The Reddit tetramount is one of 4 currently standing tetramounts in the Alphaverse, and replaced the Sims Forums Tetramonut. It was attached mainly for Emoji Panorama news/discussion and the Karthiumscope, but it was also used with the LumiLab and the Red Color Constant, and it may be possible to do it with the Green and Blues.

On Phase 2 of the Karthus disaster, while the tetramount was outside, the lumicons residing there were amped up to approximately tier 6.5 as a result of Spring Titania crossing past the tetramount when it was called over by Beta Hutor

Lumicons - Permanent ResidenceEdit

The main lumicons protecting the Reddit Tetramount (aka Redditoriums) were born from a spirit during the Blobmoji Pit destruction part of the Karthus disaster, and they keep all 8 elements

  1. Common: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 All 20 of these use all 8 elements to fight POL Empire Savages.
    1. The 9th profile is unique to be able to take a Flare element signal to the Monument of Insiders, and can also be found in the Discord Tetramount
  2. Uncommon:
    1. Snoomoji: Rainbow Arrow boySnoosmilegreater smilefacepalmshrugkarma rosette
    2. Snoovatars 2 (or Axero's New Squad): Profile 1 replaces Snoo #3, 2 - Baseballer,3 - Basketballer,4 - The Lore,5 - Grapher,6 - Superhero,7 - Card Jack,8 - Kitten,9 - The Cook,10 - Samer gamer,11 - fisherman,12 - Baseballer,13 - Golfer,14 - King F-clef, 15 - King C-clef,16 - Dragonhat,17 - King Quarter Note,18 - An Overseer,19 - Lesser Axero,20 - Standard Nocturnal,21 - The Wise,22 - Teacher,23 - Artist,24 - Footballer,25 - Hold the Faer's Door,26 - The Paladin,27 - Tennisballer, Profile 28 replaces Avatar 4,29 -Mechanic,30 - The Slinger
  3. Rare: Lured Flying SkullThe Bountiful Apple Bunny Elemental Alchemist Estuary Watcher Bush (or pillow in this case) hider Green Warrior
  4. Legendary: Golde Nightshade Albatross' Eye Reddivista Heartbound An Overlord Golde+Ovto nightshade Wingardium Blood moss Redditorium
  5. Mythic: Baratheon's redditorium Squad, with Grassen Nightshade
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