Power Score is a measure of how powerful a specific life state is. It ranges from 0 to 25,600. It is exponential so a life state with 3000 power score is 10 times more powerful than a life state with 2000 power score, and so on.

Power scores from 0 to 12799Edit

The vast majority of life states have power scores ranging from 0 to 12799, though they usually encounter life states of up to 4000 power score.

  • At the line of 2000-3000, most life states are generic allies and enemies. They go further up the magisterium the higher the power score they reach.
  • Upwards of 6000-7000, they are likely elites, aces, or minions of their legends.
  • At about 8500, the life states are very powerful legends or bosses
  • Life states with 6000 to 8000 power score tend to lead pits and building arrays but are not necessary capitals of the site.
  • Life states with 9000 to 11000 power score tend to lead monuments, lairs and faers.

Power scores from 12800 to 25599Edit

Normal lumicons are not able to reach these power scores. All life states in that range have some extentfully powerful moves that the lumicons in the lower range don't, known as Bellwethering Powers.

  • The lower power scores tend to lead extra large monuments, and tetramounts of monuments much larger, and also major lairs and faers, and many moons. The higher the power score, the stronger their leading.

At 24,000 power score, they mainly lead entire moons such as the Finite Versesystem, and the largest of monuments such as the Disney Monument.

25,600 Power ScoreEdit

This power score is an exclusive and signature value given to life states that rule the entire Versesystem. Only a select few life states have it:

  1. Son of God of the Versesystem: The part of God of the Versesystem that came down from the Versesystem clouds to live a life as a generic life state equivalent with 6400 power score exactly.
  2. Holy Spirit of the Versesystem: a dove that guides the life states to fight
  3. Devil of the Versesystem: a malevolent transforming fallen angel between a smoke phantom, snake or goat.
  4. Galeem, the main source of light and faer signals
  5. Dharkon, the main source of darkness and lair signals

Infinite power scoreEdit

This high of a power score is used exclusively by the Father of God of the Versesystem, as it is required to create the Versesystem, which is an infinite landmass reminiscent of Earth before humanity. It allows a life state to access the fourth and final stage of bellwethering powers: creation of life states with 25600 power score and the ability to create stellar objects

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