Atom of Diepcord will host an open lobby on 6 July 2019.



In this open lobby, we'll be using powerful bullet spammers with bullet speed, damage, penetration, and reload maxed out. The allowed tanks are:

  1. Sprayer
  2. Penta Shot
  3. Twin
  4. Triplet
  5. Machine Gun

There will also be two bonus tokens for this open lobby, the first bonus token will be given out to anyone who reaches 100k. I'm going to be setting the bar high for the second bonus token and since this is Open Lobby 333 let's set the bar at 300k

A screenshot showing your build will be required for a token in this open lobby.



  1. Level 45
  2. also lv45
  3. :hyperthink:
  4. odd
  5. oof
  6. Lag is a 🤬
  7. [1]
  8. dead baby tank
  9. 100k
  10. another level 45 kill
  11. Speaking of bonus tokens, here is my 100k screenshot with one of the tanks ATOM has listed
  12. eliminated the metagame
  13. 200k
  14. rubs my eye
  15. [2]
  16. 100k lol
  17. x
  18. tokens
  19. Not token-worthy, but 200k
  20. killed rocketeer
  21. [3]
  22. @ATOM
  23. @ATOM
  24. Nice
  25. ofc its an overlord killing
  26. I couldn't get the ping before I died
  27. Should have died 6 seconds earlier
  28. I respawned though
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