The Pub will host an agario civil war on September 15, 2018


7 September, 2018: Blackjack:

Hey @Friends we are planning the next war for 15th September, 8.00 pm gmt+2

only people of this chat. we make the teams before joining the war. and we play until TA, or for one hour, if there is no TA. Who win 2 TA is the winner of the war.

our names will be incognito, but depending of the theme of the war. everybody has another name.

We have 3 Ideas for our names in this war.

  • one: using a fruit emoji
    two: using the name of a famous person
    three: using your country name and a flag emoji

please use the checkmarks under this message to tell us, which idea you prefer. the theme which get the most votes we play.

Miss Friendly:

12 September 2018: @ friends we have 23 Player wich participated for the war i made the teams so you have the possibility to train bevor saturday if someone really not agree dont hesitate to pm me, blue team has one player less at the moment. So people it s not to late to join the war.....The fruit theme has won so we all play as fruit in the war:cherries: :peach: :banana:

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