Open Lobby 368 is an Open Lobby hosted by Abnormalities of Diepcord on November 30, 2019



OPEN LOBBY #368: Turret Constipation

Thanksgiving has come to an end, but the aftermath of it all has just begun as we have trouble trying to achieve satisfaction atop the throne (In this case, atop the leaderboard) as we ate too much food for our own good. For this Open Lobby, you may play any class, but your build is restricted to using 3 reload or less to indicate your turret constipation.

You will get a participation token for reaching level 45 as any tank while showing your build.

Extra tokens will be handed out if you achieve the following with the classes listed:

  1. 100k, 200k, and 300k with Overlord
  2. 95k, 190k and 285k with Hybrid, Annihilator, Destroyer, Manager or Overseer
  3. 85k, 170k and 255k with any class that’s not listed already

This Open Lobby was inspired by @🚀Merry Witchmas

This Open Lobby will last for 1h and 30m after being posted


The unfairness was inverted. a-lpha and others did well, but Locktrap and others suffered bad fates.


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    1. [01:39]Hero ⚡:well at least i have proof of my internet disconnecting in a-lpha theon!'s picture
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