Open Lobby 355 is the last Open Lobby before the final day of Baratheon's 2019th Hallowtide Party, despite not related to Halloween. Unlike most of the recent Open Lobbies, this one will be hosted by ATOM instead of Abnormalities.


00:09]Knife Maid:@OLMentions OPEN LOBBY #355 - LUNATIC DRONE

For this open lobby, we'll be using tanks that use drones as part of their weaponry to take over the map. This includes all tanks within the Overseer tree and Hybrid.

Bonus tokens will be given out at the following scores: 50k and 100k for Overtrapper 70k and 140k for Battleship and Necromancer 80k and 160k for Overseer and Factory 90k and 180k for Hybrid and Manager 120k and 240k for Overlord


Most of the open lobby was just Locktrap spawncamping Purple Team to attempt to kill a 160k Necromancer that only comes out to attack with backups.


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