Shife (aka Lord Sinister) is a major Karthium Boss and a burmojenate who oversees most of the shifelings in 2018. It was first seen with the Karthiumscope on June 5, 2018, and though to have been to be a major Karthium boss of another Lair.


It may have been an off-screen character of the Karthus disaster at the Blobmoji Pit

At the end of the British Demon Disaster, he started invading the alphaverse and knocked off the Arras-Dev port in the Discord Tetramount.

Then he oversees at least 3 heavy shifelings and blazered burdenates to invade the r/Diepio port of the Reddit Tetramount. One of the main guards of the Diepcord port of the Discord Tetramount stopped the shenanigans:

Tinh1000000: Restating from an earlier post:
Not sure why, but Tanker and a few others decided to spam the subreddit. I have removed most, if not all of the spam, and banned the users involved in it. I’ll keep an eye out during the rest of the day should this incident happen again.
In the meantime, please report any rule-breaking comments and posts to the moderators.

On August 12, 2018, another shifeling in command started crossteaming with alp and instead of destrying ports, the shifeling eliminated Tiny Dino in 16 minutes (3:33 PM to 3:49PM):

  1. [3:38 PM] a-lphazelf: WHY THE 🤬 DID TINY DINO LEAVE!
  2. [3:38 PM] wolfie: 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  3. [3:50 PM] alp: I banned her
  4. [3:51 PM] a-lphazelf: 😭
  5. [3:51 PM] alp: Dinos are not allowed#

On the next day at about 6-7PM, another shifeling under its control fired 9-10 darts at the media spire


The Apple Tower might reference "superheroes defeat supervillains" but the Shifelings of Steel are also burmojenates

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