Open Lobby 384 is the second Open Lobby of January 10, 2020. It was hosted hours after a lunar eclipse


[01:20]ATOM:@OLMentions OPEN LOBBY #384 - WOLF MOON

"When thar's a full moon, me turns into a wolf, raaawwr!"

- Sakuya Izayoi, mocking the werewolf Kagerou Imaizumi in Touhou 14: Double Dealing Character

Tonight is the first full moon of the year, the Wolf Moon to be exact. In light of this, we'll be playing as tanks that when upgraded to, completely change the tank's weaponry (so Trapper for example completely overhauls the tank's gun from a standard cannon to a trap launcher.)

You may use the following tanks:

  1. Any Smasher-tree tank
  2. Any Trapper tree tank EXCEPT Gunner Trapper
  3. Auto 3 or Auto 5
  4. Machine Gun or Sprayer
  5. Any Overseer-tree tank
  6. Skimmer
  7. Rocketeer

Bonus tokens will be given out at the following milestones:

  1. 40k, 75k, 110k for any of the Trapper-tree tank except Auto-Trapper
  2. 60k, 100k, 140k for Smasher, Auto-Smasher, Auto 3, Skimmer, Auto-Trapper
  3. 70k, 115k, 160k for Necromancer, Battleship, Auto 5, or Rocketeer
  4. 80k, 125k, 170k for Machine Gun, Factory, Landmine, Spike, or Overseer
  5. 100k, 150k, 200k for Sprayer, Overlord, Manager


As one of the open lobbies with good performance, a-lpha got all 3 extra tokens from using Rocketeer, while Locktrap suffered downfall towards the end of the lobby.

At the start, the summoner was attacked by the purple base and red team spawncamping it. a-lpha got the kill with less than 6,000 points, and then a trapper base appeared in the pentagon farm, allowing for server domination


  1. while being spawncamped by the summoner and red at the same time....
  2. Participation token
    1. [01:32]🚀The Endless:Can we use destroyer?
    2. [01:32]🚀misfortune:you won't get tokens with destroyer, annihilator or hybrid
    3. [01:33]🚀misfortune:skimmer and rocketeer only
    4. [01:36]ATOM:Sorry trop lol
  3. there is a song that I listen to that the tank is named after
  4. I see a kill message; drones dissapear
  5. my teammate was supposed to commit there
  6. that's the 70k
  7. i didn't realize i was purple team oof
  8. 115k down
  9. Knife maid > Shrine maiden
  11. the cutie that was rught above me on the leadetboard; gets offscreened
  12. NO
    1. [02:16]ATOM:Also by any chance, is Hakurei Reimu someone in here?
  13. ok who's dante; you have let me down for the last time
    1. [02:19]Samuel:well no matter, we opened a good lobby there
    2. [02:20]a-lpha theon!:a necromancer sacrificed for my life
    3. [02:20]Samuel:wish that were me. i was abandoned by a ram booster that thought it was glass and retreated from an overlord at near full
  14. first time getting 3 tokens
  15. Here's my current score in the server
  16. i think i sentit
  17. And here's my final score. 400k since Reimu won't leave me alone
    1. [02:25]ATOM:Oof @Abnormalities Penta wasn't one of the allowed tanks
    2. [02:25]Abnormalities:I know
    3. [02:25]ATOM:I messed up RIP
    4. [02:25]Abnormalities:We needed some spread coverage tho
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