Kooths. Kooth-spike has been injured, having a crack on its "antropomorthic armored piston cannonball" head.
  3. a-lpha described Shifegrimu as "the real enemy", resulting in Lavers and other warpler staff to attack. a-lpha "had enough of this". The result is an unpunitive jailing from all except the main engine, as Lavers becomes covetous for apologies.
  4. Somehow, the Ghost of Lundstrom was not there to make this worse.

Distant Reddit Monument Stampede and ObservationsEdit

2. The Area 51 trend revolution was detonated. It has spread to a large amount of Discord tetramount ports and the Reddit tetramount.

  1. The trend revolution was wide enough to create a new special animal for the Owobot Engine, and it has caused the engine to be shut down by Lundstrom's Electrotraitor flying imp. However, a-lpha captured the alien before the engine shut down a second time.
  2. A small portion of the hundred million blazereds from the Pewdz Gangery generated a stampede upon the site they raided, which is outside the Continent of Theon.
  3. It is presumed that they have raided a site of Redditoria, it's not the Reddit Monument, it's not Space Base (which has been demolished by Hyper Spicy prior to the trend revolution), and it's not deep into the Redditorium Planetary system, because there is no mass-transit ability there. This has to be the Distant Reddit Monument, the location where the Redditoria Shells evolved in before visiting the alphaverse. It is 2,000km away from there, and Redditoria used the Redditorium Planetary System and their spaceships to reach that location.
    1. The origin of the Distant Reddit Monument is where Spring Titania raised several Redditoria in low-altitude stellar objects that are part of the Redditorium Planetary System, and raised all of the redditoria between 2006 and 2017.
  4. Open_Lobby_345 took place in the Red Color Constant under the influence of the trend.

The observations of the Distant Reddit Monument continue on September 21

  1. The first hundred planets of the Redditorium Planetary System seen by the Karthiumscope have full-on Redditoria in its vision.
  2. About 150 planets into the vision, the Karthiumscope's sight has made it out of the Continent of Theon, and the higher planets of the Redditorium Planetary System was only 2% redditoria, as a result of a space elevator linking to Pewdz's monument.
  3. 1,200 planets in, and it has revealed that the first few Redditorium Chicks originated in September 2015. About 60 planets later, it becomes bleak and empty for the next 620.
  4. In Port D5, it was revealed that the Relic Princess, Grassen Nightshade has not appeared with the other two, likely as a result of Hyper Spicy demolishing Space Base.
    1. Instead of a new Redditorium appearing for September 2019's Disney exchange, Ovto Nightshade appeared instead, likely as a result of the Distant Reddit Monument being raided. She was also one of the Redditoria that escaped to the Reddit Planetary System.
    2. Nonetheless, the strongest Redditoria new to the party are an Ice Climber, and the Eldritch Frame.
  5. Looking deep into Port D*5, the first major Redditorium Shell was a "Friendly Demon" representing the 2011th and 2012th Hallowtide Parties.
    1. There were no Redditorium Spirit shells, but there were 3 Zombies, one Icarus, several Wizards and a King.
    2. There was also Redditoria Shells shared between characters in Panorama [B]: Cloud Strife, Link and Villager.
    3. Both Reddit Monuments have leaders that both appeared in 2012.

Shifeling Army Attacks on WWEdit

The incidents with Wun Wun's Discord Tetramount port on June 18 repeated on September 23. The cause was unknown. a-lpha used the same member that was used to restore that port, but instead in the Sun Knights port as he left the JPWW port:

  1. [19:21] a(❂)lpii: @☬❂☬ SHARK Ivite me back to Wun Wun's discord server
  2. [19:23] a(❂)lpii: You left JPWW and you're only in Sun Knights and Owobot's server
  3. [19:25] ☬❂☬ SHARK: @a(❂)lpii i was banned around 3 hours ago
  4. [19:26] ☬❂☬ SHARK: another person by the name alpha also asked me to invite them back too
  5. [19:26] ☬❂☬ SHARK: maybe the server got deleted?
  6. [19:26] ☬❂☬ SHARK: he asked around 3 hours ago
  7. [19:27] ☬❂☬ SHARK: ive sent a frriend request to akela i'll ask him about it

It was assumed that the port had been destroyed by the Shifeling Army:

  1. [19:29] a(❂)lpii: :weary:
  2. [19:39] a(❂)lpii: I HATE WAITING
  4. [19:52] ☬❂☬ SHARK: lol
  5. [19:52] ☬❂☬ SHARK: @a(❂)lpii
  6. [19:52] ☬❂☬ SHARK: it got deleted
  7. [19:52] ☬❂☬ SHARK: making a new

In the new port, Shark linked the Owobot engine to this port within a minute after the port has been linked:

  1. Roses are red, violets are blue, Get Mac Laid Before 21 joined this server with you. Today at 19:50
  2. [19:50] Get Mac Laid Before 21: Lmao
  3. ιvory ·₊̣̇. has joined the server! It's super effective!Today at 19:50
  4. [19:50] Get Mac Laid Before 21: The third WWC channel
  5. [19:50] ιvory ·₊̣̇.: who
  6. [19:50] ιvory ·₊̣̇.: what
  7. [19:50] ιvory ·₊̣̇.: where
  8. [19:50] ιvory ·₊̣̇.: when
  9. [19:50] ιvory ·₊̣̇.: why
  10. [19:50] ιvory ·₊̣̇.: how
  11. [19:50] Get Mac Laid Before 21: Is there even a point in making a new discord anyways? Lol
  12. [19:50] shark: why not
  13. [19:51] shark: akela will do all the work
  14. [19:51] ιvory ·₊̣̇.: yes
  15. [19:51] Get Mac Laid Before 21: Lol yeah
  16. [19:51] shark: hes a loser
  17. [19:51] ιvory ·₊̣̇.: akela isnt a girl?
  18. [19:51] ιvory ·₊̣̇.: :triumph:
  19. [19:51] shark: ofc not
  20. [19:51] shark: what female is that much of a 🤬ed 🤬
  21. [19:51] ιvory ·₊̣̇.: trap
  22. Cookie just joined. Everyone, look busy!. Today at 19:56
  23. [19:56] Cookie: What even happened lmao
  24. We've been expecting you Addy ღ. Today at 20:00
  25. [20:01] Addy ღ: What happened?
  26. [20:05] Get Mac Laid Before 21: Someone deleted WWC
  27. [20:05] Get Mac Laid Before 21: again
  28. [20:06] Get Mac Laid Before 21: And I thought someone was an insensitive prick and kicked me because I said something in it for the first time in like a month
  29. [20:06] Get Mac Laid Before 21: I was asking for mod so I could make an innocent text change that people wouldve eventually noticed
  30. [20:06] Get Mac Laid Before 21: if they ever got back on discord again, LMAO
  31. [20:06] Get Mac Laid Before 21: because who the 🤬 would do that? Other than me rn
  32. [20:18] shark: @Cookie does the old one exist
  33. [20:18] shark: go invite all the other losers who were in it
  34. It's dangerous to go alone, take a-lphazelf! Today at 20:19
  35. [20:19] shark: fun
  36. A OwO has spawned in the server. Today at 20:20
  37. [20:20] a-lphazelf: @Addy ღ who thought it was a good idea to delete the second WWC
  38. [20:20] a-lphazelf: owoh
  39. [20:20] shark: owoh
  40. [20:20] shark: yeah cry who thought it was a good idea to delete the main wwc
  41. [20:21] Addy ღ: idk
  42. [20:21] a-lphazelf: it doesn't have the :yay: emote
  43. [20:21] shark: interesting
  44. [20:21] shark: someone invite akela
  45. [20:21] shark: he'll be our bigboy who does everything again.

Shifeling Army Attacks on Smash SoulcrafteryEdit

On September 24, the Shifeling Army started raiding Smash Soulcraftery, when they noticed a-lpha's soulcrafted Lip, and has spread to a Discord Tetramount port.

  1. [22:30]Sans? NO! ⛔🔨:>Vimto Slush: That Mii constantly screaming is making my ears hurt.
  2. [22:30]4/10 on the Doomguy Gang scale:?
  3. [23:16]Sans? NO! ⛔🔨:Lee Wallis: watching that really ugly mii die is super satisfying
    1. Ori-Ori: That shouldn’t hit
    2. a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming: THAT MII IS NOT UGLY
  4. [23:16]Sans? NO! ⛔🔨:Kick the bot that is autodeleting my messages
  5. [23:16]Back in business:...
  6. [23:17]Back in business:Not gonna kick a bot for you
  7. [23:17]Back in business:Format them better or they’ll be deleted
  8. [23:18]Back in business:Bro...
  9. [23:19]Sans? NO! ⛔🔨:I am handicapped by tablet
  10. [23:19]Back in business:Here’s a hint
  11. [23:20]Back in business:A 200 word message can be split into 2 100 word messages
  12. [23:22]Sans? NO! ⛔🔨:Ori-Ori: That mii is cute, a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  13. [23:25]Sans? NO! ⛔🔨:​VimtoSlush: If it's cute, why has that thing got an irritating screaming voice

Haze Tragedy becomes WarEdit

On September 26, it was revealed that Invaltro contributed to the Haze Tragedy, and one of the Haze clones show affection to the real Haze:

  1. [14:58] Invaltro: Ew
  2. [14:58] Invaltro: 🤬 haze
  3. [14:58] fake loli: Haze is sweet
  4. [14:58] fake loli: I like her
  5. ...
  6. [15:00] I HAVE NITRO INSURANCE: Recruiting invaltro made this chat worse
  7. [15:00] Kim Jong Un is my uncle: imagine me playing us and teaming with you guys
  8. [15:00] Invaltro: Dead
  9. [15:00] fake loli: Imagine teaming
  10. [15:00] con j❤n tron: :blobcute:
  11. [15:00] Invaltro: @I HAVE NITRO INSURANCE Haze 🤬ed me up mentally
  12. [15:00] Invaltro: 🤷‍♂️
  13. [15:00] fake loli: Haze is better than
  14. [15:00] Kim Jong Un is my uncle: imagine me coming

1.5 hours later, the same Lundstrom clone starts making the Group hostile due to the absence of Haze

  1. >[16:31] B🚫NER⚠LERT: Yo @I HAVE NITRO INSURANCE get a new gf
  2. [16:31] B🚫NER⚠LERT: Move on
  3. >[16:31] Invaltro: Can people get over haze
  4. [16:31] Zao's apprentice: anyone who can decode can use the channel
  5. [16:31] Invaltro: She literally is not even a good person lmao
  6. [16:31] Invaltro: Ask me or microwave
  7. [16:31] Zao's apprentice: its international
  8. [16:31] Invaltro: we’ll tell you what she’s done
  9. >[16:31] Invaltro: Shes gone so please drop it
  10. >[16:31] Invaltro: Thanks
  11. ...
  12. [16:33] Invaltro: Dude,
  13. >[16:34] Invaltro: Stop talking about haze.
  14. >[16:34] Invaltro: Boner told you to drop it
  15. >[16:34] Invaltro: As did I.
  16. [16:34] Dog [MALLIE GANG]: Who's haze.
  17. [16:34] Dog [MALLIE GANG]: What's this.
  18. ...
  19. [16:47] L🎃rd 🧙♂Barathe🎃n is 🎃ur her🎃: The group turned from welcoming to hostile in 18 months.
  20. [16:47] L🎃rd 🧙♂Barathe🎃n is 🎃ur her🎃: It is not as hostile as Forizen1's community though
  21. >[16:54] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: Drop the topic.

A new Karthium Boss appearsEdit

During this incident, a new Karthium Boss appears, but does not do anything.

Baratheon's 2019th Hallowtide PartyEdit

As Hyper Spicy Gerald has not been defeated by October 1, 2019, which is 1 year after Project DotA started, the Disaster of Mystery continues into the 2019th Hallowtide Party.

Lord Baratheon tells everyone in the Hallowtide Pit about the incidents between November 2018 and now, including some demolition of spookiness and Hyper Spicy Gerald's attacks in the site. Baratheon also mentions his dead sphinx and congratulates Eldritch Frame for resurrecting Baratheon's Sphinx in the form of a pharaoh.

By the time October reaches the ultimate final day, he plans on defeating Hyper Spicy with his army of Halloween lifestates to end the disaster for once. Lord Baratheon still does not know that this karthium boss exists, as she appeared from far behind the Blobmoji Pit

Observations in the Warpler and Smash SoulcrafteryEdit

On October 1, 2019 at 11:47:32 in the Warpler's third of five WEOs, a-lpha saw five lifestates contributing the LORIC Clan, with an average lifestate powerscore of 5,300.

5.6 hours later, a-lpha found a Discount 🧚‍♀️, with ~10,500 power score

Hostility in a Discord Tetramount PortEdit

This incident happened on Octtober 5, 2019:

  1. [14:40] Yoeri: sick
  2. [14:42] James: ugh ^^
  3. [14:42] James: @Maddy
  4. [14:42] a-lphazelf: What is the WHOLE POINT of this channel if you don't give perms to upload images
  5. [14:42] James: there should appea a screenshot
  6. [14:42] a-lphazelf: DO NOT DELETE MY IMAGE
  7. [14:43] James: i didn't :p but you better calm down lol
  8. [14:43] a-lphazelf: @Maddy
  9. [14:43] Maddy: don't tag me
  10. [14:43] a-lphazelf: WHY DID YOU DELETE MY IMAGE
  11. [14:43] Maddy: cuz
  12. >[14:43] Maddy: it wasn't an image
  13. [14:44] a-lphazelf: IT WAS AN IMAGE BUT WAS NOT SET TO EMBEDDED
  14. >[14:44] James: Can you stop capsing
  15. [14:44] Loofah:
  16. [14:44] Loofah: I make customs :slight_smile:
  17. [14:44] James: you need to upload the pics
  18. [14:44] a-lphazelf: I am mad
  19. [14:44] James: not send a link

Lord Vista attacks ZeldaformeEdit

Five hours after that incident, Lord Vista brainwashes two members at the room in Zeldaforme raised by Project DotA, after engines were zapped by Lundstrom's Electrotraitor Flying Imp:

  1. [18:24] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: :nobulli:
  2. [18:25] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: @Kala🌹 he is offline
  3. [18:25] we want agar vids 🤬s sake:
  4. [18:25] we want agar vids 🤬s sake:
  5. [18:58] Kala🌹: He is back
  6. [19:11] My power score is 4372: Because my computer autorestarted
  7. [19:13] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: oh noes
  8. [19:16] My power score is 4372: But now that we're actually here with 4 members online, you gotta know that there is currently an event known as Baratheon's 2019th Hallowtide Party.
    1. On October 31 this chat will host an event where we use these emotes. It will be from 5PM UTC until midnight. We gotta start recruiting members so we can get as many people as possible(edited)
  9. [19:16] My power score is 4372: use the #invite
  10. [19:19] Kala🌹: WHY IS SAUNA GIRL NOT THERE
  11. [19:21] we want agar vids 🤬s sake:
  12. [19:22] Kala🌹: U belong to the redteam strijd
  13. [19:22] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: salute !!!!
  14. [19:22] Kala🌹: Clown face
  15. [19:22] we want agar vids 🤬s sake:
  16. [19:22] Kala🌹: U dont deserve to be shife
  17. [19:22] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: i am
  18. [19:23] Kala🌹: No me
  19. [19:24] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: i dont see any more shifegrimus than i posted earlier
  20. [19:24] Kala🌹: Ure lord vista
  21. [19:24] Kala🌹: Aka clown face
  22. [19:25] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: not true
  23. [19:25] Kala🌹: Ask a-lp
  24. [19:25] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: @My power score is 4372 does lord vista equals clown face
  25. [19:25] Kala🌹: My power score is 4372 Today at 21.26: Yes
  26. [19:26] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: u said yes n see wtf to make it look like he psoted it
  27. [19:26] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: ss or riot
  28. [19:26] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: nooobooooooo
  29. [19:27] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: also u 🤬ed up with .
  30. [19:27] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: its with :
  31. [19:27] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: Today at 21:26
  32. [19:27] Kala🌹: Well 🤬 u
  33. [19:27] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: :feelsfunnyman:
  34. [19:27] Kala🌹: Too bad
  35. [19:27] Kala🌹: Its him!!
  36. [19:27] Kala🌹: @My power score is 4372
  37. [19:27] Kala🌹: Answer or riot
  38. [19:27] Kala🌹: Also say yes or riot
  39. [19:28] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: say no or riot
  40. [19:28] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: @My power score is 4372
  41. [19:28] Kala🌹: Yes
  42. [19:28] Kala🌹: Yes
  43. [19:28] Kala🌹: Yes
  44. [19:28] Kala🌹: Yes
  45. [19:29] Kala🌹: eyqUj3PGHv4
  46. [19:29] Kala🌹: Y e s
  47. [19:29] Kala🌹: Also watch this or riot ^
  48. [19:29] Kala🌹: @My power score is 4372
  49. [19:32] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: lets riot
  50. [19:32] we want agar vids 🤬s sake:
  51. [19:36] My power score is 4372: Maybe not mess with me when I'm doing stuff in IDLE
    1. actually recruit some members using the #invite
  52. [19:36] BOTa-artifact Signal [!]: GG @My power score is 4372, you just advanced to level 17!
  53. [19:38] Kala🌹: Deadddd
  54. [19:38] Kala🌹: No cz you are being rude
  55. [19:38] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: answer or leave
  56. [19:38] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: i mean
  57. [19:38] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: yes
  58. [19:38] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: !!!!
  59. [19:38] Kala🌹: I was going to invite but now I won't
  60. [19:39] Kala🌹: Your fault not mine
  61. [19:43] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: ikr
  62. [19:43] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: pay attention to ur lumicons
  63. [19:43] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: they riot all te way
  64. [19:45] My power score is 4372: >[19:25] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: @My power score is 4372 does lord vista equals clown face
    1. Lord Vista is not a clown face, Lord Vista is a 🦹‍♂️
    2. Just saying this so he does not attempt to destroy this room by brainwashing you. @we want agar vids 🤬s sake @Kala🌹
  65. [19:46] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  66. [19:46] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: @Kala🌹
  67. [19:46] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: !!!!!!!!!!!!
  68. [19:46] Kala🌹: Damn you a-lp
  69. [19:46] Kala🌹: All you had to say was yes
  70. [19:48] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: heeeheheheee
  71. [19:49] Kala🌹: He's team tottenham tho
  72. [19:49] Kala🌹: Sucker
  73. [19:50] we want agar vids 🤬ssake: TWATTENHAM
  74. [19:50] Kala🌹: N i am soon too if u keep talking shite
  75. [19:50] Kala🌹: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
  76. [19:50] Kala🌹: Im shife
  77. [19:51] Kala🌹: U not
  78. [19:55] My power score is 4372: I want Halloween to be good and not ruined by you being brainwashed by Lord Vista
  79. [19:56] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: @Kala🌹
  80. [19:56] we want agar vids 🤬ssake: !!!!!
  81. [19:56] My power score is 4372: Please recruit some members
  82. [19:57] My power score is 4372: and don't let this room get dusty from inactivity

Here Lord Vista has brainwashed Tla so much to almost cause the media spire to fail:

  1. [20:01] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: F
  2. [20:01] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: U CORRUPT BYE
  3. [20:02] Kala🌹: :clown: :clown:
  4. [20:02] My power score is 4372: :nobulli:
  5. [20:02] Kala🌹: :clown:
  6. [20:02] Kala🌹: :clown: :clown: :clown: :clown: :clown: :clown: :clown: :clown: :clown: :clown: :clown: :clown:
  7. [20:02] Kala🌹: Thx a-lpiii
  8. [20:03] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: IM LEAVING
  9. [20:03] My power score is 4372: DO NOT LEAVE :pandaping:
  10. [20:04] Kala🌹: :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
  11. [20:04] we want agar vids 🤬s sake: or?
  12. [20:04] Kala🌹: Riotttt
  13. [20:04] Kala🌹: Or he'll be happy.forever

This incident spliced with the 2019 Media Spire crisis. As a result of the stalling, leaving Piou and Tla as the only reservoirs for media spire expansion, and not being in the Agar section of the Red Color Constant has caused Piou's port in the Discord Tetramount to become dangerously hostile:

  2. [20:52] BOTMee6 (!): GG you bad player, @a-lphazelf, you just advanced to level 4, try to do better next time, you noob (except LU ofc)!
  3. [20:52] a-lphazelf: :pandaping:
  4. [20:55] a-lphazelf: :nobulli:
  5. >[20:55] 🐣ᴾᶦᵒᵘ: It's good idea for me to delete this kind of message from a ghost member who only talk to share his discord :shrug:
  6. >[20:56] 🐣ᴾᶦᵒᵘ: Without authorization
  7. [20:56] a-lphazelf: CAN I have authorization PLS
  8. >[20:56] 🐣ᴾᶦᵒᵘ: No
  9. >[20:56] 🐣ᴾᶦᵒᵘ: We don't share discord server here
  10. [20:57] 🐣ᴾᶦᵒᵘ: I can warn people about your event without sharing the discord if you want
  11. [20:57] 🐣ᴾᶦᵒᵘ: That's all
  12. [20:58] 🐣ᴾᶦᵒᵘ: And if someone is interested, you'll send your link in private message to these guys
  13. [20:58] a-lphazelf: @🐣ᴾᶦᵒᵘ I want to recruit members from this server
  14. [20:59] 🐣ᴾᶦᵒᵘ: Rules aren't updated :shrug:
  15. [20:59] 🐣ᴾᶦᵒᵘ: Lazy and not the time to change
  16. [21:00] a-lphazelf: I want to be a well known member and not a ghost member

The rise of the Lundstrom ClonesEdit

The above incidents with the Ghost of Lundstrom, Ghost of British demon, VimtoSlush, Invaltro, and an additional one brainwashing Piou, on top of the demonic magic waves from Lord Vista (all separate from Hyper Spicy Gerald and the Shifeling Army) has lead to a theory that Lundstrom and British demon's pix flakes had been soulcrafted by Demonishife into VimtoSlush, Invaltro, and the Lundstrom Clone that brainwashed Piou. It was later revealed that the Lundstrom clone that brainwashed Piou was the Karthium Boss that was found on September 26.

The reason why Demonishife did this is because she wanted to take revenge against the Media Spire for killing Lundstrom and British demon. She however did not target Lesser Axero and Sauna Girl, who killed Lundstrom (on October 11, 2018) and British demon (April 30, 2018) respectively, and both lumicons are still with a-lpha to this day

With the above incident, it was revealed that the hostility of Piou was averted, and inverted any damage done to the Hallowtide Party. The Karthium Boss brainwashed LU to a greater extent, however:

  1. [21:05] a-lphazelf: I want to play with you in, but then you just went around being hostile to me instead of letting the Media Spire grow
  2. >[21:14] 🐣ᴾᶦᵒᵘ: I'm not hostile, it's normal to ask before to share an event
  3. [21:15] 🐣ᴾᶦᵒᵘ: I did it with everyone, not only you
  4. [21:17] Can Piou not be hostile to me: you just came here just to turn my reputation at this chat negative just because I was not active (editing a video for NINE MONTHS now)
    1. And yes, I will share the event that is hosted at my chat so that I can have a stable community there
  5. [21:20] 🐣ᴾᶦᵒᵘ: Don't be so offended for a post deleted :shrug:
    1. Anyway, think what you want, i don't have the mood to argue for such futile things
  6. [21:21] 🐣ᴾᶦᵒᵘ: 21:57] 🐣ᴾᶦᵒᵘ: I can warn people about your event without sharing the discord if you want
  7. [21:22] 🐣ᴾᶦᵒᵘ: 21:58] 🐣ᴾᶦᵒᵘ: And if someone is interested, you'll send your link in private message to these guys
  8. [21:22] 🐣ᴾᶦᵒᵘ: I think it's enough
  9. [21:24] Can Piou not be hostile to me: Just do that then
  10. >[21:24] LU. •: @Can Piou not be hostile to me Piou just told you it wasn't allowed, there was nothing hostile. After all, it's his server, with his rules. You can't just come here, share some event because you feel like so without even asking if you can like it's your server while it's not. Your reputation, who cares about it? If you're not fine with that, just leave, your name is just disrespectful towards the owner of this server.
  11. [21:25] 🐣ᴾᶦᵒᵘ: Make a post to me with what you'd like to say (without a ping in your post) and i'll copy paste it in #news for agar players
  12. [21:25] Can Piou not be hostile to me: where do I do that though
  13. [21:26] 🐣ᴾᶦᵒᵘ: Here
  14. [21:32] Can Piou not be hostile to me: "If anyone is interested, on October 31, there will be an event hosted at my chat that will start at 5PM and will continue until midnight, and we use the emotes from the table located there"
  15. [21:34] 🐣ᴾᶦᵒᵘ: @Can Piou not be hostile to me can i have the UTC hour?
  16. [21:34] Can Piou not be hostile to me: it's 5PM UTC until midnight
  17. [21:34] 🐣ᴾᶦᵒᵘ: On agario right?
  18. [21:35] 🐣ᴾᶦᵒᵘ: @Can Piou not be hostile to me
  19. [21:35] Can Piou not be hostile to me: yes
  20. [21:35] 🐣ᴾᶦᵒᵘ: k
  21. [21:39] 🐣ᴾᶦᵒᵘ: Tbh, i think your announcement is too early
  22. [21:39] 🐣ᴾᶦᵒᵘ: I mean, people will forget it
  23. [21:40] 🐣ᴾᶦᵒᵘ: We're only October 5
  24. [21:40] Can Piou not be hostile to me: I mean it's the Halloween Season right now

The Rise of Super-lifeEdit

On October 8, there is an increase of super-life from a source that is [far] outside the Continent of Theon, first noticed in Engine One of the Warpler, where blazered burdenates talk about faers without knowing that they are hostile to them. They caused shenanigans including invalidating the natural definition of the hierarchy and luxstates, as a-lpha is neutral and the blazereds are burdenates, and no lifestate in the Warpler is a superlife:


came from one of the blazereds.

On the same day, they tried to attack the French Stars Leprechaun, causing him to try and keep peace by playing music.

Reconstructing Warpler ArtifactsEdit

Warpler Staff started reconstructing the four artifacts in Engine Two of the Warpler on October 10. They started with the Dragon Snake, and hopefully should include the Ladybird Girl, her mouse and the French Stars Leprechaun.

Warpler AttackEdit

2.7 hours later, a-lpha enters engine 1 from engine A11, causing every lifestate in Engine 1 to be freaked out. The humor was immediately ruined by the Warpler Staff in Engine A11, causing a-lpha to escape into the main engine rooms. The Warpler Staff in question is not Lundstrom, but another strict staff

The day after, in the Second Operation Break, a-lpha has found the Perfectly Social Septuplet, and found that there is a Spirit bound to one of the styllings that form it.

Balanced war against Lundstrom BrigadeEdit

On October 13, 2019, the following incident occurred:

  1. [18:09] METALGOD: ?mute @B🎃NERWEEN👻
  2. [18:09] B🎃NERWEEN👻: pew!
  3. [18:09] METALGOD: 🤬
  4. [18:09] t o r d: >:D
  5. [18:09] 8: MOOOOOOOO
  7. [18:09] B🎃NERWEEN👻: :greenSquare:
  8. [18:09] C🎃rrupt Y: pew
  9. [18:09] METALGOD: pew
  10. [18:09] METALGOD: ha
  12. [18:10] 8: YOU MONSTER
  13. [18:10] 🌙Nightmares🌙: HOW DARE YOU
  14. [18:10] 🌙Nightmares🌙: I WILL DEMOTE YOU
  15. [18:10] C🎃rrupt Y:
  16. [18:10] 🌙Nightmares🌙: GIVE ME OWNER SO I CAN DEMOTE YOU
  17. ...
  18. [18:12] lit: :hamburger: I GOT ONE TOO. IF YOU SHOOT THIS ONE....
  19. [18:12] 🌙Nightmares🌙: hes dead
  20. [18:12] 🌙Nightmares🌙: NO
  21. [18:12] 🌙Nightmares🌙: DONT DO IT BONER

The above incident was a pre-shock to the below incident:

  1. [18:14] L🎃rd 🧙♂Barathe🎃n is 🎃ur her🎃: @🌙Nightmares🌙 I would rather demote Invaltro than Metalgod
  2. [18:14] 🌙Nightmares🌙: dab = ocean
  3. [18:14] 🌙Nightmares🌙: Well duh
  4. [18:14] lit: I’m not dab
  5. [18:14] 🌙Nightmares🌙: That guy's rude
  6. [18:14] lit: Who is dab
  7. [18:14] lit: LOL
  8. [18:14] 🌙Nightmares🌙: I don't like invaltro very much
  9. [18:14] lit: 🤬 my 🤬🤬
  10. [18:14] 🌙Nightmares🌙: He doesn't seem very nice

Omni starts to spread an Internet Disease into the port, which had already spread thousands of Internet Diseases before

  1. [18:16] L🎃rd 🧙♂Barathe🎃n is 🎃ur her🎃: I frown on invaltro because:
    1. [23:27]Invaltro: Don't shoot me. @I HAVE NITRO INSURANCE
    2. and
    3. [16:34] Invaltro: Stop talking about haze.
  2. [18:16] BONER SAID STOP: @Nightmares 🤬 u ;-;
  3. [18:16] B🎃NERWEEN👻: oh wait i see spam
  4. [18:16] Omni: Sorry boner
  5. [18:16] Nightmares: Too bad
  6. [18:16] BONER SAID STOP: ^
  7. [18:16] 🌙Nightmares🌙: @Invaltr🕸 GET REKT NUB
  9. [18:16] BONER SAID STOP: SPAM!
  10. [18:16] lit: Ew omni
  11. [18:16] B🎃NERWEEN👻: yep i manually muted

Lit gets humorstunned by Omni's Internet Disease:

  1. [18:17] 🌙Nightmares🌙: @B🎃NERWEEN👻 it wasn't his fault dear lord, please unmute him
  2. [18:17] lit: LOL
  3. [18:17] lit: LMFAO
  4. [18:17] lit: LMAO
  5. [18:17] B🎃NERWEEN👻: hey when u post something i think we are all smart enough to get it the firt time
  6. [18:17] lit: LMAOOO
  7. [18:17] 🌙Nightmares🌙: The salt from invaltro lead him to make that descision
  8. [18:17] lit: LOL
  9. [18:17] lit: LOLOLOL
  10. [18:17] B🎃NERWEEN👻: no need to post it over 6 times

The enemy Invaltro appears and attacks a-lpha:

  1. [18:17] L🎃rd 🧙♂Barathe🎃n is 🎃ur her🎃: :nobulli:
  2. [18:18] Nightmares: Omni say no if you’re not 🤬
  3. >[18:18] Invaltr🕸: @L🎃rd 🧙♂Barathe🎃n is 🎃ur her🎃 The fact that you’re STILL hating on me because of what I said about haze is extremely immature. Grow the 🤬 up before you put my name in your mouth.
  4. [18:18] lit: Omni entertains me
  5. [18:18] lit: LOL
  6. [18:18] Nightmares: So Omni is 🤬
  7. [18:18] B🎃NERWEEN👻: so the music bots are back :panparty:
  8. [18:18] B🎃NERWEEN👻: :pepejam:
  9. [18:18] 🌙Nightmares🌙: @Invaltr🕸 You don't see the problem?
  10. [18:18] 🌙Nightmares🌙: The server hates you
  11. [18:18] 🌙Nightmares🌙: No one likes you
  12. [18:18] L🎃rd 🧙♂Barathe🎃n is 🎃ur her🎃: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  13. [18:18] 🌙Nightmares🌙: You're mean

The imposter Alpha that caused Lundstrom's Flying Imp to cause a powercut during a past event gets humorstunned:

  1. [18:18] Alpha: LOL
  2. [18:18] Alpha: LOL
  3. [18:18] B🎃NERWEEN👻: hey thats not nice to say guys
  4. [18:18] lit: LOL
  5. [18:18] Invaltr🕸: You’re the problem.
  6. [18:18] 🌙Nightmares🌙: SHUT UP ALPHA
  7. [18:18] R.I.P Glen: @🌙Nightmares🌙 shut the 🤬 up with your piece of 🤬 attitude
  8. [18:18] B🎃NERWEEN👻: stop spamming!
  9. [18:18] Alpha: @lit ST🤬U
  10. [18:18] Alpha: LOL
  11. [18:18] Alpha: LOL
  12. [18:18] B🎃NERWEEN👻: and lets not be mean to each other!

During this incident, the Discord Tetramount was zapped by Lundstrom's Electrotraitor Flying Imp.

  1. [18:18] Alpha: LOL
  2. [18:18] Alpha: LOL
  3. [18:19] lit: LOL
  4. [18:19] Alpha: LOL
  5. [18:19] lit: Ok st🤬u
  6. [18:19] Alpha: L
  7. [18:19] lit: No mute
  8. [18:19] Alpha: NO
  9. [18:19] B🎃NERWEEN👻: alpha here is a verbal warning
  10. ...
  11. [18:19] B🎃NERWEEN👻: hey guys i run this joint. dont be mean and say bad things to each other! :blobcool:
  12. [18:19] lit: LOL
  13. [18:19] Invaltr🕸: @🌙Nightmares🌙 “I’m mean” right but you clearly saw that alpha is upset over something that happened over a month ago. Plenty of people like me here, it’s just not you.
  14. ...
  15. [18:19] B🎃NERWEEN👻: and btw i like invaltro he does a good job
  16. [18:19] lit: You wish
  17. [18:20] Suck My (hallo)WEEN: LIT x BLUE
  18. [18:20] 🌙Nightmares🌙: @Invaltr🕸 Name one person other than staff who does.
  19. [18:20] lit: Invaltro is nice
  20. [18:20] 🦃: @lit LOL
  21. [18:20] lit: LOL
  22. [18:20] B🎃NERWEEN👻: lets not all gang up on anyone

The Eldritch Frame leaves the alphaverse earlyEdit

A Karthiumscope Observation on October 13 has revealed that The Eldritch Frame left the Reddit Tetramount on September 23, and the Redditorium Knight, with 7,476 power score took her place. This was likely because she had to start attacking the Shifeling Army during a prior incident.

When they left to Hallowtide on October 1, the Redditorium Knight and Eldritch Frame told a-lpha that the port was destroyed by the Karthium Boss that was first found by a-lpha on September 26. Eldrich Frame revealed that her name was...

Eldritch Frame and Redditorium Knight told Baratheon that Young Demonishife was attacking the alphaverse after they entered the Hallowtide Pit.

Engine 2 Artifacts are endemic outside the Continent of TheonEdit

On October 15, the Warpler Staff recruited Ladybird Boy, naturally defined as endemic in the Continent of Theon, usually in the luminities of Hallowtide Pit. He is less powerful than Ladybird Girl, who was found by warpler staff in a distant pit (at least 3,000km away). French Stars Leprechaun and Ladybird's Mouse are also in the same boat.

Deep mob learning about the LORIC ClanEdit

On October 15, exactly two weeks after the LORIC Clan's discovery, it was revealed that they are the Edge Attributes of Determination. They want to help a-lpha end the 2019 Media Spire Crisis

With only 5,152 powerscore, Resilience of the LORIC Clan is the least powerful deity or anthropomorphic personification thereof, as it only extends to three sites: the alphaverse, the Warpler, and Smash Soulcraftery.

They did the following things:

  1. They gave determination to a-lpha's soulcrafted Lip to defeat VimtoSlush at Smash Soulcraftery on September 8
  2. They helped a-lpha complete the ZRC Panorama, which has 3,108 members as of October 16, 2019

The Entropia DisasterEdit

This short disaster covers 25 hours of the Disaster of Mystery: 8:20 on October 16 to 9:20 on October 17

There was a severe conflict against the Entropia Band and the Lundstrom clone that undermines it, damaging a-lpha physically and causing Warpler Staff (none of them included the Ghost of Lundstrom) to corner him into the dead zone trap of C69. The Lundstrom Clone is covetous for apologies.

The incident is so severe that it was comparable to the Anonymous Commisioner attack on the Discord Tetramount on June 23, 2018, which is 16 months ago.

A new Artifact appearsEdit

Three hours before the Octo-berfest event of October 19, 2019, the lumicon counterpart of Demonishife appears, but does not do anything.

Lundstrom Clone on the doorstep of DiepcordEdit

On October 23, 2019, Invaltro enters Diepcord, causing this incident.

  1. [17:57] Knife Maid: Welcome @Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII :slight_smile:
  2. [17:57] a-lpha theon!: :nobulli:
  3. [17:57] 🚀orange juice: ~!assassinat <== i'm at lunch while trying to get bagelbot spawns help
  4. [17:57] a-lpha theon!: INVALTRO?
  5. [17:57] 🚀orange juice: no
  6. [17:57] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: I’ve been here before, but thank you.
  7. [17:57] 🚀sharpest sbb kitchen knife: u can get it
  8. [17:57] BOT[RDT] BagelBot: :rocket:orange juice assassinates the Twin and gains 5641 XP!
  9. [17:58] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: Yes, Invaltro.
  10. [17:58] 🚀orange juice: hey invaltro
  11. [17:58] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: Hello there.
  12. [17:58] a-lpha theon!: Diepcord's gonna fall apart
  13. [17:58] a-lpha theon!: You blocked too many people
  14. [17:58] 🚀orange juice: ?
  15. [17:58] 🚀sharpest sbb kitchen knife: hi invaltro
  16. [17:59] 🚀orange juice: imagine everyone else knowing someone you don't
  17. [17:59] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: Hello SBB.
  18. [17:59] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: Do you make scripts for this server as well?
  19. [17:59] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: First message here. Lol.
  20. [17:59] 🚀sharpest sbb kitchen knife: uh
  21. [17:59] 🚀sharpest sbb kitchen knife: i do scripts but the mods here don't like scripting
  22. [17:59] BOT[RDT] BagelBot: :rocket:sharpest sbb kitchen knife rams the small crasher and gains 22 XP!
  23. [17:59] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: Hmk, just wondering.
  24. [18:00] 🚀orange juice: sbb is a god at making scripts but i don't think gameplay-altering scripts like spreadscript are allowed here
  25. [18:00] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: He doesn’t do that, don’t worry.
  26. [18:00] a-lpha theon!: See that I have blocked 4 users for friend request spam and nsfw advertizements, and you've blocked 600 people just from your
  27. [18:00] 🚀sharpest sbb kitchen knife: actually i do
  28. [18:00] 🚀orange juice: it's not a bad thing
  29. [18:00] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: Oh.
  30. [18:00] 🚀sharpest sbb kitchen knife: lmao
  31. [18:01] 🚀orange juice: since sbb doesn't seem to play with those scripts, besides in sandbox
  32. [18:01] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: Lol.
  33. [18:01] 🚀sharpest sbb kitchen knife: yeah
  34. [18:01] 🚀sharpest sbb kitchen knife: plus how am i gonna use triangle script on overseer
  35. >[18:01] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: If you see Alphazelf talking about me, just ignore him.
  36. [18:01] 🚀sharpest sbb kitchen knife: ok lmao
  37. [18:01] 🚀sharpest sbb kitchen knife: why
  38. [18:01] 🚀orange juice: do you two, uh, know each other
  39. >[18:01] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: He’s salty over me telling him not to talk about Hazel Eyes in The Group server.
  40. [18:01] 🚀sharpest sbb kitchen knife: lmao
  41. >[18:01] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: Yet I told him to do that months ago.
  42. [18:01] 🚀orange juice: what's hazel eyes lol
  43. [18:01] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: Hazel eyes was a former staff member.
  44. [18:02] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: She left.
  45. [18:02] 🚀orange juice: oh
  46. [18:02] a-lpha theon!: Hazel Eyes is a group member who left The Group on May 4 this year, and has not returned for almost six months
  47. [18:02] 🚀orange juice: i see
  48. [18:02] 🚀orange juice: do you know why she left
  49. [18:03] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: She got salty over getting killed by other group members in diep.
  50. [18:03] a-lpha theon!: Haze was salty over group members killing her, including Zoom, e444, Jean, fakers, etc
  51. [18:03] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: She also harassed other members, like me.
  52. [18:03] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: Manipulated me, and moshrav.
  53. [18:03] 🚀orange juice: wow
  54. >[18:03] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: But I don’t like talking about that.
  55. >[18:04] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: That’s why I told alpha to stop 2 months ago.
  56. [18:04] 🚀orange juice: sounds like this was a bit problematic
  57. >[18:04] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: He hates me for it yet boner told him to stop too and that’s my boss, so.
  58. [18:04] Knife Maid: Let's not bring outside drama here please
  59. [18:04] a-lpha theon!: ^
  60. [18:04] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: Alpha you literally spoke about me first.
  61. [18:04] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: Don’t play dumb.
  62. [18:04] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: :joy:
  63. [18:05] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: Thanks for verifying me btw. @Knife Maid
  64. [18:05] 🚀orange juice: in any case, it's nice to see you back in diepcord
  65. [18:05] Knife Maid: Np
  66. [18:05] 🚀orange juice: it's chill here
  67. [18:05] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: I’m a staff member in The Group, so
  68. [18:05] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: Thanks Orange.
  69. [18:05] 🚀orange juice: yeah
  70. [18:05] 🚀orange juice: i saw you on the top of the memberlist
  71. [18:05] Lord Invaltro ❖ XIII: Mhm.
  72. [18:06] 🚀sharpest sbb kitchen knife: I usually try to stay out of drama
  73. [18:06] 🚀sharpest sbb kitchen knife: I think there's only one or two times when I got sucked in.

Here, it was revealed that Invaltro killed 600 lumicons in the Discord Tetramount, and by that day, Invaltro stepped up in commission at THE GROUP, making DCCI more ominous than what it already was.

A new Lundstrom Clone appearsEdit

On October 24, VimtoSlush has left Smash Soulcraftery prior to this incident, which means that Smash Soulcraftery is safe from hostility

This does not mean that the linked Discord Tetramount is safe. It was revealed that VimtoSlush has a hostile Lundstrom Clone in control of the port in the tetramount. She caused an ominous incident of hostility in the Discord Tetramount Port that links to Smash Soulcraftery on October 24.

  1. >[17:42] Antasma: It seems rather ungrateful how despite the many times that we tell you that you do not control Forizen's streams that you still insist and command him to remake arenas for you
  2. [17:43] ☆KingDanK☆: Or something like that
  3. [17:43] シルバーテイル: Oh ok
  4. [17:43] ☆KingDanK☆: Poor guy
  5. [17:43] シルバーテイル: also you could just, you know, join a different arena?
  6. [17:43] シルバーテイル: nothings stopping you
  7. [17:43] Skeleton Hunter: If one arena is broken, the other two are constantly full
  8. [17:43] Mood: Ant that somehow became even more badly written
  9. [17:43] ☆KingDanK☆: Can we just note the fact that this dude has 4 switches
  10. [17:43] Mood: He has 3
  11. [17:43] Mood: 4th is borrowed
  12. [17:44] Skeleton Hunter: This is taken up to eleven if one of those two arenas break
  13. [17:44] ☆KingDanK☆: Oh yeah
  14. [17:44] ☆KingDanK☆: True true
  15. [17:44] Antasma: Okay but do not ignore the other points
  16. [17:44] Skeleton Hunter: [3] is not counted per the difference
  17. >[17:44] Antasma: you do not command forizen, we tell you this many times, please listen
  18. [17:44] Mood: At the end of the day, you wont get anywhere if you keep on thinking his life revolves around stream arenas. He has a right to do whatever he wants with his days regardless of how badly you want to have an empty arena.
  19. ...
  20. [17:49] Skeleton Hunter: WHO DELETED MY MESSAGE
  21. [17:49] シルバーテイル: Alright I guess
  22. [17:50] Mood: Someone
  23. [17:50] ☆KingDanK☆: Apparently I cant find him by typing in fuzz
  24. [17:50] シルバーテイル: Wonder who it could be
  25. [17:50] Skeleton Hunter: :owocd:
  26. [17:50] ☆KingDanK☆: Only by doing "fu"
  27. >[17:50] Antasma: Please listen to our requests and follow what we said
  28. [17:50] ☆KingDanK☆: No
  29. >[17:50] Antasma: Please stop asking about remade arenas
  30. >[17:50] Antasma: Or we will apply sanctions
  31. [17:50] ☆KingDanK☆: You cannot contain me
  32. [17:50] ☆KingDanK☆: I am the law
  33. [17:50] シルバーテイル: Wow really
  34. [17:50] Mood: Hi the law
  35. [17:51] シルバーテイル: Aight time to contain the law
  36. ...
  37. [17:57] Skeleton Hunter: Don't want this place to be more hostile and unwelcoming than it already is
  38. >[17:57] Mood: Only thing you've ever been told is to be respectful towards people
  39. [17:57] Mood: Nothing else
  40. [17:58] Antasma: I'm sorry you feel that way, if you would like to make a suggestion to improve this, try #suggestions
  41. [17:58] Antasma: If you feel like a moderator or admin member is abusing their power, dm another moderator or admin reporting them
  42. [17:59] Mood: What he said but smarter sounding
  43. [17:59] Mood: If possible
  44. [18:02] ☆KingDanK☆: Dude
  45. [18:03] ☆KingDanK☆: He isnt wrong though
  46. [18:06] Skeleton Hunter: :nobulli:
  47. [18:06] Quadraxis: wth
  48. [18:07] Quadraxis: customer service
  49. [18:07] シルバーテイル: Stuff
  50. [18:07] Quadraxis: customer service
  51. [18:08] Quadraxis: this is very intresting stuff
  52. [18:08] Quadraxis: my type of drama
  53. [18:15] Forizen1: :arrow_up:  :face_palm:
  54. [18:15] 🎀 𝑀𝑒𝒸𝒽𝒶 𝒦𝓊𝓇🍬 𝒞𝒽𝒶𝓃 𝑀𝒦.𝟣 🎀: poor skeleton
  55. [18:15] Skeleton Hunter: @🎀 𝑀𝑒𝒸𝒽𝒶 𝒦𝓊𝓇🍬 𝒞𝒽𝒶𝓃 𝑀𝒦.𝟣 🎀 yes

3 hours after that incident, it was revealed that VimtoSlush is still there:

  1. a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming: I thought VimtoSlush left the community as left discord
  2. Yashi /Andrew: maybe discord is too confusing?
  3. Yashi /Andrew: he wasn't a mod on discord i don't think
  4. Twilight: He was but they changed it
  5. Twilight: Discord mods and stream mods are different
  6. Vimto Slush: Left this Community? What garbage are you on about now?
  7. Vimto Slush: I'm still a mod here, but not in Discord, as I'm less active there.
  8. Forizen1: rip

Invaltro AttackEdit

On October 27, 2019, Invaltro attacks members in the Discord Tetramount. This time, a-lpha was not here during this incident.

  1. [18:03] Shädam: @a pumpkin spicy boi youve been kicked from dc
  2. [18:03] Shädam: Join back lol
  3. [18:05] I 🤬D MY DAD:
  4. [18:05] 🌹ダ🌹: LMFAO
  5. [18:05] a pumpkin spicy boi: I WAS KICKED AGAIN???
  6. [18:05] a pumpkin spicy boi: FMWKWNWWK
  7. [18:07] Lord ❖ Invaltro: Yeah no 🤬' 🤬. @I 🤬D MY DAD
  8. [18:07] Lord ❖ Invaltro: That's what I do.
  9. [18:07] Lord ❖ Invaltro: What are you trying to prove.
  10. [18:07] star shopping: The fact that minty is there
  11. [18:08] star shopping: After mushs video
  12. [18:08] Lord ❖ Invaltro: @M a x 🤬' stop.
  13. [18:08] I 🤬D MY DAD: that it takes no effort
  14. [18:08] Lord ❖ Invaltro: I'm really not in the mood :joy: can you 🤬 the 🤬 off.
  15. [18:08] Just Some Mushroom: reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee///eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  16. [18:08] I 🤬D MY DAD: Best staff, telling people to 🤬 off
  17. [18:08] M a x: f🤬' kick me
  18. [18:08] M a x: im bgegging you
  19. [18:08] I vD MY DAD: Are you gay?
  20. [18:08] star shopping: Yes
  21. [18:09] M a x: im a homosexual
  22. [18:09] M a x: but im not gay
  23. [18:09] I 🤬D MY DAD: lol
  24. [18:09] Lord ❖ Invaltro: God you 2 are literally the same person, except Moshrav is like a year older.
  25. [18:09] star shopping: Ultimate and mush are nothing alike
  26. [18:09] Lord ❖ Invaltro: They're very alike.
  27. [18:09] Lord ❖ Invaltro: And I hate both of .
  28. [18:09] star shopping: Nah
  29. [18:09] I 🤬D MY DAD: ultimate is ultimate
  30. [18:09] херня ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ:
  31. [18:09] I 🤬D MY DAD: moshrav is moshrav
  32. [18:09] Lord ❖ Invaltro: I hate both of you.
  33. [18:09] Lord ❖ Invaltro: You're the same.
  34. [18:09] M a x: we are alike becuase you hate both of us
  35. [18:09] M a x: makes sense
  36. [18:09] Lord ❖ Invaltro: No, you both hate me.
    1. Which causes me to hate you.
  37. [18:10] Lord ❖ Invaltro: You do 🤬 to get me and only me 🤬d off for no 🤬' reason.
  38. [18:10] I 🤬D MY DAD: @Lord ❖ Invaltro you remind me of haze
  39. [18:10] I 🤬D MY DAD: eerily
  40. [18:10] star shopping: Ah
  41. [18:10] star shopping: No
  42. [18:10] Lord ❖ Invaltro: Haze is a 🤬' 🤬, she's worse than you 2 put together.
  43. [18:10] star shopping: Haze and valt
  44. [18:10] star shopping: Nah
  45. [18:10] I 🤬D MY DAD: Because she wouldn't date you?
  46. [18:10] Lord ❖ Invaltro: If she was here I might actually resign from my position.
  47. [18:10] C🎃rrupt Y:
  48. [18:10] I 🤬D MY DAD: :madman~1:
  49. [18:10] M a x: 🤬 i need to inv her
  50. [18:10] star shopping: Settle down
  51. [18:10] Lord ❖ Invaltro: Would you 🤬 off Ultimate.
    1. I am really.
    2. REALLY.
    3. Not in the mood.

Here, it was revealed that Invaltro (burdenate) has hatred for Haze (lumicon), and Invaltro is shown behaving similar to VimtoSlush. A weak point was therefore found.

The Climax of the Disaster of MysteryEdit

For more than 3.45 hours, staring at 17:29:00 on October 31, 2019, Hyper Spicy Gerald and Young Demonishife raided the Hallowtide Pit. With the LORIC Clan's help, Baratheon and all of the lumicon mooks that he recruited started fighting burdenates.

Baratheon has ultimately slain Hyper Spicy Gerald at 18:47:00, and Young Demonishife was ultimately slain 40 minutes later, marking the end of this disaster. The battle and the Hallowtide Party ended at 20:56:00

Shortly after the disaster, Lord Vista attacks two areas in Zeldaforme by brainwashing two members in there

The Disaster of Mystery part of the disaster has ended, but the Haze Tragedy and 2019 Media Spire crisis continue into November 2019.

Incidents leading towards the end of The Haze TragedyEdit

Despite the above incident, there were still minor incidents after the Disaster of Mystery, but they are minor.

Primitive Main EngineEdit

On November 1, the main engine has revealed that it has turned primitive, preventing any vision of emoji lifestates from 2016 or later. This was caused by Warpler Staff that have been brainwashed by Lord Vista.

Barbara VisionEdit

On November 8, a-lpha saw a vision of a lifestate similar to Sofia that visited the Disney Monument twice and outside she was able to transform into a mermaid, princess or even super-life. She was born 55 years before Sofia, however, and she was born outside the Continent of Theon

Mercury's TrajectoryEdit

The next visit by Mercury occurred on November 11, 3.5 years after the previous, and there will be another one in 13 years. Her transit caused the birth of the mouse of the Ladybird Boy, and also during that, there was an extremely rare 100% Color in the event that was hosted.

Returning to BloonstownEdit

On November 17, a-lpha has found Bloonstown near the edge of the Continent of Theon in the same landmass as the Disney Monument, raised in 2007, and last visited in 2013.

The return was thanks to a design evolution in June 2018. Previously, the Dart Monkey as of September 2007 had only 2,380 powerscore. As of June 2018 it has 4,602 powerscore, which is higher than a-lpha's.

Conflux DataEdit

2019 was the first year that the alphaverse celebrated Conflux Day (November 18). a-lpha used Trope-Tan's data to generate the data, and observed a second transformation state of Sofia's with 12,799 powerscore. There are also several temporal objects, such as the faer crystal that gave Sofia her penultimate transformation state, the amulet, and the Ghosts that are under the effect of the Hallowtide Pit.

In particular, the Amulet is the only faer crystal with a lifestate born by God of the Versesystem inside it, making Elena the only primordial lifestate in the Continent of Theon. A few other faer crystals like that were seen by Mercury and Venus on their trajectories around the Continent of Theon.

Bxner reborn by incindents cused by ChillaxEdit

Early in the day of November 21, 2019, Bxner has been locked out of the Discord Tetramount by the Shifeling Army indirectly; they brainwashed Chillax, and under the influence of the Tower of Law, terminated their access. This almost destroyed the GROUP port of the Discord Tetramount.

Cursed CoveEdit

Later that day, despite being built after the Hallowtide Party, Redditheon raised Cursed Cove in place of Cyber City in the Isle of Hallowtide to blame Hyper Spicy Gerald's empire for destroying Haunted Hollow, the site that Cursed Cove was based on. Cursed Cove has every tree, rock and bush made out of Haunted Steel, a metal that is common in the Hallowtide Pit.

Other observationsEdit

  1. November 30, 2019: In 2007, Lip evacuated her own Popple field to Smash Soulcraftery after the Pickman Hunter raided her site outside the Continent of Theon.
  2. November 30, 2019: A faer 3,000km away from the Disney Monument ignited a methuselah in 1917 that lead to the Disney Monument's formation.
  3. December 2, 2019: Portia, a site 1,000km away from the Disney monument and 700km away from the Blobmoji Swamp raised by Sofia I
  4. December 2, 2019: Simarchy Merma, 11,900 powerscore, higher than even Tressa.
  5. December 3, 2019: Inspired by a discovery of VPDs, a-lpha may be able to soulcraft a lifestate with the Anime incarnation, and even a Snoo under similar circumstances.

The Start of the Pandemic DisasterEdit

Main article The Pandemic Disaster

Before it was noticed in 2020, a monarch redditorium becomes poisoned by a zombie pangolin on December 1, 2019 and poisoned 41 other lifestates by the end of the year. This happened roughly 3,000km away from the alphaverse.

The End of the Haze TragedyEdit

Early in the day of December 8, 2019, and one hour before the Battleship_Race_of_December_9,_2019, Haze returns to the alphaverse descended from super-life after 7 months and 4 days of a temporal absence. Elastic Heart may have Heel-Face-turned (averted his following words about leaving on October 27, 2019):

  1. [18:10] Lord ❖ Invaltro: If she was here I might actually resign from my position.

3 hours after the event, this shows how much the Group was restored after Haze returned:

  1. [07:10] my forever <3: oH LMFAO
  2. [07:11] my forever <3: alphazalf is blue when he had his crush on me in 2018, but without the toxicity
  3. [07:11] my forever <3: [6]
  4. [07:11] 𝓥妥𝑥ρ: i can tell he has a huge crush on haze-

The History for Haze's return could not be foretold on that day because some engines at the Discord Tetramount were broken.

As of December 8, the Disaster of Mystery had already ended during the Hallowtide Party, and the Haze Tragedy ended on December 7, leaving the 2019 Media Spire Crisis the only disaster remaining.

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