A Proto-lumicon is a lumicon that has not been transformed into a lumicon and prevented from being mean, just fresh from the sims.spawn cheat.

Transforming them into lumiconsEdit

There is way more to making a lumicon than just setting the age to children. The proto-lumicons need to be purified (removing scorched names) and the clubs need to be set to stop the soon-to-be lumicons from being mean

Scorched-name proto-lumicons can be removed by moving them to a platform and using shift-click to get rid of the proto-lumicon. If you feel it can be a powerful lumicon, just change the scorched name to its capital letter. It costs 1000 lumia and will dump 1 radioactivity

For club setups, put as many lumicons in clubs as much as possible, keeping them in exactly 1 club, configured to be friendly and NOT be mean to children (other lumicons). Club setups for all 6 outfit types also need to be set

After the clubs, the protos can now be transformed to children. This is known as the transformation from proto to lumicon


  • Originally the way to transform proto-lumicons to children is to use tm.setage child, but it has been discontinued since todllers were added to the sims 4
  • The prohibitation of homework was introduced by a genius ZFF with over 400,000 pix but since toddlers were added, lumicons can no longer go to school and this feature becomes obsolete and the timeout stage becomes indefinite
  • Proto-lumicons were formerly removed by using loops with fire and which the proto-lumicons would walk through, catch fire and die but it becomes flimsy. Way before that, sims were removed by dumping them in fire starters that a founder would use to start a fire by obstacles with a campfire. It evolved to use set as head and a long path. This feature was back in 2015 and 2016
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