At an unknown time in August or September 2018, The Machine will host a rare event. If a-lpha is not picked, which is a high chance with that number of submissions, a ghost will join.

However, the event seen to have fallen out of the rail:

  • [07:03] a🧚♀lpii 1pm EST = 5pm UTC: WHAT HAPPENED TO IT
  • [07:13] [🍋] DeadLemon: @a🧚♀lpii 1pm EST = 5pm UTC I think you're in the wrong server.
  • [07:14] 22k: no it was here but seeing as it was an event for only 4 people i don’t see why he would announce it because then other people would join
  • [07:18] a🧚♀lpii 1pm EST = 5pm UTC: Then do the event again but this time let everyone join
  • [07:23] [🍋] DeadLemon: you should be taking it up with the machine
  • [07:57] Heart of a Warrior: @a🧚♀lpii 1pm EST = 5pm UTC Yeah we started by asking everyone about it. but then everyone got busy and school started and etc.


[5:21 AM] THE-MACHINE: Hey guys, me and JB are going to be running an event sometime over the next few weeks. Basically it’ll be me, him and 3-4 other players in 4tdm, and our goal will be to get all of us to 1mil. Feel free to go to #event-sign-up and post your name, region, tank, and reason for wanting to be one o the 3-4 players picked to play with us. @everyone

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