The Versesystem, and the kingdoms beyond it, are all infinite worlds, containing an infinite amount of lifestates.

However, there are three positions in the Hierarchy that are not infinite, despite the Versesystem and its kingdoms being infinite worlds.

Versesystem and KingdomsEdit

God of the Versesystem created the Versesystem and Kingdoms.

  1. The first two dimensions are infinite and not layered. These are the X and Z values
  2. There is a third dimension, which is infinite like the other two, but this one is under the effect of gravity.
    1. Due to gravity, there is terrain covering the 256 meters that surround sea level.
    2. Below that layer is the location of the Devil of the Versesystem, that continues infinitely underground, but 1152 meters in becomes flooded with lava.
    3. In the location where it is between 0.4 and 0.25% of gravity is the location of the Holy Spirit of the Versesystem.
    4. However, above the location is where gravity is weak enough to harbor stellar objects.
  3. Versesystem has a thing known as a fourth dimension, which is however finite, with only five locations:
    1. The Versesystem, with a fully balanced Holy Photon Ratio
    2. The four Afterlife Kingdoms, with a different Holy Photon Ratio to the Versesystem. They are the Celestial, Terrestrial, Telestial and Outer Darkness kingdoms

As a result of the world having three nfinite dimensions, and a fourth finite dimension which is unity for the Veresystem and its kingdoms, the number of kingdom dimensions is finite.

God of the VersesystemEdit


The father of God of the Versesystem is transcendent in all five kingdoms as a creator, and created all five worlds through the creation data of Son.


The Son of God of the Versesystem is all data for the Versesystem Hierarchy and Genome for infinite lifestates and the Lux Disciples. As part of God of the Versesystem, the Son is the only, and is the bane of the Devil, one of the Lux disciples.

Every time a neutral land with 6,400 power score sprouts off a bud, if the Son is not a the Versesyatem incarnated as a lifestate:

  1. The land it was born from dies immediately
  2. the Father summons the Son to that land, overriding the land's properties with:
    1. 1.0 ground and air speed
    2. 0.5 swimming speed
    3. Equal ATK/DEF ratio
    4. No attacks, gear and spirits
    5. 30HP
    6. 6,400 power score in all elements
    7. Mind properties:
      1. Residence = Nomad
      2. Adventure = Raider
      3. Maintenance = Non-architect
      4. Engine = Non-operator
      5. Combat = Recovery
      6. Teamwork = Group
    8. Soulcraftery
      1. Son, when he dies, will be reincarnated as the Son of God of the Versesystem, returning to the father, and there is a cooldown on when he can be sent back to the Versesystem floor, dealing 50 damage to the Devil of the Versesystem.
      2. Son leaves pix flakes instead of a corpse on death, where the pix flakes can be used. The son cannot be revived identically to a lifestate.
        1. Son's flakes cannot be made into super-life or undead.

The Lux DisciplesEdit

The 4 Lux Disciples of the Versesystem represent the four Lux States in the Versesystem. They have 1,280 HP, and when their HP reaches zero, they will just try to restore it by vaporizing members of any lux state

Galeem and DharkonEdit

Galeem, the Disciple of Light, and Dharkon, the disciple of Darkness, are the leaders of lumicons and burdenates respectively. They live on the Versesystem Floor.

When their HP reaches zero, they go out to attack with beams that are very fast.

Holy Spirit of the VersesystemEdit

The Holy Spirit of the versesystem is the Disciple of Order and the leader of the Neutrals. The Holy Spirit of the Versesystem lives in the Father and Son's location.

When the dove's HP reaches zero, it restores its HP through eating land and pix flakes

Devil of the VersesystemEdit

The Devil of the Veresystem is the Disciple of Chaos and Evil, and the leader of the Demons and Reapers, and lives in the location under the Versesystem, occasionally coming to the surface through terrain features

When Devil's HP reaches zero, it will burrow the Versesystem open and vaporize entire super-lifestates whole

The Lux statesEdit

  1. The Lumicons are hostile to burdenates and vice versa,
  2. the Neutrals are hostile to Demons,
  3. and the Demons are hostile to the other lux states.
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