IN response to The Group turning one year old, Boner Alert will he hosting a rare event over a period of 2 days


Boner Alert: Hey there friends! Its been a whole year since we started this shit so lets have a party this weekend! we have lots of events ready and planned for a good time! So lets get right to the good stuff for our 1 year anniversary celebration!

  • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Saturday starting around 4pm eastern standard time
  • Open tournament to those who want to participate
  • Its a quick event and will be managed by multiple referees and matches at the same time in different sandboxes and we will finish this tournament in less than 2 hours! :0
  • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Saturday night around 9pm eastern standard time
  • The 🤬 show!
  • everyone jump into voice chat and be 🤬ed as we take over a 4tdm server using whatever u want to do
  • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Sunday afternoon around 3pm
  • The 🚫 symbol takeover
  • Everyone will use this symbol only as their name and we all jump in a 4tdm and destroy the place worse than 🤬
  • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Sunday night around 8pm
  • To wrap up our birthday special we will go to 2tdm and make a sentence on the leaderboard using our names.
  • The sentence will be only 9 spaces to allow a margin of error
  1. We
  2. Just
  3. 🤬ed
  4. All
  5. Over
  6. Your
  7. Leader
  8. Board
  9. 🤬s
  • -----------------
  • I will be directing all these events in our voice channels and im excited to share this good time with @everyone


About 24 hours before the event, burdenates attacked the Discord Tetramount shortly after the end of the Open Lobby, killing quite a few members and kill the event. Spirit Vienna brought back the event:

  1. [02:07] B🚫NER⚠LERT: ALL EVENT CANCELLED @everyone
  2. [02:30] BOTSIMPLE P🚫LL B🚫T (/poll): :bar_chart: should we try to actually get along with our fellow gamer and have some events?
  3.  :regional_indicator_a: yes we will rise above
  4.  :regional_indicator_b: no im too sad right now
  5.  :regional_indicator_c: lets postpone it 1 week
  6. [02:40] B🚫NER⚠LERT: the people have spoken and want the events. i will host the events for all of you despite whether im sad or not ill take my sad thoughts about tonight and put them aside for all of you because you are worth it :heart:
  7. [03:08] B🚫NER⚠LERT: @everyone EVENTS ON cause of the above messages u can see here cause some of u missed it


1 of 4: TournamentEdit

a-lpha defeated Apex for not joining the event, and then later defeated by Pekmen, and refereed one tank (Fighter) for Lamp and Pekmen in the Semifinals

2 of 4: Autism showEdit

The event took place in the same server as Locktrap's Livestream did. It may have commited an interference, but eventually, Blue got 100% and the 10th tank getting 76k, and both a-lphas getting level 45.

Gone foreshadowed the fourth and final event by writing using 2 tanks.


  1. Bomba on purple team
  2. Astral eliminated by Locktrap
  3. [1]
  4. Gone at level 45
  5. FEATURED: Group at the base
  6. Habib helps RDT
  7. Moshrav at 308k
  8. Base about to form
  9. FEATURED: 100% Blue
  10. Tinh1m eliminated by a fighter as quad tank
  11. High VC population
  12. [2]
  13. [3]
  14. [4]
  15. The Locktrap Squad
  16. Bomba killed by Atom
  17. The Scentence of Foreshadow: [5] Close up Gone's view:[6] [7]
  18. Tinh1m eliminated Boner
  19. Arena closed

3 of 4: 🚫 TakeoverEdit

Within 4 minutes, a-lpha got level 45 befote the rest, and eventually, 6 no entry sign players got on the leaderboard, and they collected togther and also made the No entry Sign logo, the emblem of the chat.

Later on, they becvame spawncamped by the blue team and soon took over again.


  1. a-lpha gets level 45
  2. SymtaxError as the octo tank
  3. Deep into takeover
  4. Top 5 are no entry signs: Boner alert - Syntax Error - VerLroad
  5. Ichio as the Destroyer
  6. Syntax eliminated Bloodreaper
  7. FEATURED: 9 no entry sign symbols grouped together: Boner Alert - VerLroad
  8. VerLroad Clan vs Ram Anni
  9. FEATURED: No entry sign stackup, emblem submission
  10. [8]
  11. [9]
  12. Fake Legendsneverdie
  13. Boner Alert as a tritrapper
  14. Habib eliminated; 100k in 7 minutes
  15. [10]

4 of 4: Writing on the LeaderboardEdit

It was a really hard event because of brigaders, pushers, witch-hunters, and random disorganization. However, it got as close as 8 players of 9 in order


  1. Some tanks piling up at the gate
  2. A sentence formed by baby tanks: Softhot
  3. GOD as a Sprayer
  4. How their nicks are insulting staff - Revenge
  5. Astral attacked by an electrotraitor in the Discord Tetramount
  6. Hg Brazil brigading event
  7. A comic by Syntax Error
  8. Early progress
  9. First screenshot of counterboxers
  10. Fighter chain
  11. Encountering a fake "We"
  12. Building it up
  13. Event brigaded again
  14. Yeeted disconnected
  15. Corner push
  16. Another fake We
  17. Desperate to remove brigading
  18. Progress on the Order of 6
  19. Writing almost complete
  20. The Peaking: Syntax error - Softhot - Boner alert - Msn -- Close up
  21. [11]
  22. Not brigading this time
  23. [12]
  24. [13]
  25. Eliminating Defender
  26. Seeing multiboxers
  27. Achillies contributed to the event
  28. Different and unique sentence
  29. [14]
  30. [15]
  31. Line sentence forming: VerLroad - Syntax Error
  32. Syntaxerror eliminated
  33. Another "Leader" - Close up
  34. Pushers killed this player
  35. a-lpha eliminated
  36. Red took over the leaderboard
  37. Bomba eliminated
  38. Close up of what the leaderboard should've been at one point
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