Open Lobby 348 is an Open Lobby hosted by Abnormalities on September 29, 2019 at 21:30:00, 2.5 hours before Locksquad fights Ender Dragon


20:35]Abnormal Rocket:@OLMentions This is a 1 hour heads up about the Open Lobby that's going to be hosted in 1 hour. If you haven't voted for a server yet and want to participate, please do so and if you have, then please wait warmly until the open lobby is hosted! [20:37]Abnormal Rocket:"This is a 1 hour heads up about the Open Lobby that's going to be hosted in 1 hour."

Good job Abnormalities, good job with redundancy [21:30]Abnormal Rocket:Alright. It looks like Los Angeles has the most votes, so we'll be hosting an Open lobby in that region! I'll grab a link and we'll start the apocalypse in the server [21:31]Abnormal Rocket:@OLMentions

OPEN LOBBY #348: The Five Tankmen of the Apocalypse

First thing, I know the meme is based around four horsemen, but I wanted to squeeze another tank into the roster. With that being said... For this open lobby, we'll be impersonating the 5 horse riders as to devastate those who stand in our way and lay waste across the vast lands of the server as the following tanks: - Overlord (Horseman of Death) - Penta Shot (Horseman of Famine) - Fighter (Horseman of War) - Predator (Horseman of Conquest) - Annihilator (Horseman of Disaster)

For the open lobby, I would like you guys to name yourselves after which horseman you're representing (Ex: Overlord players name themselves Death or something death related) You will get a token for reaching level 45 with one of the tanks listed.

Extra tokens will be handed out if you achieve the following score with the tanks above during the Apocalypse: - 140k and 320k as Overlord, Fighter and Annihilator - 135k and 315k as Penta Shot and Predator - If we conquer 9 of the 10 spots on the leaderboard, everybody will get an extra token

This open lobby will last for 1 hour and 30 minutes from the time of this post. The Link: Los Angeles, 4 Teams, Team Purple



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