The Aemos Pentadecathlon is a series of 15 semi-lumojites that are Best Friends of Style and alike all along, with lumicons ranging from Level 70 to Level 91. It was first found in October 24, 2018 at 09:28:.

  1. The Pentadecathlon revisiting the abandoned pit where the Curelings were in 2003.
  2. The Pentadecathlon showing its power
  3. The Cureling Pit in July 2017, where the Pentadecathlon is at that time


Members 1 through 5 (Andrea[73], Emma [75], Mia [70], Olivia [74] and Stephanie[72]), which are "Lab Lumicon Fours" are the only ones that are currently alive today. They visited the alphaverse on October 24, 2018 and left 5 days later after they saw Vista's Cat.

Members 6 through 10 is the clan of the Fruit Factory, who died to Tengrimu on September 4, 2016. Poppy, the 7th member of the Pentadecathlon is a level 78 stylling.

The 11th member is Fan, a stylling who was alive from about 1815 to 1840, and then alive again from 1932 to 2016 because the Rainbow Dart revied it.

The 12th member is Rosabel, a level 65 "Lab Lumicon Fours", born in 14 October 1888 with one alchemy skill. She can convert fog into pix flakes.

The 13th member is the Ghost of Rainbow Dart, while as of today is a level 115 Ghost of a Leprechaun with 110 units in Golde, Styllette and Ovto, has been killed by Pumpgrim Reaper's Flying Skull in about 1850 from which the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come transformed it into a ghost, and it continued to be a spirit and a rainbew dart.

The 14th and 15th are the two Best Friends of Style. The 14th member was Violette in 2016, but it was shown transforming into one of the Partners of Shife in 2017, howether the Ghost of Violette appeared out of an urn in the Stylling tomb raid of November 25, 2018. All of the following things happen offstage:

  1. Anywhere between June 2017 and February 2018, the Redditoria have built the Styllings Tomb in the Blobmoji Pit. There are over 1000 urns in there, and a reaper took the souls of the remaining styllings from the Karthus disaster, and the ghosts of the Styllings have moved to the urns.
  2. Yellow Witch or Baratheon may have killed one of the Partners of Shife, making the other mad, and therefore had to bring SpicyBigDaddy from Shife's old lair.
  3. A reaper and Spring Titania came to the pix flake remnants. The reaper took the soul, and then Spring Titania lured it, turning it into pix flakes, and then the reaper lured it again. The ghost of Violette took one of the urns in the Stylling tomb.


The Cureling Pit was raised by the Ghost of the Rainbow Dart in August 10, 1932, and 12 members of the empire were born anywhere from 1947 to 2003. a-lpha might have seen some of them before when returning to the alphaverse. Fan, the 6th member of the Pentadecathlon, was born in 1838 near the same pit where the a-artifacts were raised.

Once all of the curelings left their pit in February 2004 and re-entering their monument, the Pentaecathlon took over.

In April 2016, the Pentadecathlon was completed when the Best Friends of Style were born. This caused a large Shifeling army to kill 2 of the members later on in the year, and another 4 got killed by Tengrimu. In May 2017, the Best Friends of Style died to Pukalo Reincarnation in the Blobmoji pit and another 2 died to the resulting shifelings.

Andrea (A~Pentadecathlon), Emma (E~Pentadecathlon), Mia (M~Pntadecathlon), Olivia (O~Pentadecathlon), and Stephanie (S~Pentadecathlon) are the remaining members of the Pentadecathlon and they visited the alphaverse for the first time in October 24, 2018, and they left 5 days later while a-lpha is at The Warpler

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