There will be an Open Lobby hosted by Abnormaliies at 21:30:00 on October 13, 2019.


[15:27] Graveyard of Abnormalities: @OLMentions I'm sorry for hosting the Sunday OL region poll so late. I got carried away and forgot to set this up. I think you guys know the drill by now: Vote for the region you want the Open Lobby to be in and I'll host the Open Lobby in that region. The Open Lobby will occur at 2:30 PST

  1. regional_indicator_a: For Miami (US)
    regional_indicator_b: For Los Angeles (US)
    regional_indicator_c: For Amsterdam (Europe)
    regional_indicator_d: For Sydney (Asia/Oceania)
    regional_indicator_e: For Singapore (Asia/Oceania)

[20:30] Graveyard of Abnormalities: @OLMentions One hour until the Open Lobby begins

[21:30]Graveyard of Abnormalities:Los Angeles narrowly wins this poll! I have a libk already, so lets get this Open Lobby started!

21:31]Graveyard of Abnormalities:OPEN LOBBY #352: Triplet Twinception

For this open lobby, we'll be playing tanks that branch towards Triplet and Triple Twin as well as the tanks just listed themselves. Those tanks available to play are listed below:

  1. - Triplet
  2. - Triple Twin
  3. - Triple Shot
  4. - Twin Flank
  5. - Twin

You will get a participation token for reaching level 30 with one of the tanks listed.

Extra tokens will be handed out if you achieve the following with one of the listed tanks during the Open Lobby:

  1. - 95k, and 190k with Triplet and Triple Twin
  2. - 85k, 170k and 255k with Triple Shot, Twin Flank and Twin

This open lobby will last 1h and 30m after being posted.



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  5. Image from reuploaded to Discord to avoid deletion by time
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