Open Lobby 370 is a Diepcord Open Lobby hosted by Orange Juice, under the influence of the long-living trend revolution of Undertale


00:01]🚀christmas orange:@OLMentions @Admins (finally a chance to ping admins yay don't mind me please)

open lobby in an hour o_o get ready to lower your expectations underground, since this is gonna be pretty bad [01:00]🚀christmas orange:@OLMentions

open lobby 370: dieptale (look i suck at open lobby titles)

ah, undertale, my favorite rpg. this dumpster fire of an open lobby is gonna have this game as a theme

...oh and also, if you haven’t played undertale yet and don’t want the game spoiled for you, i put game references in spoiler tags.

  1. -for toriel, i chose factory because toriel is a mom and factory is also a mom
  2. -for papyrus, i chose booster because of their imposing stature, unparalleled confidence in-game and willingness to work with others chokes on his keyboard i’m literally praising mgbooster. what is this garbage that i’m writing
  3. -for undyne, i chose ranger because they both make long-range, high-velocity attacks and also kinda follow you everywhere
  4. -for alphys, i chose rocketeer because many others underestimate them, but they have quite the big brain
  5. -for mettaton, i chose spreadshot because mettaton is a robot and people script with spreadshot ...i want to die
  6. -for muffet, i chose triple twin because both of them are irrelevant (i purposely didn’t choose octo just so i could say this)
  7. -for asgore, i chose auto smasher because both of them have a lotta extra stuff (asgore is king and auto smasher has like 80 upgrade stats), but can’t use them to gain happiness
  8. -for asriel, i chose skimmer because both of them shoot a ridiculous amount of ammo, but all of it’s basically useless

...and finally, for [skeleton], i chose auto 5 because both of them are lazy and keep you at a distance, whether physically or emotionally. look it’s so deep

ok ngl, this thought experiment was much harder than i thought it would be

you will get a participation token from hitting level 45 with any one of these classes. if you do, please send a screenshot of yourself at level 45! [01:00]🚀christmas orange:you will also get bonus tokens if you hit the following scores (not if you script though):

  1. 70k, 140k and 210k with factory
  2. 105k, 210k and 315k with booster
  3. 60k, 120k, and 180k with ranger
  4. 80k, 160k, and 240k with rocketeer
  5. 120k, 240k, and 360k with spreadshot (since come on, there are so many other choices)
  6. 70k, 140k, and 210k with triple twin
  7. 65k, 130k, and 195k with auto smasher
  8. 65k, 130k, and 195k with skimmer
  9. 85k, 170k, and 255k with auto 5
  • “ok hold up, why are the skimmer requirements higher than the ranger requirements”
  • it’s because, let’s be honest, corrupt y is probably gonna be the only skimmer player and he’s a god at it (if you’re not corrupt y and you end up playing skimmer, nice! and i’m sorry i made this so hard for you)


if you hit one of these milestones, please also send a screenshot! ...also, here’s an early christmas challenge. in undertale, every character has their own moment in the spotlight (<== not really even a spoiler tbh) - so in the same spirit, if every one of these nine classes ends up being played during the open lobby, everyone who hits level 45 gets two bonus tokens! yes, you can make agreements with other players on which classes to play

if you try to make undertale memes, you’re gonna have a bad time. :cyclone: ...ohwait- nononononono

this open lobby will last for 90 minutes after being posted link: (vultr-la, team red)


While a-lpha (who dominated the leaderboard shortly after getting 90k) and orange juice got high scores that resulted in two tokens, Locktrap was constantly getting killed by players, causing him to quit early.


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