The lumojite empire Pole of Leadership Empire protects the pole of Leadership from burdenates. It has been protecting for over 6 years.

Current membersEdit

  1. Spring Titania
  2. Spring Oberon
  3. Spring Merma


Generation 1: July 9, 2012Edit

The 15 members were born from Spirit Venus in June 5, 2012, and they enter the alphaverse 34 days later. However, they don't guard the pole of leadership and they fight as if they were Lumilab lumicons.

They enter the Pole of Leadership on October 26, 2012 after the Enviroball gets destroyed.

Generation 2: October 31, 2013Edit

There are now 32 members, 12 of which are tier 7, and they collab more powerfully with Nightshade Empire. This move slowed down vista's cat luring of lufermons.

Generation 3: November 3, 2014Edit

13 members evolve, Zebedee, Bride of Nature, and Angel of Nature become main guardians in addition to the 12 others from Generation 2. This move saved many "new" lumicons from the Lumilab.

Some of the strongest lumojites of that empire

Generation 4: December 7, 2015Edit

22 new members (7 tier 7s) arrive to defend the Pole of Leadership against Yellow Grimace Tengu, which came 10 days later. The celebrity of that empire dies to Tengrimu.

Generation 5: August 22, 2016Edit

The Electrotraitor disaster ends, and the styllings including Best friends of Style enter the alphaverse. There are about 350 styllings guarding the pole of leadership

Generation 6: October 20, 2016Edit

Best Friends of Style summon 600 more styllings, totaling a population of almost 1000.

The army itself was powerful enough to defeat Tengrimu and his empire, and many clastrones, shifelings, vistalings and pole of leadership burdenates, even though Enviroball Empire and Nightshade Empire fought too.

Generation 7: May 17, 2017Edit

The Pole of Leadership Empire gets totally wrecked in their pit, resulting in 1300 shifelings on the night of that day. Shifegrimu and the Partners of Shife raid the alphaverse and overtake the Red color constant by slow teaming. Beta Hutor wields a powerless sword.

The resultant damage means that Spring Titania and Spring Oberon can be seen more often

Generation 8: August 21, 2017Edit

Spring Titania lures Bunnicula and Spring Merma enters the alphaverse

Generation 11: August 6, 2018Edit

On June 5, 2018, Demonishife lured about 200 styllings fallen by Pumpgrim. 18 of these outrun Tengrimu (Shifeling of Steel), and Shife moves to Karthus' Lair. Spring Oberon also charged Beta Hutor's dagger with the powerful Ovto element in attempts to defeat The Anonymous Commisioner

Violette/Shifeling-inspired designsEdit

  1. Zombs wordmark: O = Partners of Shife's Flying Skull, B = Crystals of Violette
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