On December 21, 2019, Bxner Alert will host a Sandbox Event with nitro rewards


[15:36]B🚫NER CL🎄US:@everyone Time for another Nitro Event! Tonight at 9pm eastern join us in sandbox for RUSSIAN ROULETTE!!!! We gather in a circle and dont move while I am in the middle with a one shot tank doing the C & E thing. Last tank to live wins nitro! We will do this a few times. The nitro winner will then become the shooter in the middle for the next round and so on. Stay tuned for a link and make sure to join event chat audio channel. I will be recording the audio and video for a new video! Cya there :panparty:

[02:00]B🚫NER CL🎄US: @everyone join event chat and the link were doin the event! only use your discord name so its recognizeable or you will be disqualified if you tamper or arena close the event we will punish you severely



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