Two hours after the Continent of Theon split into itself and the Continent of Royals, there will be an Open Lobby hosted on February 1, 2020



Open Lobby 391: Evergrowing Field of View For this Open Lobby, we'll be playing tanks that have larger FoVs than that of Basic Tank. Those tanks are listed below (and there's a massive roster of tanks to play as this time)

  • - All the tanks included within the sniper tree
  • - All the tanks included within the smasher tree
  • - Skimmer
  • - Rocketeer

You will get a participation token for reaching level 30. However, you must upgrade to a level 45 class to receive any bonus tokens!

Extra tokens will be handed out if you reach the following scores as the tanks listed above

  1. - 45k, 65k and 85k as Tri-Trapper, Overtrapper or Mega Trapper
  2. - 60k, 120k and 180k as Battleship, Skimmer, Stalker, Auto Trapper. Gunner Trapper or any Smasher class
  3. - 65k, 130k and 215k as Factory, Rocketeer, Ranger, or Streamliner
  4. - 75k, 150k and 225k as Predator
  5. - 90k, 180k and 270k as Manager
  6. - 95k, 190k and 285k as Overlord

This Open Lobby idea was suggested by @🚀Seif | misfortune This Open will last for 1h and 30m


At the end of the Open Lobby a-lpha reached 160k with vengenance over a spreadscripting blue team member.


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