Open Lobby 340 is an Open Lobby hosted by Abnormalities of Diepcord


OPEN LOBBY #340: Mobile Rocket Siege Base AKA: The uprise of the Rocket Gang For this open lobby, we’ll be creating a moving rocket siege base consisted of the following tanks below:

- Rocketeer - Tri-Trapper - Mega Trapper

You will get tokens for reaching level 45 with one of the tanks listed

Extra tokens will be handed out if you achieve the following with the tanks above during the OL: - You will tokens for reaching 90k, 180k (as Rocketeer) and 45, 90k (as one of the Trapper classes listed)


a-lpha reached 90k with Rocketeer in 16 minutes by killing 3 level 45 tanks. Locktrap got even high as with the Kerbal Space group that appeared in Diepcord becuase of the lobby


  1. [01:15] Abnormal Rocket: t^add 1 @🚀Rocket Admiral @a-lpha theon! @[RDT] Rattman @Abnormal Rocket @🚀Rocket Probius @Late Trender @! Tiki2TGT @🚀Rocket SRF @Locktrap OL #340 Participation
  2. [01:18] Abnormal Rocket: t^add 1 @🚀Rocket SBB OL #340 Participation
  3. [01:24] Abnormal Rocket: t^add 1 @🚀Rocket Probius @Late Trender @🚀Rocket Admiral @Abnormal Rocket @a-lpha theon! OL #340 Bonus tokens (90k Rocketeer bonus token for NotResh, Admiral and Alpha and 45k Trapper bonus token for Trender and I)
  4. [01:25] Abnormal Rocket: t^add 1 @🚀Rocket Admiral OL #340 (180k Rocketeer bonus token)


  1. Next release of U2 album confirmed :kappa:
  2. that video
  3. [1]
  4. im on leaderboard finally
  5. [2]
  6. i was at pentagon nest but ok
  7. almost got killed by an overseer backed up by the now-dead leader
  8. get offscreened
  9. Clicked out for a bit
  10. same guy
  11. token pls
  13. lame score
  14. nightmare fuel against multiboxers
  15. [3]
  16. WE are the trapper base
  17. [4]
  18. i did better as mega trapper oof
    1. [00:42] 🚀Rocket Admiral: double mega trapper by an ovelord
    2. [00:42] 🚀Rocket Admiral: what about all open lobby participants come to the base and take a screenshot together?
    3. [00:42] Late Trender: lol rip @a-lpha theon!
    4. [00:42] 🚀Rocket Admiral: just an idea out of nowhere
  20. 108k penta
  21. 2 level 45 tank kills in a row to get 47.1k and a bxnus token
  22. [5]
  23. reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  24. what is annihilator counterplay
  25. really good score for 7 minutes
  26. Wew
  27. it was fun
  28. I cannot get jackpotted a that level
  29. 2 tokens for me, thanks
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