Open Lobby 345 is an announced Open Lobby hosted on September 21, 2019 by Abnormalities, a rare 2TDM open lobby, and part of the Area 51 trend revolution


[15:52]Abnormal AYAYA:@OLMentions At 5:00 PST (Which is about 8 hours from now) I'll be hosting an open lobby. This open lobby requires two teams and only two of the game modes have the ability to make this work (2 and 4 Teams because all other gamemodes have inconsistent links) so I'll have you guys vote in a☆ reaction poll to determine the gamemode. If you want to vote, click the reaction corresponding to the gamemode you want to play the Open lobby in. The reaction with the higher votes will determine which gamemode we'll play:

React to :two: for 2 Teams React to :four: for 4 Teams

Voting will end 4:00 PST (1 hour prior to the Open Lobby)

The poll has ended. Please read the explanation below

[21:19]Abnormal AYAYA:@OLMentions After some consideration of the Open Lobby and the idea I had, I think would be much better to hold the Open Lobby in a 2 Teams gamemode. The reason I made this change is because it was brought up that, if I held the Open Lobby in 4 teams, there would be 2 team other teams hindering the progress of the Open Lobby, which would be a hassle to deal with, especially since the idea is based around two teams clashing against one another. I hope that you all will come to an understanding to this change and still attend the Open Lobby if possible. (The gamemode poll will be ended as well)

[23:04]Abnormal AYAYA:@OLMentions This is the 1 hour heads up for the Open Lobby! The reason why I want to let you all know is that this is a more intricate Open Lobby than most:

The open lobby has two sides (Team red and blue.) Team blue has an objective to defend an objective for the duration of the open lobby while team red will have the objective to destroy the target team blue is guarding (Of course, both teams should also take note to achieve score as well.) There will be some build limits and much more info that will be announced during the Open Lobby

[23:09]Abnormal AYAYA:Let's say it'll be quite the crossover reenactment of a meme that occured on this day

[00:07]Abnormal AYAYA:@OLMentions

OPEN LOBBY #345: The Raiding of Area 51

Today is the great meme day! We shall all join forces of all kinds to achieve one goal: to besiege Area 51 and loot for tokens! magnificent rewards...or maybe the guards will keep all the glory of Area 51 to themselves!

There are two sides to this raid: The Raiders and the Defenders and each side has a different role(tank) options. Each tank has a set role during the raid. Some roles have build restrictions implemented in,which are listed next to the role, so plan your team wisely!

The goals of each team The Raiders (Team Blue): Team red has the goal to defeat the Defenders, annihilate Area 51 and loot out the wonderful rewards. If the Raiders achieve this, they win.

The Defenders (Team Red): Team blue has the goal to withstand the Raiders and hold all of the glory of Area 51 to themselves. If the defenders achieve this, they win

The roles for the Raiders and Defenders are listed below (I will represent Area 51, as a Factory, producing the Aliens):

[00:08]Abnormal AYAYA:@OLMentions

The Raiders (Team Blue):

  1. - Booster (The Naruto runners)
  2. - Spread Shot (The stereotypical Karen)
  3. - Necromancer (Minecraft players)
  4. - Overlord (The flying drone users)
  5. - Annihilator (TF2 Soldier; use bullet build with 5 movement speed or less)
  6. - Annihilator (Florida Man; use rammer build)
  7. - Stalker (TF2 Spy; use no bullet speed)
  8. - Streamliner (TF2 Heavy; use a build with 5+ bullet health/damage and 0~3 movement speed)
  9. - Predator (TF2 Sniper)
  10. - Auto Trapper (Donald Trump)
  11. - Skimmer (The meme lord)
  12. - Auto Smasher (The jest)
  13. - Ranger (The Area 51 Steamer/Watcher)

The Defenders (Team Red)

  1. - Rocketeer (The propulsive destroyer invention)
  2. - Twin (The duel beretta guard)
  3. - Auto Gunner (The minigunner guard)
  4. - Sprayer (The machine gun guard)
  5. - Mega Trapper (Defense fortifier)
  6. - Spike (Absorption unit and lethal collision unit)
  7. - Sniper (Sniping guard)
  8. - Gunner Trapper (Special hybrid utility invention)
  9. - Auto 5 (Mobile sentry platform)
  10. - Manager (The manager, the one the Karens harass)
  11. - Octo Tank (General Grevious; use 0~5 bullet speed)
  12. - Fighter (Reimu Hakurei; use glass build)
  13. - Battleship (Distraction guard)

[00:08]Abnormal AYAYA:You will get a token for reaching level 45 with one of the tanks listed. Any tank with a build restriction must show your build as well!

Extra tokens will be handed out if you achieve the following score with the tanks above during the Area 51 Raid: If the Raiders successfully overrun and kill Area 51, everyone on the Raiding team will receive 2 tokens. If the Defenders successfully defend Area 51 against the Raiders, the defenders will get 2 tokens Achieving 125k and 250k during the raid will award tokens (Exception to the trapper/smasher branches as well as Skimmer) Achieving 90k and 180k during with the smasher/trapper branches or Skimmer will award tokens

[01:15]Abnormal AYAYA:@OLMentions Area 51 has been defended successfully against the Raiders all the glory has been kept safe. The deadly secrets and wonderful glories within is safe. GG to the Defenders for all your hardwork and GG to everyone else for participating! Send in your screenshots for tokens and thank you for playing!


The event has the three Protagonists that were around the Area 51 factory: Abnormalities (factory), Locktrap (sprayer) and a-lpha (rocketeer). They were the only players who scored at least 110,000 points


  1. on blue rn lol
  2. 45
  3. [ fun (L45, I guess)
  4. rip
  5. killed cnactus
  6. Killed that guy, and then he became a salty rammer and killed Locktrap
    1. [00:50]sbot: foolish blue team
    2. [00:50]sbot: we have 2 chinese names
  7. double kill
  8. [1]
  9. [2]
  10. [3]
  11. [4]
    1. [01:09]Joker | 🚀 Rocket KD:@Abnormal AYAYA i have a problem
    2. [01:09]BOT[RDT] BagelBot:Too late! A destroyer destroyed the triangle.
    3. [01:09]Phoenix:Whoever Stands in His Way Shall Be Massacred!!!!
    4. [01:10]Phoenix:The God shall be known to all mortals
    5. [01:10]Phoenix:I've always wanted to do this
  14. wait will i get 2 tokens bcs of participation and lvl 45 or just one?
  15. welp
  16. :i died to base drones because my team was blocking the way out
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