A spirit is a small, glowing wisp or human-flower-nature that moves very fast, dropping very bright spores on grass to grow it further or summon Lumicons. Their extreme pix makes it resistant to almost every attack, and therefore they live for over 10,000 years.

They are born in Faers with a lot of sunlight from stars, and a few of them were born from Aurora Vista's Blessing Potion in faers or the LumiLab, made with 80 units of each element.

The Magic Flaring condition in spirits allows them to revive lumicons and lure burdenates.

Well known spiritsEdit

  1. The common spirit, 91 units in Flare
  2. Spring Titania, 100 units in Stylette, gave birth to Spring Merma and the proto-Best Frinds of Style.
  3. Spring Oberon, 95 units in Ovto, stregthened Beta Hutor's sword in the British Demon disaster
  4. Spirit Vienna, 85 units in Golde, 75 units in Grassen, 72 units in Ovto, gave birth to many members of the Enviroball Empire, incuding Aurora Vista and One Celebrity
  5. Spirit Glowforce X, 99 units in Therian, previously 102 or 96 units in Grassen, gave birth to Blood Moon (lumojite)
  6. Spirit Glowforce Y, 95 units in Therian, previously 95 or 89 units in Grassen
  7. Spirit of Nature, 96 units in Grassen
  8. Bloue Spirit, 94 units in Bloue
  9. One Spirit, 93 units in Stylette, gave birth to the Golde Twins in the Solaris Empire
  10. Spirit Birdie, 70 units in Grassen
  11. Spirit Felian, 80 units in all elements, not a lumojite, but operated the LumiLab

Transit SpiritsEdit

  1. Spirit Mercury, 90 units in all elements, gave birth to lumicons in Nightshade, POL and Enviroball Empires during Transits of Mercury. She last returned in May 2016 and will return on November 2019, and after that, won't return until 2032.
  2. Spirit Venus, 110 units in all elements, gave birth to lumicons in Lumojite Empires during Transits of Venus. It last returned in 2004 and 2012, and will return in 2117 and 2125

Spirits found with the KartthiumscopeEdit

  1. A spirit with 95 units in Grassen and Golde was "karthiumscoped" in the Warpler many times, and is predicted to have given birth to a few lumicons who built the Alphaverse, and raised the flowers in Lush Wonderland, a structure in the LumiLab.
    1. The same spirit found from the Discord Tetrmount
  2. In addition to Spirits Venus, Mercury and Vienna (2) found here on June 9, 2018 at 6:51 AM, there were several spirits found when "karthiumscoping" from the Red color constant here on May 31, 2018 at 11:31 AM
  3. A spirit found when "karthiumscoping" from the Discord tetramount near the LumiLab relay with 70 in Amethic and 85 in Golde was found here on June 3, 2018 at 9:24 PM, who gave birth to Monody
  4. When "karthiumscoping" from the Wikia Tetramount, the karthiumscope found the mythical Cureling Monument, a hybrid Monument-Faer, home to powerful semi-spirits with ~140 in any element. That monument was established in February 2004.
  5. Spirit Lenora, a level 97 Grassen element spirit similar to Spirit Vienna (4) was born on October 1, 2018 and found one day later.
  6. Some lumicons could still see the Flare element Spirit that was in Baratheon's Pit in October 2010. They were seen running away from a Shifeling Smoke phantom with a vampire. This was observed in the direction of the blobmoji pit.
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