The Anonymous Commisioner is an overwhelmingly muscular kartthium boss that is more destructive to buildings than Pumpgrim's Eagle. It started the second phase of the British Demon Disaster.


Anonymous Commisioner is extremely muscular and will often throw meteorite fragments and fallen volcanic bombs or comets. He is also destructive to Tetramounts and other buildings in pits.


At the start of the disaster on April 17, he knocked down several members of the red color constant.

2 days later, Partners of Shife dared a-lpha to cross-team with him or he shall destroy a port of the Discord Tetramount. Glowforce Empire fight back, but Glowforce Merma had to leave the alphaverse to recover. She eventually went to defend a monument elsewhere. Glowforce X's magic flaring has also been lessened.

At the start of Phase 3, he jailed a-lpha from The Group after finding a shifeling troll in the Red color constant. Aurora Vista couldn't stop the feud in time.

On June 13 and June 22, he was an intensifying threat to one of the most important Discord Tetramount ports. They forced the prominent members to speak a language that the Unialphavisium cannot see and fighting eventually got the port destroyed. The case before was spying the red color constant to see blocking action.

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