The 2019's Open Mic Night took place on March 1, 2019


9:28] B🚫NER⚠LERT: @everyone  :pandaping: hey guys this friday night at 9pm eastern we will be having a karaoke / open mic talent show! So perform for us! You can sing, play an instrument, do a comedy routine, speak poetry, parody and meme songs, whatever you want! We will have judges there and award prizes to the top 3 participants and the winner shall receive 1 month of FREE NITRO!!! :open_mouth: so check us out friday night for a fun and entertaining time xD also you dont have to participate if you are a bit shy you can just join the audio channel and listen as part of the audience :smiley: see you there :wink:


Arrowspade wins the contest.

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