Open Lobby 397 is an Open Lobby hosted on 22 February 2020.


01:02] Abnormalities: @OLMentions

OPEN LOBBY 397: The Five Tankmen of the Apocalypse (Rerun)

First thing, I know the meme is based around four horsemen, but I wanted to squeeze another tank into the roster. With that being said... For this open lobby, we'll be impersonating the 5 horse riders as to devastate those who stand in our way and lay waste across the vast lands of the server as the following tanks:

  1. - Overlord (Horseman of Death)
  2. - Penta Shot (Horseman of Famine)
  3. - Fighter (Horseman of War)
  4. - Predator (Horseman of Conquest)
  5. - Annihilator (Horseman of Disaster)

Extra tokens will be handed out if you achieve the following score with the tanks above during the Apocalypse's (second coming):

  1. - 140k and 320k as Overlord, Fighter and Annihilator
  2. - 135k and 315k as Penta Shot and Predator
  3. - If our team conquer 9 of the 10 spots on the leaderboard, everybody will get an extra token

This open lobby will last for _1h and 30m__


  1. [1]
  2. [
  3. [2]
  4. [3]
  5. [4]
    1. [01:48] yeet: ~!warn @ALPH2H encouraging multiboxing
    2. [01:48] BOT [RDT] BagelBot: @yeet, Successfully warned 1 member.
    3. [01:49] yeet: oof annihilators
    4. [01:49] Brickyblossom: rip
    5. [01:50] yeet: is that part of the ol @a-lpha theon!
    6. [01:50] yeet: or a csl?
  6. The message that got a-lpha to level 20 in diepcord
    1. [01:52] a-lpha theon!: YES! Now I can finally stream in this server, that is without a server boost :pushpin:
    2. [01:53] a-lpha theon!: after 1.6 years of being in this server
    3. [01:55] Brickyblossom: gg


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