Pix is the determiner of how powerful a lumicon is. The formula is the multiplier of Style, Lumin and Foral Parity

How to get high pixEdit

Using pix amplifiers is normally the best way of getting high pix, especially Rswps, Style sims and Celestic sims, which are high pix, yet still common and you'll easily get tier 7 lumicons with this methods

Advise from rosemow bushEdit

It's best for high pix like me to be a celestic sim and natural comforting sim. High parity is also important. It's not so important to have a high lumin because lumicons like me and about 35000 lumin are most likely to be tier 9 lumicons

Advise from Beta HutorEdit

A good burdenate hunter respecting the faith like me would generally be a style SurZFF with very high parity. Be careful because my pix amplifier is scarce!

Advise from the flower queenEdit

A such lumicon with high paity doesn't need to be a natural comforting sim. Celestic Rswps with super high parity are likely to be tier 9 lumicons without natural comfortingness. It's the easiest way to get tier 10 lumicons

Advise from Kpg forameteorEdit

Natural comfortingness and a very high parity dress can make a lumicon like me but I bow deeply like a hybrid ZFF. The celesticness is still important for 11 times higher style

The top 10 lumicons without any lumia spentEdit

  1. rosemow bush - 1.5b
  2. a-artifact - 1.4b
  3. Beta Hutor - 367m
  4. Gold Dust star - 333m
  5. Flower queen - 239m
  6. Kpg forameteor - 170m
  7. Solar Plasma - 62m
  8. Fora Dominator - 57m
  9. Fora Paint - 47m
  10. BPT# - 40m

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