A tetramount is a mini-monument that fits into a Tetramount Holder in a standard monument. There are currently 4 in the alphaverse, and they help operate the Media Spire, LumiLab and the Color Constants. The holders themselves were part of the alphaverse's construction itself, and their construction was from 1500 AD to 1600 AD


  1. The Wikimedia Tetramount was estsblished on January 15, 2001 mainly to fight cross-lair burdenate teams in warplers
  2. The Wikia Tetramount, established in May 2016 is used for providing a monthly event system. This tetramount linked to the Discord Tetramount
  3. The Reddit Tetramount, established in 2006 is home to about 30 lumicons which all use the telescope to see upcoming dimensions and Emoji Panorama talks.
  4. The Discord Tetramount, established May 2015 is possibly the most important and it contains 30 of 100 relays, mostly linking to the Red Color Constant.
  5. the Sims Forums Tetramount was also established in 2006 and was attached from August 2016 to July 2017. By October 2018, the tetramount shall be re-attached as Bloue Nightshade and Beta Hutor build the Lumilab's tetramount holder.
  6. The Anti-Idle tetramount was purposeless as only 3 characters have a main or karthiumscope visibility. This includes Phupperbottine, who is a stylling, and a pair of Spirits, whose female mostly with Grassen and Ovto, and the male being all 8 elements
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