For the entire month of July, The Group hosted a tournament and it was hosted by GGWC Rawr

Brackets so far


GGWC Rawr: @everyone THE GR🚫UP will now be hosting another tournament!

How do I sign up?Edit

If you wish to sign up go to the #tournament-registration channel and us staff members will randomly choose 16 candidates. Sign ups close June 26th but will stay open 1 day later just in case we need a fill in.

What if I'm in the tournament but I can't show up for a match?Edit

If something happens and you can't go through with one of your matches DM a staff member and we will replace you with a fill in. If you were replaced in either the Semi-Finals or the Finals, you will still receive your reward.

If I win, are there any prizes?Edit

There are prizes however they will only be given out to the winner of the tournament, the first runner-up, and the second runner-ups. Once the tournament is finished, you will be given your rewards. If you did not make it to the Semi-Finals or the Finals you will not receive an award.

1st Place-$1,000,000 in #money-game and the "T🚫urnament Winner" role. 1st Runner-Up-$500k in #money-game and the "🚫Silver Medal" role. 2nd Runner-Ups-$250k in #money-game and the "🚫Bronze Medal" role.

If you have any questions DM me or anyone of the 🚫Staff members.

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