Open Lobby 343 is an Open Lobby hosted by Abnormalities of Diepcord on 7 September, 2019


00:08]Abnormal Rocket:OPEN LOBBY #343: Recoiling Rampage For this open lobby, we’ll be playing tanks that have massive amounts of recoil and high bursts of recoil. Those tanks available to play are listed below:

Level 45 tanks - Fighter - Booster - Annihilator - Hybrid - Penta Shot - Gunner Trapper

Level 30 tanks - Tri-angle - Destroyer - Triple Shot

You will get a token for reaching level 30 with one of the level 30 tanks listed above.

Extra tokens will be handed out if you achieve the following score with the tanks above during the Open Lobby: - Achieving 135k and 270k with any of the level 45 tanks (excluding Gunner Trapper) - Achieving 85k and 170k with Gunner Trapper - Achieving 115k, 230k and 345k with any of the level 30 tanks

The Link: Los Angeles, 4 Teams, Team Red



  1. level 30
  2. la is fun
  3. lv 30
  4. NO
  5. Im kinda pissed
  6. visible happiness
  7. lemme check if i press l in this ss
  8. [1]
  9. [2]
  10. kill
  11. [3]
  12. [4]
  13. rip
  14. stray bullets really suck
  15. 135k
    1. [01:05]🚀 Rocket KD:i got 230k, and now 345k is impossible for me, i never even reached that far
  16. those really suck too
  17. 200k let's go!
  18. @Link Managers
  19. i think i get some tokens
  20. [5]
  21. @Abnormal Rocket rain those tokens on me
  22. @Abnormal Rocket is this too late :frowning:
  23. singapore is scary
  24. where are my tokens? OwO
  25. look at this defense
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