Radioactivity is a dangerous currency dropped by burdenates that cause radionerfs.

Cause Edit

  • Failing an experiment with a Burdenate still there gives 20 radioactivity
  • A lumicon or hunter killed by a burdenate increases radioactivity based on the level of the lumicon
  • Aborting a composition with a burdenate dumps 1 radioactivity per burdenate, same amount dumped when the burdenate becomes lost
  • Quarantining a scorch costs 1000 lumia and dumps 1 radioactivity
  • Quarantining a burdenate costs 1 stardust and dumps 10 radioactivity

Cleaning radioactivityEdit

The 3 ways to clean all radioactivity are to use the neat trait with any of these: Complete a friendship speedrun, make a mythical lumicon or hunt a burdenate


  • Aborting a composition formerly dumped 5 radioactivity regardless of how many burdenates there are.
  • There might be a feature where you can spend 500,000 lumia to clean 1 radioactivity

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