This game simulation prototype was created back in 2015 and since it cannot predict what things happen, it was an inaccurate simulator. The contents are soon to be repurposed for the Old Finite Versesystem Panorama The new simulator, Orders of Magnitude Battle v1.0 was introduced in 2017 to write fantasy stories.


The purpose of allies is to keep the fortress standing and to eliminate enemies trying to destroy it. These include mages, lumicons, elves and scavengers
Array of Allies

An array of lumicons and mages at a fortress with elves and winged scavengers nearby

. They can only spawn during the day, the times when lumicons can charge up.


Lumicons in OOMB have variable health and can either shoot arrows at enemies or attack them directly. The stronger the lumicon, the more damage it deals and the more resistant it is.
Lumicon team

3 lumicons trying to attack zombies. One fires a dart and the other attacks it directly

Lumicons will charge up during the day, except in December, which enhances their attack power

Mages Edit

There are 3 elements a mage can use: Fire, ice and electricity. One mage can use one element at a time. They have 250 health, can see at least 40 meters away and deal 60 damage to enemies. Unlike lumicons, they can reach level up by destroying enemies; the stronger the enemy, the more experience. During December, only frost mages can spawn and during October, fire mages can sometimes lay Jack-o-lanterns

Winged Scavenger Edit

These low-health allies use the power of ally corpses to destroy ornes. Like mages, they can level up.

Emphirical Elf Edit

Similar to winged scavengers; they can meditate with the pix held in the hands until an orne comes. Like any other common ally, this can level up as well


Enemies are what come over and try to destroy the fortress. Allies should destroy these enemies before they destroy the house or the fortress.

Ogres, goblins, vampires and zombies Edit

Somewhat weak enemies that use melee attack powers to destroy allies and fortresses.

Ornes Edit

Powerful enemies that deal large damage to structures and allies. They can be "flaggered" on contact with the fortress and after killing allies


Enemies with variable health that fire arrows to allies and enemies. Since allies are repeled by projectiles, it is harder to kill than melee enemies.

Wolves Edit

Debut in V2.2, they are fast allies that act equal to vampires and zombies. There was a glitch that causes them to "flagger" ornes because they onstage look the same color as the fortress.

Flaggering Edit

Since V1.2, enemies that get flaggered will cause them to be hunted by a horde of allies. Flaggering can be caused by various reasons:

  1. V1.2: Destroying any house
  2. V1.2: Killing 3 allies
  3. V1.3: Ornes trying to destroy a fortress
  4. V1.3: Burdenates that deal over 1000 damage
  5. V1.4: Blob emoji nightmare summoning a meteor
  6. V3.5.1: Ornes killing one ally

Bosses Edit

They occur at midnight and they each have 5000 health while the Werewolf has 8000. They each give 5000 exp to the ally that kills it. They were added in V1.4

  1. The Blob emoji nightmare summons meteors every hour which will destroy anything that gets attacked by it.
  2. Count Dracula attacks allies with vampire claws from close distances.
  3. Debut in V2.2, the werewolf deals 200 melee damage than the normal 30 when it attacks.
  4. Debut in V3.1, Pumpgrim is able to use its scythe to attack. Since V3.3, it can use its eagle and fire off skulls made from pix flakes. It was named Great Halloween Boss prior to this
  5. Debut in V3.3, Demonishife is able to summon flying imps in commanded priority and close up, can use demonic magic. It was "Flying Imp summoner" prior to V3.5

Buildings Edit

Buildings act as a place to retreat. Allies have better view range inside these.

  1. Fortress: Almost every lumicon and mage will spawn there. It is Game Over when these things get destroyed. It had 1000 health (300 prior to V2.0)
  2. House: A rare chance a lumicon or mage will spawn there since mages and allies reside at a fortress before they attack.
  3. Bush: An area for lumicons to hide in, preventing them from being seen by enemies.

Event featuresEdit

  1. White Grass: The grass gets covered in snow during December and Deer can spawn. This will also cause all mages to be Frosting mages
  2. Presents event: During Christmas Eve, when a boss spawns, 5 presents worth 10k EXP will appear in random places on the map
  3. a-artifact: The mythical ally has a rare chance of spawning on Christmas Day. It has 1.4 million health
    A-artifact vs ogre

    a🧚‍♀️artifact attacking an ogre👹

  4. Easter Egg hunt: Lumicon corpses will become eggs during April. They hatch after an hour
  5. Lumicon and burdenate buff: Lumicons and burdenates will be 5 times stronger in October and 25 times stronger on Halloween.
  6. Jack-o-lanterns: In October, Flaming mages will sometimes summon a Jack-o-lantern which will damage any enemy that walks by.
  7. Fantasy characters: During Halloween, 7 more enemies exclusive to the event and 2 allies will spawn
    An OOMB scenario

    2 exclusive characters in OOMB during Halloween: Princess and Spider

  8. Ground pix scavengers as mages: Ground pix scavengers still spawn wild but they no longer need pix flakes to attack during Halloween.
  9. Graveyard: There will be a place for enemies to spawn during Halloween
  10. Four Leaf Clover: Every game second during St. Patrick's Day, there is a one in 10k chance of finding a four-leaf clover which gives 10k exp when collected

Tale of LumiconsEdit

It differs greatly from the original OOMB:

  1. Only lumicons, burdenates, demonishife and Pumpgrim can spawn. Burdenates will spawn at Karthus' Lair, and lumicons will be summoned by 🧚‍♀️s and fertile land. Fortress destruction has a different outcome
    Tale of Lumicons

    On the right, an army of lumicons spawned at fertile land and are attacking a burdenate, the weakest; a Melee one is dying. On the left, a 🧚‍♀️ is fertilizing the land


  1. V4.1.96:
    1. Major balance changes
      1. Nerfed all melee attacks
      2. Nerfed lightning
      3. Slight buff to all non-boss enemy health
      4. Blob Emoji Nightmare always spawns a meteor 3 hours after spawning
      5. Tripled game speed
      6. Reworked enemy health and spawn ramping
      7. Ornes deal damage over time to buildings instead of outright destroying them
      8. Made mage AI a bit smarter when it comes to short range attacks
    2. New sounds
      1. Dying scavengers and a-artifacts
      2. Dying ornes
      3. Dying cats, spiders and bats
      4. Pumpgrim and Demonishfe
    3. Clovers and presents reworked
      1. No longer treated as a pix flake. Will be flaggered on spawn
      2. Fixed a very old bug related to presents persisting into the next wave would spawn 25 more instead of 5.
    4. Final Smashes disabled due to many bugs with it
    5. Lag sprite disabled
    6. Buildings no longer take exactly 30 damage from enemy melee attacks
    7. Ensured that weird stuff does not happen in the top right corner
    8. The two themes that were used for spawns above 1 million HP now end properly on death
    9. Fortress no longer hides if the aforementioned spawn was an enemy
  2. V4.0.81
    1. Flagger mark redesigned to a more general cross-hair style
  3. V4.0.80:
    1. Added ally/enemy groups:
      1. Primordial for allies spawned on first wave
      2. Normal for ones spawning during day
      3. Guardians for ones spawned by Partisan
      4. Midnight (with 10x strength) when a boss spawns.
      5. For enenies, Solo for normal spawns,
      6. Army when spawned in groups (with half the strength)
    2. 300 names for allies instead of 10, 30 for each group
    3. Lag sprite updated to avoid "replace-looping"
  4. V3.7.77:
    1. Multiple AI changes
    2. new attack for thunder mage
    3. all enemies flaggered at the fortress
  5. V3.6.74: Fixed all issues regarding the new a-artifact: taking all places of allies, made more common, made damage dealing and made it trail its health (Deer was fixed same way)
  6. V3.6.69 Final Smashes:
    1. Added a smash ball
    2. Added a frozen time error
  7. V3.5.67: Fixed multiple spawning and attacking AI issues
  8. V3.5.66: Ornes are now similar to the ones implemented in Smash run: they will do instant kills to allies, and will be flagger-hunted in one hit
  9. V3.5.64 Teams mode:
    1. Tweaked Demonishife's name (originally Flying Imp summoner)
    2. added Teams mode.
    3. Flying imps are permanent
  10. V3.4.61 Measurements: Added a measuring figure and added introduction messages.
  11. V3.3.57 In time for Halloween:
    1. Tweaked Pumpgrim's name and added 2 more moves: Eagle and Skull.
    2. Added Demonishife.
    3. Enemies always spawn at the highest rate during Halloween
  12. V3.2.52: When a flagger hunt takes place, enemies will attack allies instead of protecting the flaggered enemy
  13. V3.2.51: Enemies will now only move when they see a projectile; they are now 15 times faster than before. Enemies will no longer try to protect flagger attacks
  14. V3.2.49 New Waves:
    1. Added waves, that enemies will get stronger wave by wave.
    2. Players with over 500 health no longer obsstruct by saying "Strong Lumicon".
    3. Players in danger of the meteor will fire at it.
    4. The meteor will get "flaggered" if the fortress will get killed by it
  15. V3.1.45 Event update: Added allies, enemies and bosses that are exclusive to events:
    1. December: All mages that spawn are Frosting mages. Bushes are replaced with snowmen. Grass appears white. Deer allies can spawn.
    2. December 24: At night, 5 presents will spawn and when opened, gives the ally 10k exp.
    3. December 25: Mythical ally a-artifact will sometimes spawn. These have 1.4 million health.
    4. April: Pix flakes turn to eggs. They will turn to chicks after one game hour.
    5. October: Lumicons and burdenates will be 5 times stronger. Jack-o-lanterns can be placed by Flaming mages which can instantly kill anything when it is used.
    6. October 31: Clowns, skeletons, aliens, bats, witches, cats and spiders will now spawn. Princesses and unicorn allies will now spawn. Lumicons and burdenates will be 25 times stronger. Ground pix scavengers will act more like mages than by themselves. There will be a graveyard where enemies spawn.
    7. March 17: Four leaf clovers can spawn around the arena every second in a one/10k chance. Collecting one gives 10000 XP
  16. V3.0.40 Design overhaul:
    1. Almost everything (except pix flakes, flagger, the lag sprite and the background grass) has been redesigned to SVG format.
    2. Added the level system, in which when a player kills an enemy its skills improves.
  17. V2.4.36:
    1. Added an ally collision, which bumps allies out of their space; we had problems with mass-extinctions, with those armies binding together.
    2. Strong lumicons will now retreat before attacking
  18. V2.4.34:
    1. The average lumicon pix will be 100 instead of 15, to let matches win better. Matches start in dawn and no enemies will spawn at the start.
    2. Bosses can only spawn at midnight
  19. V2.3.30 Storyline: Replaced almost all reported speech with direct speech in the event log and in entity speech. It will now be possible to turn on or turn off this.
  20. V2.2.29 Wolf update:
    1. Added a wolf enemy and werewolf boss.
    2. Restored patisan; it will only show up when there are no allies.
    3. Added PixLifeGuard
  21. V2.1.25 Time update: Allies and enemies are now influenced by time. Night time will spawn enemies, daytime will kill enemies and spawn allies. Reduced ally spawn rate
  22. V2.0.21: Removed partisan, will restore later
  23. V2.0.20 Buildings Overhaul
    1. Increased health of Fortress and House to 1000 and 250 respectively.
    2. Added Small House and Large House, which have 100 and 500 health respectively.
    3. Added arena size which ranges from 0.5 to 4
  24. V1.4.16:
    1. Added the ambient sky which can be toggled.
    2. Dramatically reduced the duration of the LAG sprite
    3. Bosses always have the hover turned on
    4. LAG does not kill bosses and strong lumicons anymore.
  25. V1.4.11 Bosses: Added 2 bosses: Dracula and Blob Nightmare, each with 5000 health. Added a meteor.
  26. V1.3.08: Added a guardian for the Fortress
  27. V1.3.07 Chirper Update: A chirper can be used to tell what's going on. It can be turned off momentarily.
  28. V1.2.06: Added a game over sprite and dramatically improved AI
  29. V1.2.04 Flagger Revenge: If an enemy destroys a House or 3 allies, a target will be open to allies and will persue it.
  30. V1.1.02: When framerate falls to 4FPS, a thunderstorm will kill all allies and enemies.
  31. V1.0.01 Initial Release: Added 6 allies, 6 enemies and some projectiles. Added House and fortress. An army of enemies will spawn every 3 hours

Tale of Lumicons changelogEdit

  1. Beta 4.0.100: The story is now simulatable to December 31, 2016. See Alphaverse for the things that happen.
  2. Beta 3.0.50: The story is now simulatable to Year 2001 AD:
    1. An orne will appear after all lumicons ad burdenates have settled. It takes only a burdenate arrow to destroy it.
    2. The adventurer (as per the Story) will graze the arena
    3. Once the adventurer has found a large lumicon, Phase 4 will start, and lumicons will replace all standing and rubbled buildings, the fortress and the bushes with a massive stone area
    4. The alphaverse takes 3300000 construction units
    5. Once Modern alphaverse has reached, spirit spawning and burdenate spawning slows down.

Once the teamounts are built, Karthus will summon The Copyright

  1. Beta 2.0.30: The story is now simulatable to Year 8000 BC:
    1. The ground starts as stone. The first spirit to spawn will turn this place to grass
    2. Lumicons will now say things: e.g. "Where did I come from" if they spawned in fertile land
    3. Lumicons can now build the fortress and other houses, but Lumicons over 2000 health can start constructions
    4. Bushes have been added
    5. Lightning has been added
      1. They are tiggered every time a burdenate spawns, Karthus sees a lumicon in his lair of from burdenates over 5000 health attacking or dying
      2. Lightning lures lumicons, curses land to make it spawn burdenates, necromances pix flakes, burns bushes and destroys falling land
    6. Added 7 designs of pix flakes, which can turn back to lumicons with falling land or from direct spirits
    7. Spirits can turn burdenates to lumicons and heals lightning strikes
    8. Spirits and land now have strength
    9. Karthus' lair only charges if the fortress has been built, and it has various phases.
    10. Burdenates can pick up rubble from destroyed buildings and increase their spawn rate
    11. If burdenates send more than one rubble units to Karthus' Lair, there's a 1/3 chance that Phase 2 will start, in which Karthus will summon Pumpgrim and Demonishife
    12. During Phase 2, Burdenates won't send rubble to Karthus' Lair
    13. All moves of Pumpgrim and Demonishife from the original OOMB was sent here, with Pumpgrim also using Cyclone Scythe
    14. The fortress required 100k units to build (previously 1k and 10k)
    15. Once the fortress is destroyed, Phase three, in which Burdenates retreat to rubble and Lumicons to their bushes will occur (previously just GAME OVER and stop)
    16. Eagles and flying imps ar ethe same look and function as original, but they move faster and the Eagle destroys buildings instantly, with the flying imps dying with a new sprite from the Adventure pit version
    17. Time is 315,776,000x before 2000, 86,400x from 2000 to 2017 and 8,640x beyond 2017
  2. Beta 1.1.04: Added fast-moving 🧚‍♀️s, they drop land in which lumicons can spawn in, instead of the fortress. Karthus' Lair has been added, and burdenates spawn there instead of in the wild
  3. Beta 1.0.01: Added lumicons and burdenates, which spawn at the fortress and the wild respectively
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