The "Revival Quest" is an event started in July 2017 to eliminate slow teamers in FFA and Experimental


  1. It is not reccomended to kill other familiar players on the Revival quest side (or any that are pro in Team mode)
  2. Attack teamers more often than players that are explicitly solo (you may use these to help take teamers down when they are victims, but don't start teaming with them)
  3. Attack pellets more often if you're low on mass
  4. Teaming is allowed only under extreme conditions
    1. Only team on other teamers that are larger than you; never attack solo players
    2. Only take your teammate with you if you're going to betray it to eliminate slow teamers
    3. Powerful teaming techniques (such as tricksplit and cannonsplit) are only allowed against slow teamers
    4. Don't do anything with your teammate if there are no teamers
  5. When there are no slow teamer nicks left on the leaderboard, go to a different server
  6. Only savage players that have teamed or will team

Techniques and tacticsEdit

Many techniques come from here.

Copydirection notice: This link is held by Team Propietarius because it restricts commercial use

  1. Only self feed rapidly & [in high emergencies or if you're going to do that to kill, to avoid anti-teaming]. (Do it against teamers, not solo players)
  2. Popsplit and vanishsplit should only be used against teamers
  3. Mergebaiting, pre-splitting, mergekilling, substitution split, re-popping, feed-blocking, bleeding and cell rotation is heavily encouraged, especially against slow teamers
  4. Solo tricksplit, stepping stones and solo bait should be dome as fast as possible, even when black hole escaping
  5. Quick pushes and push-splits should be used against players that slow team and are small enough.
  6. Bluffing should be used after making yourself vulnerable to slow teamers, such as a failed straight double split
  7. In experimental, virus-smash, use unblockable virus or immunity-split-kill slow teamer strays that are virusing you
  8. Trickpop and Powershot should be used against slow teamers that are not in 16

Impersonating slow teamersEdit

Impersonation is one of the best ways to take down slow teamers as the teamer may be confused with the original teammate and would be betrayed


  1. At high enough effort, the teammate may reach the distrusted point or being banned from the chat, preventing the said clan member from being trusted to team again
  2. The nick is theorized to make longer massive lives


  1. Most slow teamers use unicode characters that are hard to find (since there's almost 200000 glyphs, most of which are CJK ideographs), chained whitespaces, ligatures which are different from the original character and even empty box characters (which are identical to over 900000 other characters). One supporter should make a script to list the number of leaderboard players
  2. Usually, the verbatim nick is not enough (slow teamers would only eject into you), the skin may also need to be identical to the slow teamers. In most cases, you may have not purchased the skin.

Clans and communties fightingEdit

  1. 🧚‍♀️ Community Cooperation Initiative
    1. 🧚‍♀️ Team mode community
    2. 🧚‍♀️ r/agario
  2. 💀 Special Forces, AF Clan, PPC, SCARCLAN, coca, and possibly more slow teaming clans
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