Open Lobby 342 is an Open Lobby event hosted by Abnormalities of Diepcord on August 31, 2018


OPEN LOBBY #342: Merciless Steamrolling

For this open lobby, I picked rather powerful tanks that will crush the opposition in the server when put together. Those tanks I picked are listed below:

  1. - Overlord
  2. - Fighter
  3. - Booster
  4. - Penta Shot
  5. - Spread Shot
  6. - Predator
  7. - Sprayer
  8. - Annihilator
  9. - Hybrid
  10. - Gunner Trapper

You will get a token for reaching level 45 with one of the tanks listed.

Extra tokens will be handed out if you achieve the following score with the tanks above during the Open Lobby:

  1. - Achieving 100k, 200k and 300k as any of the tanks listed


This open lobby is a motif of Open Lobby 299 where the score sequence, objective (includes penta, spread and overlord) and parts of the plot are the same, including references of Locktrap's setup and things about Kerbal Space Program.

As a fighter, a-lpha reached barely past 200k, which makes this one of the few open lobbies where a-lpha gets 2 bonus tokens.

Along with all that, some users were in voice chats in this open lobby.

Also, there is an extremely rare occurence of an Open Lobby player (Rocket SBB) reaching 890,000 points


  1. marching drones
  2. [1]
  3. : @Link Managers open lobby 1 token
  4. Ah, rip.
  5. time to hunt overlords
  6. [2]
  7. [3]
  8. 100k
    1. [01:05] 🚀Rocket SBB: nice
    2. [01:06] orange juice: @a-lpha theon! congrats! sorry about killing you last time :frowning:
  9. @Abnormal Rocket Finally got level 45 after kill steals and unluckiness in general
  10. overlord down
    1. [01:14] 🚀Rocket SBB: guys fyi "pere is nice" is trying to feed me
    2. [01:14] 🚀Rocket SBB: pls no kill
    3. [01:14] 🚀Rocket SBB: @a-lpha theon!
    4. [01:14] pie314271: ok imma join
    5. [01:14] orange juice: lol why though
    6. [01:14] orange juice: ig someone wants you to hit 1m?
  11. Of course fun happens after you suffer to Level 45
  12. @Abnormal Rocket I just got 100k less than a minute ago, will it still count?
  13. [4]
    1. [01:19] 🚀Rocket SRF: @Abnormal Rocket :arrow_up: Just in case: a-lpha theon got 200k
    2. [01:19] 🚀Rocket SBB: i got 300k
    3. [01:19] 🚀Rocket SRF: :arrow_up: That too :P
  14. hunted like a lot
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