Open Lobby 350 was hosted on October 6, 2019 at 21:30:00 by Abnormalities.


[01:15]Graveyard of Abnormalities:@OLMentions And here's that Sunday Open Lobby region poll! The Open lobby will be hosted Sunday at 2:30 PST (Same time last Sunday.) If you wish to play in a certain region, click the reaction that corresponds with the server location. I'll host an Open Lobby in the server's location that has the most reactions. Please only vote once!

  1. regional_indicator_a: For Miami (US)
    regional_indicator_b: For Los Angeles (US)
    regional_indicator_c: For Amsterdam (Europe)
    regional_indicator_d: For Sydney (Asia/Oceania)
    regional_indicator_e: For Singapore (Asia/Oceania)

[20:36]Graveyard of Abnormalities:@OLMentions Slightly less than one hour until the open lobby! If you haven't voted yet and want to vote, please do so (although, I don't think there's much to change in the vote.) If you already voted, then please wait warmly until the Open Lobby begins

[21:31]Graveyard of Abnormalities:It looks live Miami overwhelmingly won the vote. I'll get a link from that region and get the Open Lobby started

[21:32]Graveyard of Abnormalities:@OLMentions

OPEN LOBBY #350: Miniature Mayhem

For this open lobby, we'll be playing tanks that uses tiny ammunition (bullets, drones, traps) and create a massive bullet storm of tiny bullets to dominate the server. The tanks available are listed below:

  1. - Auto Gunner
  2. - Auto 5
  3. - Streamliner
  4. - Sprayer
  5. - Spread Shot
  6. - Skimmer
  7. - Rocketeer
  8. - Predator
  9. - Battleship
  10. - Factory
  11. - Tri-Trapper
  12. - Overtrapper
  13. - Gunner Trapper
  14. - Auto Trapper
  15. - Auto Smasher

You will get a participation token for reaching level 45 with one of the tanks listed.

Extra tokens will be handed out if you achieve the following score with the tanks above during the Open Lobby:

  1. - Achieving 100k, 200k and 300k with any tank. Exception to Streamliner, Skimmer, Rocketeer, Predator, Battleship, Factory, Auto Smasher and the listed trapper classes.
  2. - Achieving 95k, 190k and 285k with Streamliner, Rocketeer, Predator, Battleship and Gunner Trapper.
  3. - Achieving 70k, 140k and 210k with Skimmer and Auto Smasher.
  4. - Achieving 50k, 90k and 130k with Tri-Trapper, Overtrapper and Auto Trapper.

This open lobby will last 1h and 30m after being posted.

The Link: Miami, 4 Teams, Team Red

[21:40]Graveyard of Abnormalities:I've lowered the bonus token requirements for the last set of tanks


There was a trapper base in the pentagon farm near the start of the open lobby


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